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Hungry Hearts Official Trailer 1 (2015) - Adam Driver Movie HD

3150 ratings | 444812 views
Subscribe to TRAILERS: http://bit.ly/sxaw6h Subscribe to COMING SOON: http://bit.ly/H2vZUn Subscribe to INDIE TRAILERS: http://bit.ly/1F9OK9b Like us on FACEBOOK: http://goo.gl/dHs73 Follow us on TWITTER: http://bit.ly/1ghOWmt Hungry Hearts Official Trailer 1 (2015) - Adam Driver Movie HD New York City newlyweds Jude (Girls’ Adam Driver) and Mina (I Am Love's Alba Rohrwacher) have a seemingly perfect relationship. But things take an unsettling turn with the birth of their son. Convinced that the baby must be kept free of all contaminants, Mina develops fanatical obsessions with veganism, cleanliness, and purity that may kill the child unless Jude can stop her. With stunning performances from Driver and Rohrwacher, this intense psychological drama suggests that sometimes a parent’s love can be the scariest thing of all.
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Text Comments (298)
Marya Martell (2 months ago)
Como curiosidad decir que el director era un fan de los sketchs de Adam Driver en SNL. Por eso lapelícula comienza como una comedia romántica tipo Judd Apatow (la escena del bañoooooo XDDD) y luego se transforma en un thriller al estilo Polanski, angustioso y asfixiante. La pareja protagonista hace un papelón. Más terrorífica que toda la saga Conjuring...
Salma XxX (3 months ago)
So is this about an eating disorder or some other disorder I dont get it?
wp4866 (4 months ago)
i like minnie best
The Real Mexican (5 months ago)
Can everyone shut the fuck up? Nobody cares about your petty crushes, you're not even talking about the movie
Julia JS (5 months ago)
this movie is amazing
Smol_Scribbler Pop (8 months ago)
:O I wanna see that
Lymairoz (10 months ago)
I love Adam Driver, and I loved his character in this movie, but all of this mess could've been avoided simply by respecting her choice not to come inside her. She wasn't prepared to be a mother, maybe she'd have never been, and he fucked up by getting her pregnant.
bunnykissme (10 months ago)
I like this movie and i love adam driver
bunnykissme (10 months ago)
I like this movie and i love adam driver
Daisy Orozco (1 year ago)
This movie stressed me out so much! But ugh I recommend!
Nele H (1 year ago)
how can a angry man be so damn sexy?!
you know why I'm here
Alicia Panzer (1 year ago)
I cried in the trailer! What does this this mean for the actual movie?
Dino Divkovic (1 year ago)
this is disturbing
Queen Persephone (1 year ago)
Looks like a great story. The 'I love you,' sound bite should definitely be used in a Reylo video.
lau Yato (1 year ago)
Adam can do anything !!♡
L. Haine (1 year ago)
This movie was difficult to watch, it was so good though. It's amazing how they could make something like this so disturbing.
lucia honeychurch (1 year ago)
Adam is amazing, but the wife is terrible. I'm italian i saw the movie in italian and she is so boring. I dont like her. Adam is perfect.
Robert Allen (1 year ago)
adam driver is awesome
Adriana Tejeda (1 year ago)
This movie makes me cry so hard. Adam Driver is amazing.
lbsifcot (1 year ago)
lo veo como el severus snape de joven
moggfree (1 year ago)
I will watch this when I get home.
zeldafreak701 (1 year ago)
Star Wars jokes aside, Adam Driver is a really good actor and he's fantastic in this movie.
Supernaturlisch (1 year ago)
God, he's so good at emoting.
astari djatmiko (1 year ago)
i love his voice. and expression.
Nathan R. (1 year ago)
Oh my God, Adam's rage in acting is *Out of this World.* See what I did there?
Shot in the Heart (1 year ago)
We all know he belongs with Rey
Phan Shipper (1 year ago)
I thought I didn't know Adam until I watched Tfa but apparently I watched this movie before but I never knew it was him. NO WONDER HE LOOKED SO FAMILIAR. (And really really hot.)
Angelica Mayta (1 year ago)
Wow que lindo es xD
a s t r a d a l i l y (1 year ago)
Kylo is holding a baby.... KYLO REN IS HOLDING A BABY!
Julianna Juarez (1 year ago)
This was such a good film. That ending had me shook.
liubeko (1 year ago)
He's not the tipycal handsome guy. But he has something that makes him really attractive. And then, there is his voice... I love his voice.
TheTwitchybird (3 months ago)
Probably his fat bank account :) That's something that women never dislike :)
doritobxcky (1 year ago)
Damn this trailer scares me. Am I the only one who's freaked out from the trailer? ... yeah? .... okay
De Motorgirl MoMo (2 years ago)
Kassidy U (2 years ago)
Oh gosh, I just got done watching the movie and I can't stop crying. Gosh this movie has me feeble and heartbroken lmao. Really great movie and really great acting.
Nayia Balatsou (1 year ago)
The film was really good indeed! I just watched it but omg am I the ony one getting pissed off with Mina doing all these um..may I say "unique" things? to her son..I mean..sure there are people like her around the world..hopefully it will stop someday but..Oh man what an annoying character..
kassidy ulshafer I was looking for a comment like this. Thank you. Besides all the comments about Kylo Ren and how he's hot and all that, this movie was fantastic. The acting and the plot is great and it had me wondering what would happen the next minute. Looking forward to more movies like this!
K. M. (2 years ago)
Reminds me of THE SHINING
zoomanda BOOM (2 years ago)
Stupid movie, ugly actors, waste of time.
John Scott (2 years ago)
Is Adam Driver going to be in every movie from now on?
Jon Paradero (2 years ago)
Another side of Kylo Ren we haven't seen.
fxDELTAx (2 years ago)
How did I not realize this movie existed?
sorpion wolf (2 years ago)
Ooooooooohh xxxxxxx Kylo ren
Do The Senate (2 years ago)
Adam is gonna regret doing Star Wars after he sees how many kylo ren jokes and references
Starman 10 (1 year ago)
Lajka Moravska I think he/she means all of the kylo ren refrences and jokes that you can find on anything that relates to him. Ex. this comment section
Vanessa Newell (1 year ago)
haha wait until he reads all those Reylo fanfics ;P heh heh
littlemissmello (1 year ago)
he's definitely going to be the harrison ford of this new star war generation haha
Lara Croft (2 years ago)
I can't find that piano soundtrack please helpp??
Alejandra (1 year ago)
Lara Kjellberg Hungry Hearts-Nicola Piovani
vanessa hdz (2 years ago)
Adam c:
Zen D (2 years ago)
Nature Girl (2 years ago)
what is this rated? IMVD does not even say
Kassidy Beth (2 years ago)
This was honestly such a great film- I totally recommend it. Both Adam and Alba are wonderful actors.
Stephanie Mitchell (2 years ago)
Anyone here that's wondering, this is an emotionally powerful movie. You care about every character, you see the intensity and innocence in each of them, the way it's filmed amplifies their psychological torment, and the acting is flawless. It's worth the price to own it.
J. Rossi (2 years ago)
+Stephanie Mitchell - Agreed. My first experience with Adam Driver's acting was in Star Wars Episode VII and he blew me away there, I've since seen this and "When We're Young". I loved both movies Looking forward to more from him, particularly the Martin Scorsese (sp?) picture "Silence" alongside Liam Neeson.
lola bubulle (2 years ago)
did anyone here actually came for the movie itself and not Adam Driver ? It's a wonderful film btw
Giselle A (2 years ago)
He's so gorgeous
CandyCaneAJ (2 years ago)
This is a brief explanation of how Kylo went to the dark side.
N Bey (2 years ago)
I hope he gets a son/daughter in real life
Rey Skywalker (2 years ago)
Rey Skywalker (2 years ago)
Omg i just had a dream about me and adam in this movie. Whats wrong with me???
Vero Destef (2 years ago)
A beautiful movie. With amazing actors. Adam Driver is one of the greatest actor actually.
Muser4Life (2 years ago)
So this is what Kylo Ren does in his spare time....
I didn't think I could fall any more in love with Adam Driver. I was wrong. This man is beautiful! I fell in love with him playing Kylo Ren. However,the intensity that he brings to this role demonstrates his versatility and magnitude as an artist. It also shows he's willing to take risks and not simply be an artist solely devoted to megawatt roles. This was such a simple role to play, a simple film, but he brings out such passion and humanity to Jude. Thank you, Adam Driver! 💕
lieu mac (2 years ago)
His voice sends a chill down to my spine. He and Alan Richman the two have most beautiful voice on screen
stahp pls (2 years ago)
Ben eloped with a woman despite his parents' and Luke's protests. Little did he know that she was the Dark Side incarnate and he had fallen in love with her.
d whitaker (2 years ago)
I actually loved this movie (I rented it through Amazon), but then it's basically a 2 person film and Adam Driver is in practically every scene. His character goes through the full range of emotions and he is just incredibly compelling.
This is reason that Ben Solo turn to the Dark Side!! XD
Miss Mischief (2 years ago)
Fuck he's so attractive.
Virginsuicde (2 years ago)
hes so yes
magnus hedemark (2 years ago)
what's the name of the song that's played on the piano in the beginning?
magnus hedemark (2 years ago)
oh well
Angel of Retribution (2 years ago)
He's a superb actor :o I was astonished at his performance in Star Wars, but the stuff before that I didn't really like or pay attention to. I've been watching clips of Girls and he...wow. Great actor... his portrayal of emotion is raw and authentic. Love it.
Sándor Máté (2 years ago)
Kylo Ren as a dad. How cute.
Lavender Fawn (2 years ago)
Yo this actually looks really good.
juli (2 years ago)
adam is cute
DisLB (3 years ago)
join the dark side
Jenny Meek (3 years ago)
such a gripping movie!
Huchu AJ (3 years ago)
Why hes Kylo Ren
gardenofdelights (3 years ago)
Where can I watch this movie online? I can't find it anywhere :(
CaptainCosma (3 years ago)
No wonder Kylo Ren isn't dating anyone
CaptainCosma (2 years ago)
+zinki120 true
zinki120 (2 years ago)
until Rey shows up
DaveDexterMusic (3 years ago)
CarlVercetti (3 years ago)
Soooo... this is the reason why he is so angry... I get it now...
Conibal (3 years ago)
What if this was the woman he said he divorced in the Matt the radar techincian behind the scenes video
Nitxza Armendariz (3 years ago)
This movie has left me so sad these past days
Victor T (3 years ago)
I picture a metal mask and red cross lightsaber every time I hear his voice.
Kilgore Trout (3 years ago)
How did Adam Driver make so many movies in a two year span? This is either the 3rd or 4th trailer in a row i've seen with him, listed as a 2015 release....talk about taking on extra jobs....Sheesh. No wonder he couldn't beat Rey. Exhaustion.
sighspiderman (1 year ago)
I mean, movies that don’t require CGI, or all the fancy sets, and fancy makeup don’t take that long to film since it is just the actors and a script, so I imagine that filming those type of movies is really quick, and doesn’t take much time compared to big movie franchises where it does take some time. So that’s probably why, haha
Adriana Tejeda (1 year ago)
Kilgore Trout this movie is from 2014 :) he won the Volpi Cup as best actor with it, and then he made TFA (filmed 2013-2014) for the premiere in the end of 2015. Adam Driver worked hard indeed.
lizard grey (3 years ago)
I cried while watching this trailer... Then fangirled because AdAM DRIVER THO'
ellie nora (3 years ago)
I'm interested but confused. What do y'all think about this movie? Do you recommend it?
Larissa MAG (3 years ago)
This movie is a WOW! Very intense.
Morganna (3 years ago)
My mother thinks Adam Driver is ugly, and my dad thinks Benedict Cumberbatch is ugly. Clearly, I must have been adopted. XD
Gisselle S (27 days ago)
Lol. Neither are ugly IMO.
The Dandelion (1 month ago)
That is the funniest comment I have read in a while - congrats :-) PS: Please feel totally understood here - nothing is wrong with you (aside from the fact that you are probably adopted, but I think you have to live with that...)
Rachel Wyld (5 months ago)
Clearly our parents have no taste what's so ever
Vicky Perez (1 year ago)
I didnt think he was attracted either at first but after watching interviews, seeing his personality and how nice and smart he is plus something about his voice just makes him attractive lol
Nicamon (1 year ago)
Adam Driver litterally looks like a living caricature.Huge ears,huge nose,huge lips...just saying...caricatures are not"my type"...X-PPP
HeyItsSteph (3 years ago)
He is sooooo hot in this😍😍😍
Hiasmin Correa (3 years ago)
Rey and Kylo Ren.. no, wait
Jay onette (3 years ago)
This is probably the reason why Kylo Ren turned to the dark side amd remained single
The force is strong with this one
Cindy Ortis (3 years ago)
I think this movie was horrible but I do love Adam Driver.
Yammering Emma (3 years ago)
Christian H (3 years ago)
Vegans suck!
Alyssa Riley (3 years ago)
What is this movie rated? Or what would you rate it
Zeds (3 years ago)
Kylo Ren what are u doin?
Leo Hagan (3 years ago)
Learn the dark side of the force, only then will you be more powerful, than any father.The power to save your son...from dying...
M.G. Leal (3 years ago)
This trailer really creeped me out....now I have to watch this movie!
jayn (3 years ago)
Probably the reason why he turned into the dark side.
Rick Scicluna (3 years ago)
Researching this guy out all over the net. Man I respect how well he can act. Never knew much about him until I seen him in Force Awakens. Really looking forward to see how he's gonna takes his Acting career and turn it into gold.
Smark Morgellons (1 year ago)
Have you seen Logan Lucky, it's great.
Chloe Angeline (1 year ago)
Rick Scicluna I never heard of him till TLJ
Rosa Anna (2 years ago)
Same here, Rick. It really amazes me that the more I learn about Adam the more I admire and respect him. I really wish I had known about him before Star Wars! But I'm glad I know about him now, and this film looks amazing I'm gonna try and watch it real soon!
atelophobe (2 years ago)
+Rick Scicluna At first I'm like I want to watch this because Adam is in it. But then I'm like I want to watch this because Adam is in it and the plot looks interesting.
CraftyJane (3 years ago)
+Rick Scicluna I feel the same way, and I saw him first in Girls (Lena Dunham's HBO show). What a discovery...
So that's how Ben Solo became Kylo Ren...because his wife fucked up
Karen Waters (3 years ago)
*proceeds to watch everything Adam Driver was in, ever*
FeebasFeebWeeb (1 year ago)
Same. Oscar isaac and Daisy ridley too
Nina (1 year ago)
Mimi - lmfaooo
metafizyka (1 year ago)
why not girls?
Migui Arnaldo (1 year ago)
except Girls 😂
emily malley (3 years ago)
KyLo ReN

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