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Funny Finnish Words - 10 Normal Words with a Naughty Meaning

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Today I will introduce you 10 normal Finnish words, which also have a naughty meaning in spoken Finnish! It's very surprising how just a small change in the grammar can turn the meaning of the word upside down! Note: even if you don't want to use this type of slang, it's still good to be aware what kind of meanings these Finnish words have. ✅ Get free access my Basics of Spoken Finnish course and 2 free months to Skillshare: http://skl.sh/2DTWMa6 ✅ Subscribe to join the Finntastic Squad ⇉ http://bit.ly/SubToAleksi Playlists for you to enjoy: ✅ Street Interviews with Finns: http://bit.ly/2y7Cgz8 ✅ Videos about Dating in Finland: http://bit.ly/2BL9WF2 ✅ What do foreigners think about Finland: http://bit.ly/2BVn7DZ ✅ Finnish people & culture: http://bit.ly/2B0l9ol ✅Fun & Useful FInnish language: http://bit.ly/2B0l9ol ✅ Things You Need to Know about Finland: http://bit.ly/GreatFin ✅ The Education System of Finland: http://bit.ly/2y80gCa Follow me on social media between videos: ✅ Join our Discord server: https://discord.gg/FQpfZBZ ✅ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/aleksihimself/ ✅ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/aleksihimself/ ✅ Twitter https://twitter.com/AleksiHimself ✅ Join my Patreon and get behind the scenes extras: https://www.patreon.com/aleksihimself Affiliate links ✅ Order a box full of FINNISH CANDY from Taste of Finland: http://bit.ly/2Aw5F97 Music:
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Text Comments (191)
Jussi Viitanen (20 days ago)
Oh fuck, i'm fucked
Loredana B (1 month ago)
And they say Finns are shy and stuff? :))) the word for tool in Romanian can also be used for d***.
sape616 (3 months ago)
Pipari on gingerbread
Thanks for the comment sape616!
Paivi Project (3 months ago)
Hello. So I was impressing my American husband again ...with how weird & wonderful us Finns are 💗🇫🇮. Pipari = Gingerbread over here. Thanks for the giggles 👈😂👍
Ja Ko (1 month ago)
Piparit on hyviä :D
Good stuff Päivi! :P
ValoXIII (3 months ago)
It smells like Vagina here
Perkele :D
bina bs (4 months ago)
It's the same in my mother language for "to give" , "to take" 🤣🤣🤣
Thanks for the comment bina bs!
blackheavyblans (4 months ago)
"Jennalla on lettu levällään" "Jenna has outspread pancake." If you know what I mean ;)
Tiia Veneranta (4 months ago)
Question for Christmas eve - which one means "I got a Christmas cookie from Jenna?" 1) Sain Jennalta piparin 2) Sain Jennalta piparia The power of one letter.
Thanks for the comment Tiia!
Lord Donesany (6 months ago)
I laughed for five minutes straight to the one about the smell of pipari! "Voitko tyhjentää kassit tohon" (Could you empty your bags into that) sounds pretty bad, too XD
That's great!
Tamás Tóth (6 months ago)
Unkarissa se seisoa verbi toimii ihan samalla, esim voit pyytää jonkun seisomaan joku todennäköisesti istuu, mutta se taisi sanoa että se seisoo jo. Typerä esimerkki, mutta sitä sanoi toinen työkaverini vähän aikaa sitten lol
Kiitti kommentista Tamás Tóth!
Simo Vihinen (7 months ago)
Laittaa as "fuck" – very rare but kind of "obvious" at the same time that someone should have started to use it in that way. "Painaa" as fuck – also very rare... these are the kinds of expressions you'd find in the urban dictionary that mean what they do to like 5% of the population. Also kind of an obvious extension of meaning at the same time. The rest aren't disputable but the guy's making it sound like you're walking on eggshells with using normal words in normal ways. He's really overdramatizing it. Even with something like "Sain Annalta" in a context where you're talking about how you came by something you have doesn't sound even slightly odd. :P
Thanks for the comment Simo Vihinen!
Guga Gaidzak (7 months ago)
Finns are naughty and they are trying to blame the language....LOL... Buying my tickets in 3...2...
That's one way to put it. :)
vaik et (7 months ago)
Sometimes i heard from finnish people saying "annoin pakkit" and this is like to reject someone s flirt but no sure about it, can you explain that?
Yes that's a good phrasal verb! Antaa pakit means to reject someone's romantic endeavours.
Wa Vigo (8 months ago)
i find this really funny. hahaha
That's great!
Soltec (8 months ago)
Finnish is so rich language and you’re fantastic!
Thanks Soltec!
Risto Virtanen (8 months ago)
I’ve never heard of laittaa in this meaning except as a joke just because it’s otherwise a synonym for panna…🙄 And you’re looking at this whole thing from wrong angle…🤔 These expressions and euphemisms were born to avoid using the actual vulgar naughty words. 👍 So actually Finns are shy coy and chaste people you see…🙄
Thanks for the comment Risto Virtanen!
Dan Mega (8 months ago)
You are so pale and so ugly., besides, weird.
No problem! Take care.
Dan Mega (8 months ago)
I am sorry, I do apologize. May you excuse my temper, I am going through hard times. I live in Los Angeles California and we are riddled with corruption and crime. I hope you take my sincere apology, best regards. I love Finnish girls.
Thanks I'll take those as compliments! 😀
Enlade (8 months ago)
"Naughtiest language" - oh, come on. Just try a bit of russian.
Every language have their naughty side. 😀
R W (9 months ago)
This is hilarious. Kiitos hyvästä neuvosta, Aleksi!
Ole hyvä!
Kristina Kill (9 months ago)
Miten ihmeessä sulla on näin vähän tilaajia?! Loistavaa materiaalia. Keep on going my man!
Kyl se luku kasvaa pikkuhiljaa. Kiitos palautteesta!
Vitru Gt (9 months ago)
Kuka suomalainen kattoo ps nain laurin huomenna on mennä naimisii😎😎
Kiitti kommentista!
Tinksu Pinksu (9 months ago)
Suomi On kyllä kaunis kieli 😂😂
blackheavyblans (4 months ago)
On :D
Samaa mieltä!
Nino Saareks (9 months ago)
How about, ”Panimo”? Is it just me or is this also quite naughty
Risto Virtanen (8 months ago)
It could be a nickname for the house where the action takes place i.e. brothel…🙄
That could work that way too. :D
Siiri Saarikettu (9 months ago)
Kuinka moni suomalainen kattoo tätä?😂
Mun tilastojen mukaan aika paljon!
PeksioArt (9 months ago)
Christie Veneti (9 months ago)
I will start calling vaginas finnish Christmas cookies
Jorma Kovanen (7 months ago)
Aleksi Himself - Videos about Finland Do you know the difference of "pipari" and "römpsä"? I did not know the latter and asked my work mate who was obvously from Eastern Finland and he explained it.
Jorma Kovanen (9 months ago)
BTW, can you explain the difference of pipari and römpsä? Some years ago I had to ask the meaning of römpsä at work. I never heard that word before, but I saw it in internet. I'm from western Finland and that word is probably from eastern Finland. I got good explanation for these two words and how they relate ...
I'm not stopping you. 😂
Sarcringexo :3 (9 months ago)
Joo tots 0k ^°^
Tanja Rautiainen (9 months ago)
Puhutko suomee
Mango Smoothie (9 months ago)
Tanja Rautiainen Äidinkielenään
Wardeni (9 months ago)
Finnish people also like to leave behind funny place names. For example pretty close to where I live is a pond called "Perseensilmälampi" or "The eye of the ass pond". But I guess it's still better than living in the place called "Perse" which literally just means "Ass"
Jorma Kovanen (9 months ago)
Perse is name of certain restaurang or bar in Riga, Latvia. That means Persian, but it sounds very fanny. The same word is in Estonian language.
random 6 (9 months ago)
No ehkä jotku niinku sä
Sam Kolkka (9 months ago)
Aamuseksiä aamiaseksi? Means morning sex for breakfast. Yea I think that if you have someone to ask you see the double meaning even on the word sex. So weird eh? the word sex can can also be a part of the words "what is for breakfast?" ... "mitä on aamiaiseksi?" or incase of a different context you could be stupid and then it could mean "what means morning sex?" lol. sooo confusing eh?
Anarchist.Online (9 months ago)
i've never heard painopalvelu or ''painoin jotakuta'' before i think you mean panopalvelu and panin jotakuta?
Both are ok!
random 6 (9 months ago)
No joo mut Ei sitä käytetä
Kyllä jotkut käyttää. ;)
Vera Leyser (9 months ago)
Boooo!!!! Oot surkea suomentaa noita!
Eihä täs edes suomennettu mitään ku lähdettiin suomalaisista ilmaisuista liikkeelle. :)
random 6 (9 months ago)
Mä oon suomalainen
veera (9 months ago)
hulu hulu no vau xd
random 6 (9 months ago)
Laittaa jussia Ei tarkoita että panee jussia
Kyl se voi sitäki tarkoittaa. :)
Jari Mustonen (9 months ago)
Laitoin Jussia...en itse käyttäisi panna merkityksessä.
Kiitti kommentista! Mäkään en käyttänyt saatika kuullut ennen kuin mun eksä käytti tuota. Enkä oo kyllä pahemmin hänen jälkeen kuullutkaan, mutta otettiin silti mukaan. :D
Kiira :D (9 months ago)
Ootko sä oikeesti suomalainen vai englantilainen
Drink Water (9 months ago)
Severus Snape Kuuntele sen aksenttia. Kuulostaa ihan suomalaiselta.
Quiwi Lin Lisolet (9 months ago)
Funny thing about these is that they are actually made up by people who didn't dare say the actual thing they meant. Saying vagina (or pillu) was vulgar so it became pimppi, pimpero etc. You can probably see where the pipari association came from. Testicles was the same way so they became sacks, balls and so on. English often uses a lot of similiar things. Tool might mean dick in some cases. Doing someone means having sex with someone. I could go on, but I think you get the idea. It's really funny that the innuendo has become the dirtier version nowdays :D
Thanks for the comment! So it seems to be. :D
Heikki Qvist (9 months ago)
Sekin vielä!
artles !! (9 months ago)
Hi! I'm from Finland
Me too!
Mulenga OOOH YEAH! (10 months ago)
What!!! Thank you for notifying me. That's why I'm really interested in this Chanel.
Mulenga OOOH YEAH! (10 months ago)
Aleksi Himself - Videos about yes I subscribed and I live in Finland so I was confused.
Thanks for the comment! Did you subscribe?
Janita Nahkala (10 months ago)
Thank you so much for your entertaining videos! I'm a Finnish exchange student living in Denmark and during my stay here, I've started to become more interested in my own country and culture as well. I guess living abroad just makes you curious and helps you observe your country from a different point of view. This video is so funny! :D
Moro Janita! That's exactly what happened to me when I had my exchange year in Japan and motivated me to start working on these videos. I'm glad you liked the vid. :P
YPO6 (10 months ago)
Avioitua Laurin kanssa.
Seki toimii!
José Luis Medina Pérez (10 months ago)
I’m enjoying your videos man, keep ‘em coming! I will visit my suomalainen friends in July. Looking forward to it! Hyvää!
Amir Beysafer (10 months ago)
Almost all the expressions you used work in Arabic too: 1. nain can be in Arabic --> yankah (to marry) OR yeneek (to fuck) 2. panna / laitta can be in Arabic --> yehot (to put or in a naughty way to fuck)! 3. Painaa (doesn't really have some naughty meaning in Arabic) as far as I know! 4. Muna can be in Arabic (bidaan) --> normal eggs OR testicles (usually associated with someone boring/useless, as testicles are not having fun during the sex process as the penis does)! So weird!!! 5. Seisoa exactly means the same in Arabic (yo'af) --> to stop or to have a boner! I think it is pretty logical as your penis stand from the sleeping (literally from Arabic) position. 6. Kalu definetly the same. we call it in Arabic 'iddah'. And this can mean in Arabic a tool! 7. saada also means directly in Arabic, to take. So you can take something from someone, but if you said only (I take someone) this means (I fuck someone) *akhod had* 8. Antaa exactly the same in Arabic. I give a pen to Antti *adi qalam li Antti* If no obejct *Adi Antti* It means I fuck Antti! 9. Pipari (no naughty meaning). Also as far as I know. 10. Also no naughty meaning! 7 out of 10 ... That's a score!
Xiaolin Li (10 months ago)
Hi! Like your videos about Finland! Can you some day make a video teaching how to pronounce Finnish r? I find that difficult. Thank you! :)
Xiaolin Li (10 months ago)
You should check my free online course for that: https://youtu.be/6-B1lgk5p9U
Bart Kar (10 months ago)
Here in Poland there are also similar naughty meanings of some words. The tool (sprzęt) can mean dick. Give/Receive (like "dawać") but no object have a similar sexual meaning. Egg also refers balls (testicles) and so on. Standing (stać) + locative case = boner. High five Finland:):)
Wow that's funny! :P
TheArseen (10 months ago)
Lihapiirakka munalla ja limppari rahalla...
Aika häijy! :D
Angelica Addo (10 months ago)
It's funny, eggs in German (Eier) mean testicles as a second meaning and not penis ^^ In French the old word "kiss" (baiser) is used as a verb for fucking. Whom a romantic sentence like "may I kiss your hand?" would nowadays mean "may I fuck your hand?" A last one in Italian: to saddle/sweep (scopare) means to fuck
Jorma Kovanen (7 months ago)
Angelica Addo: 1. muna = cock or dick or penis (originally "muna" is an egg) 2. munat = balls (the plural form of "muna") or testicles so do you mean that alt. 2 is used in the same way in Finnish language and German but this is not valid in alt 1?
Anvilshock (10 months ago)
Not really different from other languages. Stuff, plough, rail, nail ... all English verbs with regular and, if needed, naughty meaning.
Yep, but Finns do have their own share of naughty language. :)
Katey Gordon (10 months ago)
Lol, and this just adds to why learning Finnish is so complex. Double (multiple) meaning words are always fun for the puns you can get away with.
You can turn the tables by thinking it this way: by learning just one word, you can use it in multiple situations!
inhumane. (10 months ago)
Oh boy I love these! You gotta love how twisted our language can be.. I was wondering if you could manage to get together funny Finnish idioms/phrases that sound silly when translated/have two completely different meanings and make a video about them? I was thinking about this a couple days ago when I realized how such a small thing like the tone of your voice can turn the meaning of "saada korvapuustia" around. :D
inhumane. (10 months ago)
Thanks! Didn't notice that - my bad. :)
Thanks for the comment! I have done a video about those: https://youtu.be/uol3g-O5rwQ
Rob C (10 months ago)
Hey Aleksi- I haven't been watching your videos for a couple of months and wish to catch up and watch a few:) - I hope you are having very good success in your Master's program. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/03/14/world/europe/worlds-happiest-countries.html?rref=collection%2Fsectioncollection%2Fhealth&action=click&contentCollection=health&region=rank&module=package&version=highlights&contentPlacement=1&pgtype=sectionfront I happened to see the above New York Times article today and thought of you and your channel. Finland has been recently rated the "happiest country in the world" using a multitude of factors. As an American, I am sad to see the continued slide of the United States. This is not due to economic data as much as poor social measurements and outcomes. We have continued poor rankings in regards to the opioid crisis (as a registered nurse I see this personally), growing inequality, crime, and lack of confidence in the government. Other Nordic countries also rank high (Denmark, Sweden, Norway). I strongly believe that socialized medicine and education lead to better outcomes, but unfortunately many of my fellow countrymen disagree. A very sad political discord is not helping this country. I do believe in American willpower and resourcefulness, however. Take care for now! Hyvästi!
Thanks for sharing the insights!
Johnny (10 months ago)
speaking of shopping bags muovi pussi and mega pussi is not sexual at all
The incarnation of sexuality thru Finnish language. :D
TatuPlays (10 months ago)
Miten me puhutaa käyttämättä näit ollenkaa? Mä en ainakaa sano mitää tämmösist vahingossa.
Et niin, mutta pointti onkin siinä, että noilla tavallisilla sanoilla on nuo tuhmat merkitykset.
PikkuKani Suomi (10 months ago)
Funny thing is our teacher says if you get stuck choose partitiivi form..... Im being to see where this may go wrong xD Also with Saada... would adding "se , tämä " make it a safe meaning xD like "Sain se/tämä Jennalta" or does it still come across as sex?
Great examples there! "Sain Jennalta pöydällä." implies sex because again there is no object, but the place (pöydällä). :)
Yes as long as you specify somehow what you got/gave you'll be safe, even if you just just se/tämä. :D
PikkuKani Suomi (10 months ago)
No pressure then ey? lol I have a month to be near fluent... not sure if I will make it haha xD
Dwarf19864 (10 months ago)
I think it helps... everyone will understand that, but the right form is "sain seN/tämäN Jennalta. But you still need an object, like "i got this table from jenna / Sain tämäN (or seN, if the table isn't visible/near) pöyDäN (pöytä) jennalta" Sain tämän pöydän jennalta sain jennalta tämän pöydän sain sen pöydän jennalta sain jennalta sen pöydän Thous are safe and mean the same thing... But if you say "Sain jennalta pöydäLLÄ," it actually means "i had sex on the table with jenna" Finnish Language is great even if you mess up ^^
Teizii (10 months ago)
"Sain sen/Sain tämän" I think you are safe if you use this combo :)
Chris D (10 months ago)
The translation of the move Harrison Ford is The Fugitive to Finnish become Harrison Ford Takaa-ajettu. And that for the filthy Finnish it means Harrison Ford Taken from behind.
Risto Virtanen (8 months ago)
That’s rather far fetched interpretation…😏 Instead it used to be favorite series and movie for barbers because it really means short haircut on the back of one’s neck.👌
Thanks for the comment!
Greg D. (10 months ago)
More of this please. Absolutely hilarious. I haven't laughed so hard in a long time 😂 Brilliant!! 👍👍
Thanks for the feedback! :))
Paige S (10 months ago)
Wtf is a shopping testicle 😂😂😂
A representation of the naughtiness of the Finnish language. :D
Maksym Frantsuzov (10 months ago)
That's hilarious. Finns have a great sense of naughty humor. Roaring with laughter...
Thanks Maksym! Even if we have are a bit reserved, we can still do some naughty humor. :P
Justice Jonas (10 months ago)
Sorry to disappoint Aleksi, but that's not exclusive to finnish. German is just as 'bad'... :D
Of course other languages have their naughtiness too. :) Just bringing out the ones from Finnish. :P
Stephanie Scheimann (10 months ago)
America has these types of naughty connotations for everyday words as well. I might feel right at home when visiting Finland.
Jorma Kovanen (9 months ago)
Please check the meaning of my name! Somebody can translate it into English.
Thanks for the comment Stephanie! Finns definitely do some naughty humor once the relationship is developed. ;)
Saekka (10 months ago)
We Finnish sure love our fucking (and) wangs.
Swears and naughty words and one of the cornerstones of Finnish language. :P
Agriking (10 months ago)
I love the fact that Finns are so obsessed with sex.
I wouldn't say obsessed but it is expressed quite funnily and frequently in the language. :P
Robt. Neutron Sound (10 months ago)
Do Finns find it funny that the Swedish word for Easter is "Påsk," which looks a bit like "paska"?
Jorma Kovanen (7 months ago)
No, because there are two differences: 1. å instead of a 2. letter a is missing at the end of the word påsk
Elderscrollsswimmer (8 months ago)
yea... more like poski (cheek). /Pasha/ however....
Annderrs (9 months ago)
@Maksym, thank you! I think my neighbours heard that laughter :D
Annderrs (9 months ago)
horzagiar88 , there is a good Italian coffee which name is paska!
Wardeni (9 months ago)
Well, no. Not really. Finnish people are all required to learn Swedish in school because the country is bilingual, so to us Swedish words are so familiar that we don't really compare them to Finnish words. Also, the letter Å is engraved into our minds as just "o", so whenever we see it we just think of the "o" -sound.
Aurora 84 (10 months ago)
Cookies, vaginas... aaah the good things in life...😃 Also f*cking, with the partitive... well, you have only a part, something OF the person... if you marry you get the whole person, with accusative... in Finnish thinking... aw, ain't that rrrromantic!😍 *unreasonably fangirling finntastic here* 😀😉 I wonder why it's "Rakastan sinuA" then... *scratches head*🤔 No logic in neither languages nor love... 😑😉
Yea it's really interesting how the phrases turn out grammatically, just like you said. :P
Mina 230998 (10 months ago)
Funny in a good way. Maybe those fins where drunk as heck when thinking about those words and usage?😆 i know this are from danish and swedish, but the words are tøs(uncommon, but used in Oslo area(disclaimer there)) and bæsj(sj are very often pronounced like sh sound). Tøs are often used as slang as girl/chick, but in Norway are used for hoe/hore. As i said, its uncommon word. And bæsj have i heard its slang for a beer in Swedish, but in Norwegian its the words for poop. Whats up with that guys?
Jorma Kovanen (7 months ago)
Vitus is a good bicycle make from France. I have seen it in Helsinki, in a bike shop at Helsinginkatu long ago.
Jorma Kovanen (7 months ago)
"Tös" is a Swedish word meaning girl in English. That I learnt tenths of years ago in the school when I had to study the Swedish language.
eddda (9 months ago)
Mina Tokstad Bakken jeg var i Oslo og der var et apotek som heter vitus apotek, jeg syns det var veeeeldig gøy fordi vitus hører ut som vittu og det mener føkk på finsk 😄 du kan spørre mis vitus apteekki on, og det mener hvor faen er apoteket
Ronja Laurén (10 months ago)
heeelp 😂😂
Thanks Mina for the comment as always and sharing some info there. :)
TKluvme (10 months ago)
Aloitit ainakin oikealla sanalla! X'D
Pitää aloittaa videot terävästi. :P
Sami Lindgren (10 months ago)
Well, one could argue that penis is an important tool :D
Gallo Verde (10 months ago)
I am Italian and I noticed that a lot of common finnish words remember an italian lascivious swearword! For example let's consider "katso merta" (look at the sea). For an italophone it would grotesquely sounds like "prick and shit". Furthermore "puhutaan" calls to mind the italian word for "whore", "kulho" (bowl) and "kuulo" (the sense of hearing) sound like "ass", "päälle" (on) sounds like "balls" or "nuts" and "kaksi" (two) resembles the italian equivalent of "dicks"! Sometimes I jest with my friends and I say "I am not blasphemous, I am just speaking finnish"!
Thanks Gallo for sharing these! Good to know when I run into some Italians. :P
Lanica Gaddis (10 months ago)
"Finnish language, please go home. You're on drugs."
blackheavyblans (4 months ago)
Eero Kangas (8 months ago)
Finnish is already in home in Finland...
ASMR Gerbera (9 months ago)
Lanica "Painu kotiis, sä oot kamois" or "mene kotiisi, sinä olet lääkkeissä" Drugs means narcotic or medical=kamoissa, lääkkeissä Go=mene, painu, Home=koti In finnish Home asunto, or Home koti=there is mold in apartment, there is mold in home Put enghlish word home is "koti" You=sinä, sä Are on=olet Six (kuusi) is number 6 and pine tree Jääkaappi=ice cabin, it means fridge Yksi=1 Yksin=alone Kerran=once Salmiakki=salty liquorice Terva=tar Terve=healthy,hello
Pinja Rusanen (9 months ago)
eipäs oo
Exactly my thoughts! I was really amused while making this video, as I had to rationalize these words. :D
josedelsud (10 months ago)
Naida in Argentina means nothing (said by people who live in the country side) lol
Thanks for the comment! Good to keep in mind if I run into Argentinians!
What's up Finntastic Squad! Remember that even if you don't want to use this type of language, it's still useful to know that these words have these kind of meanings! Does your language have similar ones? Let me know in the comments below!
Jorma Kovanen (7 months ago)
I forgot the word "panini" !
Jorma Kovanen (7 months ago)
Gallo Verde: I have very dirty ideas for some of your Ifalian words (food): Nussini Sorini Pellini I could form a sentence in bad Finnish using these words and cause some misunderstanding among Finnish audience ...
Annderrs (9 months ago)
@Gallo, we Finns know that one should NOT use the word katso in Italy :)The other examples were new to me, thanks!
Guadalupe Perez (10 months ago)
Aleksi Himself - Videos about Finland you guys aren't as reserved as we cracked you up to be.😂
Gallo Verde (10 months ago)
I am Italian and I noticed that a lot of common finnish words remember an italian lascivious swearword! For example let's consider "katso merta" (look at the sea). For an italophone it would grotesquely sounds like "pri*k and sh*t". Furthermore "puhutaan" calls to mind the italian word for "who*e", "kulho" (bowl) and "kuulo" (the sense of hearing) sound like "a*s", "päälle" (on) sounds like "bal*s" or "nu*s" and "kaksi" (two) resembles the italian equivalent of "dic*s"! Sometimes I jest with my friends and I say "I am not blasphemous, I am just speaking finnish"!

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