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Ransomed Heart Basic Trailer

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Written on every man’s heart is a yearning for adventure, battle, and a beauty. A man needs a deeper understanding of why these longings govern him—and why it is that God made him just like that. And he needs a deeper understanding of why women long to be fought for, to be swept up into adventure, and to be the beauty. What if? What if those deep desires in our hearts are telling us the truth, revealing to us the life we were meant to live? God gave us eyes so that we might see; he gave us ears that we might hear; he gave us wills that we might choose, and he gave us hearts that we might live. The way we handle the heart is everything. A man must know he is powerful; he must know he has what it takes. (Wild at Heart) The story of Wild at Heart Boot Camp is one of men encountering God and experiencing healing, breakthrough, freedom and strength restored, all around the globe. For over a decade John Eldredge and his team have led more than 20,000 men through Wild at Heart Boot Camps. Hosted all around the globe each Bootcamp as taken place with a backdrop of beauty and adventure. It is an expedition of the heart. The men attending will never be the same. Simply put, Wild at Heart Basic is Wild at Heart Boot Camp, by video session hosted by courageous facilitators - men just like you - locally all over the globe. It is not a retreat about the “seven things a man ought to do to be a nicer guy”. It is a four-day quest into the recovery of a man’s masculine soul, the release of a man’s heart—his passions, and his true nature—all of which has been given him by God. It’s an invitation to rush the fields at Bannockburn, to go West, to leap from the falls and save the beauty. For if a man is going to know who he truly is as a man, if he is going to find a life worth living, love a woman deeply, and not pass on his confusion to his children, he simply must get his heart back. God is up to something epic, and it’s much larger than John and his team. That’s why we’ve created Wild at Heart BASIC. Put simply, Wild at Heart Basic is Wild at Heart Boot Camp led by John and his team by video session, and facilitated by courageous men like you. Find a lead a Basic at http://wildatheartbasic.com.
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Chris Ashworth (5 days ago)
I chose faith in God during a Wild at Heart retreat last year. Walking with God has changed my life, and I'm so grateful. I now choose to regularly facilitate BASIC retreats so that other men can have a similar opportunity to go deeper with God. Thank you to the Ransomed Heart team for what they have created and are sharing free of charge.
Mike Clark (3 months ago)
Sounds really good. Here’s a random quote I think is funny (don’t take it personal): “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” ~ Mike Tyson
Dave Howell (3 months ago)
John I love you, your ministry is so good. Thank you. I live in Maryland drive 272 miles a day. I listen to you so much ur like my friend. I have u in my house to , we listen to you together. She has a book from your wife !! Thank you guys
Christopher Forman (3 months ago)
I attended my first boot camp through Waterboyz for Jesus in Maryland a couple of months ago. Truly life changing. I’m now on my 3rd book by John. Highest recommendation. Thank you so much John for your teachings.

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