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Valiant Hearts Launch Trailer [US]

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Journey through the powerful story of Valiant Hearts today, and dive into an experience that IGN calls "gorgeous and emotional" and what Destructoid calls "intriguing and evocative." Valiant Hearts is the story of crossed destinies and a broken love in a world torn apart by this very war. Four unsung heroes will try to rise above the tragedies strewn across Europe and band together with their trusty companion dog, Walt, in search of their loved ones. In Valiant Hearts, the lives of these characters are inextricably drawn together over the course of the story. Friendship, love, sacrifice and tragedy befall each one as they help each other to retain their humanity against the horrors of war. Experience this story today on the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC platforms. VISIT US AND GET UPDATED Go to our official site: http://www.valiantheartsgame.com Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/valiantheartsgame Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/VHgame
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Text Comments (119)
Blu Tac Attack (2 years ago)
Not a game like it....
redlineprime (2 years ago)
This game shows you the purpose in life, your family, the sacrifices you have to make, and what really matters. All the people you love.
Karl Der Panicker (2 years ago)
If the time is 29 years later, I hope you guys can make wwii version of valiant hearts!! 100 years!! OR Now!! I want to see it!! XD
Tac Son (2 years ago)
I watched this a lot of times and always end up in tears. Not sure if it was because of the music in every trailer.
Karen B. (2 years ago)
It's a really moving and emotional story.
LibyaBall Time (2 years ago)
I'm 9 years old but I love War
nacho martinez (2 years ago)
Minecraft Pocket Edition that because you have never been in one
Gaming Drew (2 years ago)
Could never ask for a better mix of action, emotions, and tears. I'll never forget the game, nor the valiant hearts of the characters inside. ;-;
cgmaster2 (3 years ago)
I came for the WW1 Setting and story and finished the game in tears...10/10 one of the best games I've ever played
leintati (3 years ago)
got this game as a ps+ free game. I would have gladly paid for this game.
Laurence Groark (3 years ago)
Ubisoft not trying to be bad but......duck you for making an amazing game that nearly made me cry when playing the first chapter,please what ever you do,if you can make a second vailent hearts or don't try and top this amazing game.<3
VIISeas_Admiral (3 years ago)
The name of the song is We owe you our lives, by epic score
Shine 3535 (3 years ago)
I think that they will make 2nd one and is about ww2
WantonChimera (3 years ago)
Name of music in this trailer?
VIISeas_Admiral (3 years ago)
+mojmirkoci Epic score - we owe you our lives
stijn501 (3 years ago)
this looks an easy game but its the hardest game i ever played the story is soo exiting and heart touching  by far the best game i ever played !!!
stijn501 (3 years ago)
+Ignaxen 268 i didnt got stuck at all?
vino en caja (3 years ago)
the most difficult game?? let me guess... you get stuck in the final emile mission?
Hoakin Blackforge (3 years ago)
Someone knows the song played?
Hoakin Blackforge (3 years ago)
finally, thanks!
VIISeas_Admiral (3 years ago)
+Hoakin Blackforge Epic score - we owe you our lives
Marián (4 years ago)
Freddiee!! 4ever;)
Kaz Bat (4 years ago)
10/10 game of the year and platinum hits. Just... Wow. It was one of the most emotional story driven games so far. I'm ashamed that I made assumptions on it. I hope they make a part 2.
Saif Majid (4 years ago)
One of the greatest game i ever played in my whole life!
이승준 (4 years ago)
FinnZeal (4 years ago)
the feels
Zokeyr Wunduniik (4 years ago)
Emile gets rekt
armani perez (4 years ago)
iamjommyj (4 years ago)
This trailer made me feel feels.
nerfvideos96 (4 years ago)
 do you think they are gonna make a dlc for the last year of the war. maybe with freddie and his brother with the american army/
Axe of Anarchy (4 years ago)
This game is a masterpiece! - Эта забава шедевр!
Edgardo Carrasco (4 years ago)
Get Valiant Hearts cheaper, yeah 30% off Register here: http://www.greenmangaming.com/?gmgr=lacizaru And use this coupon: 0J6TL4-KDGHYO-O7AW3K You can use that coupon for buy other games too.
Cja (4 years ago)
From someone that has always been interested in modern history, I have to say this game is both a masterpiece both in story-telling and historical facts.  The game-play is very much a side-scroller puzzle with an emphasis on how horrible WW1 or 'The Great War' really was.  Don't bother if you just want a generic action game.  Do bother if you like puzzle games based on narrative and/or story. 
Erik Kramer (4 years ago)
I loved this game!!!
CamsEyeView (4 years ago)
So...early on you guys introduced five playable characters. You took out George, the british fighter pilot who lied about learning how to fly. He only has a minor role in the main game. What happened? is he going to be playable in DLC or something? Why advertise early on about him and then remove him and give him a minor role in the main game?
le metal c'est bien (4 years ago)
enfin un jeu pour nos soldats morts au combat <3
McFly5Full (4 years ago)
Anyone knows which is the music piece of this trailer?
ionas (4 years ago)
 I need help.I just bought valiant hearts from G2A ,i activated the key at uplay but i cant download the game because uplay "thinks" that i already have for some reason , also when i press play it launches steam and takes me to the game's steam page.Please help me!
Gavin C (4 years ago)
Please let there be dlc
TheMazeRunnerFan 2004 (4 years ago)
Looks like Charlie murder
Panda Pinecone (4 years ago)
Which soundtrack is used during this trailer?
Benjiha (4 years ago)
Must have
UltraGoldCoin (4 years ago)
I will post more information below, but hopefully you guy's don't downgrade to the point where it looks like watch dogs. I absolutely loved watch dog and the only problem were graphics. Right now we already took out quite a lot of screen space reflections from the game and are working on asset management the best we can given consoles have that great unified memory. Naturally we will also be using online servers and have to produce a synchronization that higher graphics add to the latency so it had to be turned down. To me it still looks good, but not as good as the original reveal. Please don't post any negatively comments because this my opinion.
Meter Marker (4 years ago)
Oh man there's a dog. Why.
Hats (4 years ago)
Click this link for free steam cards, you just click it then share it with people REMEMBER THIS WAS MADE BY STEAM! http://steam-cards.com/?click=1dcaec
JackersEdit (4 years ago)
This looks like a well worth payable game, nice work Ubisoft.
Enrique Barriga (4 years ago)
Just finished it. It was amazing
StumblingBlock1 (4 years ago)
Wow.. This looks like an indie game.
Metal Slug in Child of Light style 
збс забава!
Francisco Vásquez (4 years ago)
man if there is a dog i can be pretty sure that is going to die trying to save his master T_T hopefully not the case.
A slavaboo (2 years ago)
Nope trust me
UltraGoldCoin (4 years ago)
This is off topic ,but I wanted to talk about your new game your developing called "The Division" .The thing I wanted to about your game specific Is the downgrading the game.I know the Engine "Snowdrop" is causing trouble. I received the following information ,which hopefully isn't true. Replaced particle fog simulation with 2d layer simulation in 3d space, removed particles from all explosions, lowered explosion volume multiplier by 20x, removed X # of trees and civilians, etc
KZA (4 years ago)
If that's the case I probably won't buy it.
gangstalishis (4 years ago)
when are they releasing the soundtrack
Q. Mohammad (4 years ago)
Nice game
Q. Mohammad (4 years ago)
Nice game
Daniel Anderson (4 years ago)
Looks Intriguing?
Andrew Wallace (4 years ago)
looks boring
Kenneth Kuhnke (3 years ago)
I play CoD but Valiant Hearts look amazing
Andrew Wallace (3 years ago)
+JamesKol exactly
Matthew Linus (4 years ago)
Troll detected
Kaz Bat (4 years ago)
This game, was one of the most intense, dark and emotional rides I've ever had. Don't skip it. Give it a try. You will not regret it.
ROOKTABULA (4 years ago)
+drakeb2012  Cause sheeple be all about the lemming mentality. Mixed metaphor but it applies.
Axel Gilga (4 years ago)
Ryan King (4 years ago)
Honestly I feel that the announcement trailer is better than this one
BeLoCH (4 years ago)
Kenny28Rus (4 years ago)
Уже купил 10 копий
twicedenied (4 years ago)
No PS+ discount?
Chris Shaw (4 years ago)
looks too emotional to play
TheFreeCoin Newseriye (4 years ago)
whats the back ground song?
Max kill (4 years ago)
I love emotional games like this especially when the music is great 
productionrs (4 years ago)
The japanese trailer is the best so far!!! 
Ben Lipson (4 years ago)
I may have shed a tear
NixToP70 (4 years ago)
I like the design :)
Yui Chan (4 years ago)
So, why is this not on Wii U? When Child of Light and the Rayman games (which were going to be exclusively on the console but got delayed to release everywhere else) were?
Soap (4 years ago)
Ubisoft please make a WW1 fps like this, keep the same horror/sad feel to it though.
freakjob0 (4 years ago)
Definitely not enough historical games about wars other than WW2.
NKHayman (4 years ago)
I was about to recommend Verdun on steam, but it doesn't have the horror/sad feeling, but its  a great game made by 3 people! :) - they are working on something for the 100 year anniversary (the game is early access) but if you're a PC gamer check it out (steam sales I think its around £6) 
Nicolás Antúnez (4 years ago)
Brothers in Arms WW I
dracoangelrojo (4 years ago)
Can't wait to play this lil piece of art. I will buy it day 1....once it's released for the PS Vita ;)
Jerombolo (4 years ago)
Looks pritty
xilofosauro (4 years ago)
who con spoil me if during the game the dog die?
Gonzalo Diaz (4 years ago)
;)  SPOILER ALERT..... no. :D
PhiRune (4 years ago)
Spolier alert: Dog dies
Shine 3535 (3 years ago)
? I don't think that true
Lemur Dawid (4 years ago)
Spoiler alert: you're lying.
Gonzalo Diaz (4 years ago)
Noup... no dead dog for this game...
k skinox (4 years ago)
No he don't.
Lizardgodzilla (4 years ago)
Or does it?
Musk9944 k (4 years ago)
similar graphics to child of light.  keep it up ubisoft
Reece Allingham (4 years ago)
I've played free mobile apps that were better than this and child of light.
Reece Allingham (4 years ago)
the gta games
Francisco Vásquez (4 years ago)
which ones?
boris beeloo (4 years ago)
Looks like a epic game but if that awesome dog dies i say fack that game but it looks sweat the game
bi polar (4 years ago)
to bad this wasnt on wii u..
SilverTalon007 (1 month ago)
They got it on Switch
A slavaboo (2 years ago)
+Luke is Strange Uplay get it on console
Luke is Strange (4 years ago)
Then play it on PC
Augusto (4 years ago)
Esse jogo ta muito bom 
AndroidWharf311 (4 years ago)
AndroidWharf311 (4 years ago)
I deleted my last comment by accident
Luke is Strange (4 years ago)
Mexitrashy (4 years ago)
Me likie

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