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3 Hearts / 3 cœurs (2014) - Trailer English Subs

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Directed by : Benoit Jacquot Produced by : Rectangle Productions Genre: Fiction - Runtime: 1 h 46 min French release: 17/09/2014 Production year: 2013 In a French provincial town, Marc encounters Sylvie one night, when he misses his train back to Paris. They wander through the streets until morning, immediately at ease, on the same wavelength, speaking about everything except themselves. When Marc gets the first train to Paris the following day, he asks Sylvie to come and meet him there a few days later. They know nothing about each other. Sylvie turns up for their rendezvous, but Marc unfortunately doesn't make it. He tries to find Sylvie, and in the process, encounters another woman, Sophie, unaware that she is Slyvie's sister. More info: http://en.unifrance.org/movie/36231/3-hearts
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Jakub J. (4 years ago)
Kompletna strata czasu. Aktorstwo drewniane, intryga oczywista i cienka jak Polsilver, irytujacy pomysl z "Deux ex machina", sciezka dzwiekowa jak z za przeproszeniem "Armegedonu III" ;) Nie wiem co sie dzieje z francuskim kinem, ale to nic dobrego... NIE POLECAM.
UniFrance (4 years ago)
Watch #CharlotteGainsbourg, #BenoitPoelvoorde, #ChiaraMastroianni & #CatherineDeneuve in exclusive #3Hearts trailer.

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