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Big Culvert Pipe Installation

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digging out and installing a 30' long 48" culvert pipe in a farm road
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Todd Mcgough (9 days ago)
Perfection... like a glove
ll NATE DOGG ll (19 days ago)
Look up Andrew Camarata on youtube. His video shots are primo
Dust Essjai Vlogs (1 month ago)
How long have you been working for tim?
tardis mole (1 month ago)
That is one impressive mosaic floor. :)
Māris Liekniņš (1 month ago)
This is really bad tehnoligy....
tubedude54 (1 month ago)
'Act like it's dead'? After you cut it, it IS dead! LOL Where I live you are responsible for digging by hand 2' on both sides of their locate mark. If you cut a line and it's not further than 2 feet YOU pay for the fix.
John Sherwood (1 month ago)
Damn, I thought this was an Andrew Camarata vid...
david ellsworth (1 month ago)
this guy is awful with his camera. maybe he need to watch some of Andrew Camarata videos
Tuck Porter (1 month ago)
Too Bad about that pond you're fixin' to drain! Were you able to determine if there was Catfish and Snapping Turtles off in there? What State are you in? If it's *Oklahoma* , I'd be keeping an eye open for slippery wet Cottonmouth Water Moccasins as well.
kragseven (2 months ago)
You couldn't get a jack hammer for the machine or rent a pull behind? to get that wall out? You laughed at the other guys work.
Nonya Bizness (1 month ago)
Time is money, or, cutting into drinking time!
kragseven (2 months ago)
I would have liked the pond. Great habitat for a lot of creatures.
No worries Mate (2 months ago)
That’s called a slip balance rigging. Noticed after it slipped the culvert was balanced. 😂😂
Jeffery Wilson (2 months ago)
He let go of the controls to take a picture of the pipe while a guy was walking in front of his equipment , the first president of osha just turned over in his grave
Don Chambers (3 months ago)
I carry a 2-foot chain with a hook at each end. Works great for shortening a longer chain.
STUART NICHOLLS (3 months ago)
My some Film not seen an operator like that since training and he got kicked of the course.
Ron Eddings (3 months ago)
Good work. Thank you for explaining each step of the process.
Jeremy Fink (3 months ago)
Good ditch man can make an operator look amazing 💪
Houndsman One (3 months ago)
Enjoyed a full watch. Nicely done.
Dan Kruger (3 months ago)
needs to be dug down lower by two feet. get your hammer out.
Joseph W. Homer, V (3 months ago)
what are culvert mfgr installation recommendations concerning depth?
B&B Drainage Solutions (4 months ago)
I'm jealous. Good work.
Joel M (4 months ago)
Got half the job done.
Texas CAT Manuals (4 months ago)
Too much drop and too much silt in that area. Pipe was set correctly with concrete rip rap below to give enough drop to keep from coming over the road. Upper side will silt in shortly and when flow hits the pipe it will pick up enough speed to keep upper area from silt build up and clogging the new pipe. Chris did install it correctly and the man that signs the front of the check will be happy with the finished product. If the pipe had been set lower then there would be a loss of the carrying capacity of the pipe itself thereby wasting the extra $$$ spent on the difference between buying a 36’ or 42” pipe instead of the 48” he paid for.
Trucker Tom (4 months ago)
I was hoping Tim would climb in that pipe as a counterweight.
assassinlexx (4 months ago)
Now i know Murphy is live and well even under ground. You put a price tag on job . Little did you know what's waiting for you below. Great job of using up the old concrete slabs.
James Foster LS3 TA (4 months ago)
Nice work, enjoy watching you maneuver that excavator!
417 Hatfield (4 months ago)
Such an amazing operator
Goal Digger (4 months ago)
I know you're good with your equipment, but your buddy should not be standing that close to a swinging excavator bucket with teeth on it. That's just asking for a blunt trauma injury or gashes.
Justin Long (4 months ago)
Nicely done. great looking finished result.
подписался, лайкаю, привет из Москвы!
rtfclb8 (4 months ago)
This would've been even better with a 2nd camera! Still a fun watch. Thanks for posting.
Julio Rivera (4 months ago)
Great Job!
George Georgiadis (4 months ago)
Can you try change up ur video camera angles wanna see that excavator work , its nice to have the go pro in the cabin but not all the time, keep up the good work !
ll NATE DOGG ll (4 months ago)
Dynamite that concrete!
cn 250 (5 months ago)
Get a chipping hammer
Morbid 420 (5 months ago)
No way that pond is going to fully drain out. You should have told the land owner that there was a wall built there and removed it, digging the hole deeper for the tube. You left the job undone in my opinion. This person is going to have to call in a 3rd contractor now to fix your laziness and previous contractors mistake. See ya on Judge Judy!
Vandal Savage (5 months ago)
Great video if you want to watch the back of somebody's head for 38 minutes....
sproket (5 months ago)
Your works excellent mate but I will say one thing. Guys in the trenche need hard hats. Iv seen first hand what a fist size chunk of clay with a rock in does to a man when it comes unstuck from the back of a bucket. Resulting the guy suing his boss and winning. .
Robby Gee (5 months ago)
I bet the guy who signes the front of the check was pissed when he saw his pond still there.
Nonya Bizness (1 month ago)
+Trucker Tom - I would not have signed. I would say "see me in court or fix your shit!!
Trucker Tom (4 months ago)
That old damn was a curve ball.
Reegareth (5 months ago)
shouldn't that have been a fair bit deeper???? there seemed to be a good bit of standing water still after you added the 48 inch line for it to drain through... You would think that with a pond that small and a line that large it would have cleared out a little quicker. Water is still going to settle there especially when that culvert starts building up a little sedement as all culverts eventually do.
Joshua Christianson (5 months ago)
What did you charge for this job?
Omahabigbill (5 months ago)
Joshua Christianson Nunya
Sam Houston (5 months ago)
Should the worker be within the swing of the bucket? Sure seems to be a safety violation.
decoysk (5 months ago)
36 " pipe would have been enough ! 48 is over kill not needed.
Michael c (5 months ago)
Why would someone bury a phone line in the middle of an access road?
Duane Dickey (5 months ago)
This is strangely relaxing and comforting to watch. Fun project and great operator skills. Thanks for taking the time to shoot, edit, and upload!
AsgeirBers (5 months ago)
How come u dont use tiltrotators like europe and such? We have tilrotators on almost every machine and man its neat!
Bobby Jackson (5 months ago)
Not a good JOB
Bobby Jackson (5 months ago)
Get off that machine and look for your self Lazy !+
Mark Ball (5 months ago)
I live in NC and need a culvert pipe for my pond spillway. Where do you buy one of these pipes???
andrimner _dk (5 months ago)
I am amazed they don't use a marking band all the way on top of that phone line. We usually have a marking strip 30 cm above the cables in Denmark
KarasCyborg (5 months ago)
They should just staple the phone line to all of those trees.
P9 Raceway (5 months ago)
KarasCyborg tree falls in storm. No phone.
Jonathon Parker (5 months ago)
I run a track hoe every day for a living come home and watch someone else run one wtf is wrong with me.
David Morse (5 months ago)
Adam Gipson (5 months ago)
Beautiful job.
UStinman 84 (5 months ago)
You need to Fast forward this stuff watching you dig is like watching paint dry
Omahabigbill (5 months ago)
UStinman 84 Then why are you watching it dummy?
Dennis The Menance (5 months ago)
WeekendHandymen (5 months ago)
You must kick ass on those claw arcade games
Paul Betka (5 months ago)
Change the position of the camera. So we could see more Of the work you were doing 👍 Instead of your shoulder 😳
Trevor Dennis (14 days ago)
It's probably not that straight forward. Chris could use a head mount, and while we'd have a wider view, you'd soon get motion sickness from his head whipping all over the place. Part of what makes this channel so watchable is Chris' commentary, and the camera placement makes for great audio quality with minimal engine noise, so while maybe a bit of a compromise, but not much of one. Chris also varies the view point switching to tripod mounting looking back at the excavator, job, haul truck, skid-steer roller etc. And don't forget he's been doing this for ten years now, and has had 166 million views as I type this, so he is not exactly a beginner.
matt sez (5 months ago)
did you say you didnt know what kinda fancy hook up the dot head was trying to do??????......LMFAO
Mr. Roach (5 months ago)
should have removed the concrete and dropped the pipe much deeper, just sayin
Dave Stinson (5 months ago)
Really like the longer videos. I'm guessing customer didn't wanna spend extra $ for a hammer. They can always fill in hole litt n summer. Amazing how these people comment on stuff. Most have no clue what it cost or work involved n ur line of work. U have a reason u do things the way u do. Like concrete thing. U gotta do whst u csn in time u have an budget
GeorgeVeld (5 months ago)
So... why does it take the township 6 months to replace a culvert ..... he just did it in 38.5 minutes ....
John Absher (5 months ago)
Beautiful work brother
Don Radcliffe (5 months ago)
Need to watch Andrew Camarata. He'll show you how to do this in a quarter of the time. Andrew is the man.
Trevor Dennis (14 days ago)
I love Andrew's videos, and he is about to overtake Chris with his number of subscribers. Chris and Andrew have different skill sets, but what gives Chris the edge IMO, is that I'd much rather have him for a buddy than Andrew. Chris cracks jokes, and does great banter with Tim and Justin, whereas I don't think I have ever seen Andrew crack a smile, and I have seen all his videos, and a lot of them twice. He does have some good friends to be fair, as evidenced by the help he got building his container building. I'm just glad that they both keep uploading great content, because I am going to keep right on watching it all.
greensidemags (5 months ago)
Thought the customer didn't want any water in there, You should have gone deeper
Randall Miles (5 months ago)
your camera is set where we as viewers cant see what your bucket is doing most of the time.
TheSoloAsylum (5 months ago)
Pop that back out and get another inch of fall on it....real quick.
Zac vaper (5 months ago)
Too bad it will not drain all the way. I would have removed that concrete wall but I like to do things right!
Zac vaper (4 months ago)
+pkoiva0 Of course he is but if you underbid a 5K job by 15K, you deserve to lose every penny. Why do you think he is called a contractor? He is under contract to do a job!!!!!! But if you really think that chipping that tiny wall down would cost 15K... You should just shut your mouth and stop showing how foolish you really are.
Zac vaper (4 months ago)
+Blake Wingate Why would you consider that funny? I don't have the time or inconsideration to be making a video when I am working. It's my responsibility to over-see the welfare of my workers, that the job is done correctly and safely; I'm not there to make a movie.
Blake Wingate (5 months ago)
It's funny the only thing you have on your channel is you playing video games. Can't find a video of you doing any that resembles work! LOL
pkoiva0 (5 months ago)
So if you bid a job at 5k and the actual cost due to unforeseen soil conditions leads that job closer to 20k, the contractor is to be liable for the extra expense?
Zac vaper (5 months ago)
+pkoiva0 Some jobs are more difficult but I always do them right. Just because he didn't know the wall was there doesn't change the fact he was hired to install a pipe to drain the mud flat, just do the work, be a man and suck it up. I feel sorry for whoever hires you. You sound like a scumbag.
Scott K (5 months ago)
I always thought that when you dig like that you should always have an escape “just in case “. Because now you can’t get the mini out unless you fill
Michael Spain (5 months ago)
Good job ...it turned out really well !
Howie Z (5 months ago)
I knew you were in trouble after you said they counted and found the center of the pipe. That never works out. Lmao
Mad Greek Outdoors (5 months ago)
Camera angle lil hard to see what ur digging.
Cole Barrett (5 months ago)
Why didn’t you replace the small pipe with that big pipe that you put in
justin smith (5 months ago)
Too Wet? Come to Seattle.We'll show you too wet. :0)
Chad Dentandt (5 months ago)
Enjoy your videos. You ate involved with a lot of stuff.
John McMickle (5 months ago)
It looked like tiswas done at a bad time of the year, no leaves on the trees. Winter is not the time to be doing this type work. Do it in the summer, that way the mess that has been under water will dry.
R E (5 months ago)
Looks like hard work 🤤🤣 How do I find a job standing around with a shovel watching
Double Dare Fan (5 months ago)
Long video. An excuse to break out the BBQ Popchips and Simply Raspberry Lemonade. (did not really realize the connection until after reading the comments mentioning snacks, popcorn, etc.)
JDFarmer1985 (5 months ago)
Love the green stripe pipe!
Bill Joel (5 months ago)
Don't let it whip ya now.....
Matthew Meuleman (5 months ago)
Chris why dont thay have the phone line in a pipe like thay do here in australia
joe bennett (5 months ago)
Get yourself a good quality electrical tester so you will know what's live also would it be easier if you had a non toothed bucket for removing the rock?
Arizona James (5 months ago)
The inlet looks questionable. Under Rosen is highly likely. Still like your work though just being a Critic.
Ken Allen (5 months ago)
Great video bro and Tim.
carl oakes (5 months ago)
have you ever thought of investing what we call in the uk a CAT and GENNY a ( Cable Avoiding Tool) and frequency generator.
TC lawn care (5 months ago)
I used a john deer with some backwards controls and confuse me all day long
Bus Driver Memes (5 months ago)
Technically you lost (as of right now) you owe 25,503 pennies lol
SKoutLee (5 months ago)
I really want to know your opinion about those 2 bucket teeth pointing outwards.
BaumeisterFlo (5 months ago)
I do landscape construction and it happens on almost every project we have. ..
Todd Roberts (5 months ago)
Well when your good your good
Mental Sid (5 months ago)
Nice tidy job as usual Sir !!
Wayne Coke (5 months ago)
Every time you do a job like that it makes me wonder if the Feds and state DNR got a say since you are draining that.
Kem Stewart (5 months ago)
Is that BIG DADDY WAR BUCKS again. Boy we don't see much of him...He must be camera shy.
Patrick Glaser (5 months ago)
And I thought y’all didn’t do small jobs. Lol
Michael B. (5 months ago)
Nice to watch it done right...
tree Climbing (5 months ago)
Honestly, Common Sense would have you Raise the lines up poles overhead, to get over the culvert area. But lazy is what lazy does. No warning ⚠️ Tape over the Line— that would have been appropriate.
125 SM (5 months ago)
Nice one!
Duncan Mcfadden (5 months ago)
Quality work and finish as per usual Chris great to see the Guessometer in action prior to slipping that pipe under the cable can only guess you had a face like a Lottery Winner when it slipped under first time 👌🏼
Solidsguy (5 months ago)
Around here minimum for phone is 24 inches. Kinda surprised me to see that thing so shallow.
letsdig18 (5 months ago)
There are usually about 2-4" deep here
Grackle2012 (5 months ago)
Wonder what the weirdest thing he ever found digging is?
Bazza B (5 months ago)
Notice the 160 is getting a fair bit of wear between the bucket teeth, could be an idea to build it back up with weld before it gets much worse, nice little job with stick welder while it's not being used over Christmas holidays Chris. 👍

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