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World At War Zombies: Verruckt (#CodZombieMarathon)

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Text Comments (1289)
ed hill (7 months ago)
Got reck again
ModericTalksFooty (1 year ago)
Dr Goebbels (1 year ago)
1:30 "Dropped my controller" Console peasant
Lieutenant NITEWOLF (2 years ago)
Not really its a good map
Marlon Camilo (2 years ago)
you are so funny
Marlon Camilo (2 years ago)
Marlon Camilo (2 years ago)
Marlon Camilo (2 years ago)
My amv Tv Expression (2 years ago)
is it me, or does one of those zombies, look like Richthofen...
jason markez (2 years ago)
I'm disappointed
Rhys Pawson (2 years ago)
Son I am mad you should got a good weapon
Sam Dunwody (2 years ago)
that is sad that he still lives with his parents
Retardosaurusrex (2 years ago)
I think he was only 20 years old at the time and he has his own house now.
XxWales15xX (2 years ago)
The worst map ever haha
Icon Knights (2 years ago)
look dude, you keep telling yourself that it will never happen, most people havent yet realised that these gamees coming out now, the production process started when theirr previous games were released, and even before, we jsut need to be patient and wait for the good games to come back, because they are.
XxWales15xX (2 years ago)
+Brenden Montry Same, with this futuristic bullshit destroying and killing off this cod franchise. playing zombies with it being based in the past nothing was better. Big mistake the makers I feel
ArM4TaG3 (2 years ago)
+XxWales15xX see I'm different, I can't fucking stand call of duty at all since ghosts, but we'll never get the old days back, It's all memories from then to now, because treyarch only cares about the ten year olds and circle jerk crews like faze and optic, which are cancer btw. all we can do now is reminisce unfortunately
tisha fourtyone (2 years ago)
Some people won't believe me but in nacht I players with 3 other friends and all got ray guns
Sebastian Meyer (2 years ago)
sharon strudwick (2 years ago)
Tom sucks at WAW Zombies,but he is still a awesome bro
hassaan khalid (2 years ago)
let me ask a question which verruckt is scarier black ops or world at war
ArM4TaG3 (2 years ago)
World at war, everything was at its peak on world at war
TrueRoo99 (2 years ago)
I think it's pronounced VERR-ROOKT
mr ryan t lexify lol (2 years ago)
Dylan H (2 years ago)
that scream
Smiley (2 years ago)
love how he pronounces it :P Verrückt? more like veryrekt AMIRITE!?
Graham Kilshaw (2 years ago)
Tom u must be ling when u throw a grenade at a zombie he dose die
Icon Knights (2 years ago)
By how to basic
Matthew Walters (2 years ago)
How to: English.
Koolaid 5978 (2 years ago)
you were saying verrukt wrong, the pronunciation is verr\oo\ckt
TOXIC gamer (2 years ago)
do some more videos of this its awesome!!!
Jayden Cotter (3 years ago)
fail beginning
Beth Rix (3 years ago)
Conor Cinnamond (2 years ago)
+darksider12 its in both
Enclave2513 (2 years ago)
Lol it's in black ops, not world at war.
Redpilled Mindset (2 years ago)
+Radical Redstone how old are you? 12?
Radical Redstone (2 years ago)
Redpilled Mindset (2 years ago)
HouseGIF (3 years ago)
Can Guvem (3 years ago)
Thanks for games they're all great keep going and we so keep watching
Kaeden Herrod (3 years ago)
I bet Tom has a dig bick
Ármann Örn Einarsson (3 years ago)
Mr. RevanHood (3 years ago)
wow tom
ur mom (3 years ago)
you should do zombies with ali a
Owen Bracy (3 years ago)
wait, tucker dies on ep 3 of trinety island... and tom dies here on round 3!
isaiah begay (3 years ago)
pause at 3:22 video it looks like the picture from black ops 3 zombies teaser
Steven Trocino (3 years ago)
I can't understand shit of what he says.
BlueIsNoob (3 years ago)
Lol you got stuck and then o $#!\
Chu1 Boss (3 years ago)
Ff fille DDEE ppuuttee
John Hiles (3 years ago)
I didnt fail i did it in style
slimsoupy (3 years ago)
Yes, Four People can get a ray gun at once.
Zach Hollow (3 years ago)
That ptrs that Tom had shot Brad Pitt in fury
thesneakyman 345 (3 years ago)
Yes you can get four people to have the ray gun in waw zombies
Renovator (3 years ago)
Those sprinters made the map hard af
ClashoZombie (3 years ago)
Shayan Ghavam (3 years ago)
How did you get the new zombie map?!! For example Nacht Der Untoten is in the game but how did you get the new maps?!
XXXTentacion (3 years ago)
when you turn on master volume up I hear it
12Gage Gaming (3 years ago)
you have a big big bick like if  you read this wrong
Wenn Ethicus (3 years ago)
+12Gage Zombies I read it wrong but I won't like it. Its a stupid comment.
Gage Taylor (3 years ago)
+12Gage Zombies son of a bitch I had to look at it for like 30 seconds to see what you meant and then I derped so damn hard it got me so good.
Gemma Abernethy (3 years ago)
You are epic
ChemAyla (3 years ago)
The beginning was funny
holden107 (3 years ago)
Fact: Verruckt in german means Crazy
qwertyu qeertyu (3 years ago)
watch my videos.
Mr insanity1 (3 years ago)
I still get goosebumps when I hear beauty of annihilation (that song you eventually hear playing) because that just reminds me of the best round I've done on zombies.
Ezequiel Gazza (3 years ago)
13:42 zombie killed by Pause
Bana Boric (3 years ago)
thank u syndicate u made my day literally XD
Parker Pearce (3 years ago)
My brother once made to around 110ish on iPod 3 version like 4-5 years ago
Owen Gillis (3 years ago)
You are so cool # beast
ThaMaximumGuy GAMING (3 years ago)
00:24 that was soooo cool :P
Conor McGregor (3 years ago)
is this dlc????
itsthatguy (2 years ago)
Madenlp (3 years ago)
Verrückt translation = Crazy ( all That Maps have german names)
The DarkSide (3 years ago)
You got to round 11
lighter life (3 years ago)
Matias Fonseca (3 years ago)
veruckt is spas crazy
SouthiePlays (3 years ago)
See you all say World at war is bad but look syndicate plays it. If its old it doesn't mean its bad.
Arena Grenade (3 years ago)
Did anyone else know verruckt is German and translates into insane
Randall Chapman (3 years ago)
Tom on round one just knife it's a one shot knife on round one
aaronsterling1204 (3 years ago)
Ryan Mckeel (3 years ago)
2 73k hypes ftw
ThaMaximumGuy GAMING (3 years ago)
its not so many people on twitch as on youtube so its actually pretty good, but i personally hate twitch so i most agree
TheJaybee2003 (3 years ago)
this reminds me of Yoteslaya :(
Jay-T Pedley (3 years ago)
cool you the derpe ist
ThePoopMaster01 (3 years ago)
Treyarch makes the m1911 so underpowered. Not true to real life.
Xile RED (3 years ago)
You are the best syndicate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Psion_Temperr (3 years ago)
Custom maps are fuckin spsticated
Ryan Shirk (3 years ago)
so, kinda like a super OP RW1 from AW?
Deyone (3 years ago)
collateral be kik " ohh baaaby a triple ohh yeaaah"
Deyone (3 years ago)
This is the map that got me hooked to zombies, and still one of my favorite maps to this day. That upstairs hallway was the best camping spot imo. one lie down, one kneel, one stand. all in a row with the fourth guy on the side window. bloody/happy memories for sure. That Betty glitch was handy too lol
paul17uk (4 years ago)
How do u get vurakt
tony harold (4 years ago)
When I watched this I got a verrection
Dorothy Krieger (4 years ago)
What Was that he had no ammo and he leave for no reason
Drew D (4 years ago)
Verruckts hard and creepy
James Densham (4 years ago)
i got to see the ad where this 16 yr old science teacher shreks a classroom and walks out
Lindsey Spencer (4 years ago)
Sins 2 subs
MrTDude B-F (4 years ago)
What does Easter eggs do
Angela Hern (4 years ago)
More like # I shit myself
Jack Lulham (4 years ago)
#StopMianite #Zombles4lyfe
Prince Huynh (4 years ago)
mapo fant (4 years ago)
joshfell (4 years ago)
Daniel Hall (4 years ago)
What about asention
Ive been subbed since MW4 tac nukes about 2 years ago youre awesome but i miss zombies :( u should post more :)
Ryan Gladstone (4 years ago)
Verruckt? or Vüruckt 
Green Lantern Expo (4 years ago)
wait...middle earth? are you a Lord of the rings fan?
Matt Bizzon (4 years ago)
*Tom grabs .357 Magnum* Orgasm achieved!
ZesTy HeLix (4 years ago)
Do any of you guys know if Tom still talks to MLGCrumpets?
Squirtale (4 years ago)
I have nicknames for the maps. nach ter underpants, verruckt obama, shi no numass, and der eeses puffs
The Nerd Dojo (4 years ago)
Are you mocking the best things in call of duty of all time
llebmac Fury (4 years ago)
I'm pretty sure there is a pack-a-punxg on this map?
Jamie Zombie (4 years ago)
+llebmac Fury The maps were praticaly the same in the remakes.They just added a few guns.
llebmac Fury (4 years ago)
+Jamie Zombie what about in the bo1 dlc for waw remakes?
Jamie Zombie (4 years ago)
+llebmac Fury There's no PAP in this one, it was only introduced in Der Riese
llebmac Fury (4 years ago)
+CarterOfGamingAwesomeness! I'm positive!
The Nerd Dojo (4 years ago)
nick pement (4 years ago)
tom play zombies more please we really love it 
Efrain Cuessy (4 years ago)
I got the Brownings. +TheSyndicateProject 
Gordon Freeman (4 years ago)
#get goodtom
JustHelix (4 years ago)
I my god I ask and here it is its been a long time

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