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Girl Tight Eyez krump freestyle

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Im glad to share my krump freestyle! thanks for watching ! Girl Tight Eyez aka Realize ( Street Kingdom Russia) track by 300 -The Buck Version (Still Wildin') facebook - Katerina GirlEyez Ilina vk.com/girltight instagram - @kay.rocky thanks Yura Yadrov for shooting!
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Text Comments (34)
SlimK3nny aka Awkword (8 months ago)
Her style is technical and wavy
Pozoway 268 (1 year ago)
Love ya style.
Levi Levi (1 year ago)
Nossa muito bom parabéns
ct takeoff (1 year ago)
I hate that everything a women see use do they try to do it its aggravating something's are just not meant for women to do
Key Missinya (1 year ago)
2017 whose still watching? this right hereeee!
amennker mc (1 year ago)
Amandla (2 years ago)
This girl though.... TOO MUCH BADNESS! One of the illest :)
your so buck MaM !😁
Tsugumi Sano (2 years ago)
Lada Kruzhilina (2 years ago)
это попросту божественно😍
Matt Harvey (2 years ago)
Nice!! Do your thing!!
jason ogunbekun (2 years ago)
ure awesome babe!
MXDEGAF (2 years ago)
wack af
Celina E (2 years ago)
White girls can't dance my butt!!!!!*Pfffft*
Prajakta (3 years ago)
this is amazing!!!! #girlpower.......
ceccartt (3 years ago)
Nice I krump mysel. But rarely see female's GET BUCK this is AWESOME 👍
agape Stephens (3 years ago)
I like the arms,legs,and feet moves but not the shoulders moves for girl krump
rumores kaze (4 years ago)
se mi noviaaaaaaaaaa
Home Bros (4 years ago)
Jhoan David Hernandez (4 years ago)
Music ¿?
Its CT (4 years ago)
Perfect only thing ur missing is the head movements and kill offs
Yasmin Choudhury (4 years ago)
u guys should definitely check out Bucky...a korean female krumper..she is just as awesome!
Jordan Hall (4 years ago)
Dayum I Wanna be you
carlito olivero (4 years ago)
TheVenomz (4 years ago)
nasty. nasty nasty nasty style. keep killin it!
Eljay Elia (5 years ago)
wow oh my you're so good at it :)))) IDOL ! 
DonTay (5 years ago)
What's this tune?
HIkari Tenchi (5 years ago)
That was real buck, excellent job!
Jéssica Gaspar (5 years ago)
Really Buck !!! I like your style !!  I see that you have improved a great deal ... is getting faster and stronger! I am very happy to see the girls from all over the world getting better with! Keep it up ... you are so inspiring! God bless you ^_^ 
CLOCKWORK KCL (5 years ago)
Killing it!!!!
HighFiveTRex (5 years ago)
Unathi Dyani (5 years ago)
Buck. You should battle Bucky from Monster Woo. That'd be sweet.
culloscrach (5 years ago)
That would be. Maybe SK will take a trip to Korea one day and battle the Woo Fam.
Amere Deaver (5 years ago)

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