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Define your geek style with geek accessories and transform your geek attire!

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http://www.creativegeekery.net/ Now I am some sort of fashionista, in fact, I am quite the opposite. I want my love for geeky pop culture represented in a subtle way being shown off by my geek attire with geek accessories. Sort of like the two fingers down secret gesture to other geeks like bikers do, only with my geek style. Well if you have been looking for those things to represent who you are as a geek, look no further than CreativeGeekery.net. Geek attire is a big market, but unfortunately this market is hugely comprised of t-shirts and hoodies, which is just fine but I am more interested in geek accessories, like rings, bracelets, watches, and belt buckles, stuff like that. Like for instance I think a vintage nintendo controller belt buckle would be awesome geek accessories to add to my geek style. Or maybe a limited edition spiderman watch, not a kids watch but an upscale piece of adult geek jewelry. Now even if you are not trying to express your geekdom through your style, it always helps if you are married (like me) or have a girlfriend that shares your same geeky interest. Women, no matter what they are into love fashion, and geek girl fashion is no different. The geek girl outfit is comprised of many parts including geek girl glasses, geek jewelry, and geek accessories. This is what makes geek girl fashion unique. Maybe you want to show you share her same geek interest with a Harry Potter themed necklace or bracelet. I am not talking about the usual Sky Mall crap, but something handmade and unique. A Horcrux made into a locket is an ideal element to geek girl fashion, or the Deathly Hallows symbol in sterling silver woven into a leather bracelet with other charms? This would make the ultimate geek accessory for your special someone. The geek girl outfit is where it's at to show off her geek style flair! Now let's clear something up about the geek girl glasses I mentioned earlier. DO NOT but those huge, horn rimmed glasses all the hipsters are wearing. She needs computer glasses, something functional. Geek girl glasses can have style to them, but lenseless glasses to rep like a geek are lame, get her something she can actually use and look good doing it! Don't ruin her geek girl outfit with something trendy and generic. Unique geek attire that shows off your love for geek pop culture is key to defining your own geek style. The geek girl outfit and geek girl fashion is one thing, but for guys there are a ton of options on CreativeGeekery.net for you too. Geek jewelry is probably my favorite. Storm Trooper cufflinks, Dr. Who Tardis pendant, Legend of Zelda Triforce necklace, the list of geek accessories goes on and on! Your geek style all be LE-GEN-DARY in no time! Geek attire will be the least of your worries! Geek style is something that is uniquely yours. There is also a lot of cool geek jewelry DIY projects I have found on Pintrest. However, if you want some very cool items to kick off your geek attire, take a look at http://www.creativegeekery.net/geek-fashion/ the selection is awesome, it's secure shopping, in short...it's a geek meca! Geek jewelry, geek fashion, and geek accessories all at your finger tips! Check them out! Well anyway this is the end of my rant, go out and define your geek style and make it yours!
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Text Comments (16)
Deyan Simeonov (4 years ago)
I purchased this great star wars toy that i have dreamed for since i was a child, thanks a lot :))
Alex Mcdonald (4 years ago)
Great website with amazing prices! check it out
Aleksandar Krastev (4 years ago)
Awesome site man, really love the new USB that i got !!
Robert Schrock (4 years ago)
I don't need to pick up any kind of geek style. I have my own and I don't care what you guys are thinking about it! 
jivko stefanov (4 years ago)
I think this is the most meaningful comment here!
Kristyan Yankov (4 years ago)
jivko stefanov (4 years ago)
I will be so happy if I define my geek style, but I think this is not so easy to do. Can you be a little more specific how can I do this?
Robert Trueblood (4 years ago)
what is a geek exactly? 
Tatiana Efremova (4 years ago)
hohoh Can you pick me up some good fashion style
Kristyan Yankov (4 years ago)
I would do it :D 
Drat Gulit (4 years ago)
good animation
define my whaaat ? 
Silence I kill you :D
jivko stefanov (4 years ago)
I think this guy thinks he's funny :D :D 
Kristyan Yankov (4 years ago)
haha funny guy.. :D
David Schrock (4 years ago)
Nice video ! 

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