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Gunnar Haus glasses review - Geek Chic #21 - kill9tv

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NEW VIDEO: Girls Like You music video Disney Princess style! https://youtu.be/KSW-zVuZfp0 *** Michelle Osorio has new Gunnar Haus glasses! Ben Paddon is judgemental. What do you think? Do you like her old red Gunnar glasses better? Subscribe: http://full.sc/17VQkfC MUSIC: Theme Music by Mike Gagon "Sound Of Music Is" by Grampa licensed through CueSongs Kill9TV: http://twitter.com/michellekenobi http://www.facebook.com/michelleosorio http://www.youtube.com/kill9tv
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Lauren D Reads (4 years ago)
Love the T-shirt with LEGO Moss (Richard Ayoade from the IT Crowd).
Michelle Osorio (5 years ago)
Glad this helped. Gunnar glasses are awesome. Michelle gets a lot of comments on hers.
FallapaGoose (5 years ago)
Been thinking about getting Gunnar glasses, they look really cool and I didn't know that they help with putting less eye strain while using a computer, thanks for the review :D .

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