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Jaja aka Lady Tight Eyez vs Girl Twiggz

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After a month of labbing and getting into krump i finally decided to have my 1st krump battle before Girl Twiggz leaves back to Japan, big respect to her, she is my inspiration as a krump female right now. For explanation, there was a beef before the battle started. The guy marked as a "The Hater" was talking little trash about my dancing on facebook even he has never seen me dance before, so that's the reason why everything got crazy. He said sorry after tho, so everything is ok. There was no winner, no loser, people decide for themselves who they like more, if they want. Love this type of battle. I'm part of IaMmE and SK now, don't be confused :) IaMmE | Street Kingdom ALL DAY http://www.iammecrew.com http://www.wearestreetkingdom.com Subscribe http://www.youtube.com/jajavankova Twitter, instagram @jajavankova
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Text Comments (490)
Emmanuel O Mango (1 month ago)
Camila Lisboa (2 months ago)
Jaja 😍
schwunsch (1 year ago)
The energy there must be unbelievable! Must be great to dance with a "crowd" like that :)
BK Chick Brooklynite (1 year ago)
the problem is that yaya have different stlyes u have to have thr same or ya DON!!!
BK Chick Brooklynite (1 year ago)
HKsNoble45 (2 years ago)
dope fkin dancing. I just wish everybody else would stfu. fr.
Soul Raider (2 years ago)
i love the respect jaja shows watching lady twiggz dance. they are both so amazing
EdDy4RheelZ (2 years ago)
Now THIS is a BATTLE, not like the bullshit one Lady Tight Eyez vs Splitta Girl Mafioso. Both girls in this video are talented. I enjoy watching Jaja more but I still enjoy watching Twiggz and respect her skills.
DG N.W.A. (2 years ago)
i can hear nothing over these people screaming
dalvanilson magalhes (3 years ago)
cade os Br
JTart (3 years ago)
yaboiijay come look at this
Kiki Amoŕ (3 years ago)
Right 😂😂
Ziriah Prince (3 years ago)
is she a robot she dance like one
janeth miranda (2 years ago)
lol no but shes good right 😂
KILLUM NAUGHTY (3 years ago)
Ja ja is fuckn good I'm liking all the videos 😎👍🏽
Support AnimalRights (3 years ago)
Girls have definitely gotten better since the last 10-20 years, I think it will continue to grow. That Girl Twiggz is very good too. I'm impressed by both of them.
Support AnimalRights (3 years ago)
Absolute Mayhem. Black guys love her. I haven't seen an Eastern European girl that can move like that before, very talented. A lot of the best in these styles tend to be African American, and then some other ethnicities. Koreans have picked up on these dance styles a while back too. (Mr Wiggles, Les Twins, Fik Shun, Twitch, Poppin Hyun Joon). Jaja is very strong and has precise control and musicality. Les Twins is like watching moving Artwork on a wall, and Fik Shun has amazing control. There is a another guy named Marquese Scott, youtube channel WHZGUD2, he dances to "Pumped Up Kicks," very good. I'm sure there are a lot of other excellent ones out there too.
Kvng Navaeh (3 years ago)
+Seneida I Guess The Person Is Saying They Are Great In Each Division They Touch and The Dancers He/She Mentioned They Can Do All The Styles But They Stick To Certain Style That Reflects From The Music. If You Watched SYTYCD The Recent Season Jaja Did Different Styles and Was Really Good Scratch That SHE WAS LIT AND SHE WENT IN!!!
Support AnimalRights (3 years ago)
I understand they do not do the exact same thing. I don't know how to say it, maybe street dance then? That area, family, genre of dance styles that comprise of krump, popping, animation, breakdancing, hip hop, wave, liquid, tutting, etc
Zeneida (3 years ago)
+Support AnimalRights I'm not shure which styles you include when you write "these styles". This is a krump battle, so it confuses me when you mention Les Twins and an OG popper like Mr. Wiggles.
Leslie Hayes (3 years ago)
You are awesome. Do this dance on SYTUCD!!
Dayana Martinez (3 years ago)
Jaja is amazing.
Vittorio Fabregas (3 years ago)
2:37 Jillian is like this is pretty neat!
Squali (3 years ago)
Yo girls are way better than they used to be. This was a  freaking GREAT battle both sides went AWF!
Cole (3 years ago)
It sounds like a Search and Destroy lobby from COD
Danielle Bartlett (3 years ago)
Your facial expressions are priceless! Captivating :)
eLaStIc HeArT (3 years ago)
jaja still killed her IMO
Ichiro Kobayashi (3 years ago)
Just look at Tight Eyez (the male one lol) when it's JaJa's round. Looks like me in front of chicken nuggets
poizun williams (3 years ago)
poizun williams (2 years ago)
i wouldnt yell at the top of my lungs
EdDy4RheelZ (2 years ago)
LMFAO, like you wouldn't get excited if you saw her dancing live in this environment.
poizun williams (3 years ago)
son of xzinga (3 years ago)
Cherry Mack (3 years ago)
+poizun williams ikr
Kevin Tessier (4 years ago)
LoyalLogic (4 years ago)
Now that was Hot, them girls is Killah!! Keep on dancing ladies, hope to see more of the both of u out there!!
Pasa (4 years ago)
JaJa Twiggz did very well! Deyum! They were both good
Leopard (4 years ago)
Jak mu natřela prdel!!
elizhas_bk2 (4 years ago)
They both were raw AF
vzrm5q08 (4 years ago)
Girl Twiggz, my goodness! Both of them were Buck, but Girl Twiggz!
Kuemar allis1 (4 years ago)
Zizz With Zezzo (4 years ago)
I heard WOOOO more then i could hear the music they were dancing to -_-
Kaki Rott (4 years ago)
1:10 Look at Spartan in the back LMFAOO
simthanda (4 years ago)
0:24 that killed it
VALMER LYNN (4 years ago)
These are girls, they look like kids
Richy Moutondo (4 years ago)
jaja marry me!!!!!hahaha,you are the best!
Liv Cleaves (4 years ago)
Pooh killer
dida079 (4 years ago)
I found Jaja on SYTYCD season 11 and im hooked...lol
che498 (4 years ago)
Jaja did it, BUT, that Girl Twiggz hit that bitch!
Feliner (4 years ago)
Thank you Jaja, you're such an inspiration. It feels good to see strong women on the floor...!!!!
babygurl__ (5 years ago)
3:51 Tho!! <33
spacepoze (5 years ago)
Jaja the Buckest Female of them ALLLL.
JuJu Grizz IGNOTA (5 years ago)
Should've wet another round
Phillip Fury (5 years ago)
Um.. Killer But bottom right's face after the 6:09 move lol.
dida079 (4 years ago)
He was stunned lol
godartist (5 years ago)
SAKAE P (5 years ago)
Daaaamn, ur dynamite
Viry Sandoval (5 years ago)
I cant stop watching this video ;) Jaja <3
justin nguyen (5 years ago)
Felix Jimenez (5 years ago)
Keepo Hdee (5 years ago)
thats some hardcore shit right there 
Destiny Johnson (5 years ago)
At 1:07 tight eyes was looking like "this girl did not just do this" lol.
shayla sullivan (5 years ago)
Too Raw!
ImShinobi (5 years ago)
Does anyone know what the track the Jaja is dancin to? I know it's not 'Tight Eyez - Tha Problem, from OverBuck Vol. 1', that's Girl Twiggz's track, it's still a buck track though. Could someone please me what the track is...
DonTay (5 years ago)
Jaja ain't playin!! This woman BUCK!!
Kemani Stylzz (5 years ago)
Now that I think about it. Jaja killing it and murdering that battle and the hater. .she's like the movie." Carrie"
Chris Tian (5 years ago)
lol I will never understand the meaning behind every moves. I would just join the crowd and be like "OHHHHHHH!!!"
KrissyLove03 (5 years ago)
Jaja is super confident. I love how she called out the hater and that all her friends had her back. That's right!
Briam Alicea (5 years ago)
Mad respect to Jaja!! Showing out to that Hater and those rounds!
Joaquin Perez Ortiz (5 years ago)
LostBoysReunion (5 years ago)
How good must you be to just be trying out krump for a month and to become the female equivalent of Tight Eyes in that time and get into Street Kingdom??
rosyjjj (5 years ago)
i have such a girl crush on jaja it isnt even funny. shes amazing
David Rodgers (5 years ago)
The only other female I've seen go THIS HARD was LADY C4! JUST INCREDIBLE DANCERS!! And GREAT BATTLE!!!
Linh Gerly (5 years ago)
Do da Asian krump, i'm proud
Dez (5 years ago)
Murdered... Before she even got.murdered!!!! Mannnn!!! She was murdering the hater and that other krumper!!! Sheesh
John Covington (5 years ago)
Need more videos of jaja in sessions ant ran across no gurl who get it like dat.
ElleonOnline (5 years ago)
both girls were awesome, but in my opinion, jaja. seriously, you need to go to the hospital, 'cause you gurl, is SICK
xxBatman Foreverxx (5 years ago)
Once again shows why she's a badass.
Jermaine Percell (5 years ago)
The Hater LMAO
ZoneNoFlexx XO (5 years ago)
Twiggs was grimy AF tho.
Kiel Paintpdx (5 years ago)
I can't even with that.
RizNJ (5 years ago)
You have to admit, he was at least a good sport about it. Lol. He dissed her and she went off on him BAD. But at least he admitted his mistake. lol.
Deyasia515 (5 years ago)
JAJA KILLED IT... I think she beat that other girl ....jaja have me chills the other girl didnt even make me smile lol
Mj Nelson (5 years ago)
Wow! Great battle!!!!!!
Alice Tichá (5 years ago)
Konečně se může Česko taky něčím pyšnit !!! Respekt !!
Travass80 (5 years ago)
This was so insane. Girl Twiggz is legit as fuck. She comes with the hard style, dirty moves, and more of a traditional krump technique. I've been a follower of JaJa for a few years now and watching her go from pre-abdc days to know has been an incredible journey to watch. She's incredibly talented, very underrated, and I can't believe how quickly she's picked up Krump and how well she's doing. SK is the perfect crew for her to learn krump and can't wait to see what she does in the future.
Mikah Gloude (5 years ago)
Anybody know the first song?
Kurt Wylde (5 years ago)
Out of all the female krumpers Ive seen so far. Jaja has unique technique and alot of CONTROL!!!!!
JK (5 years ago)
The hater? more like the Eater
Chofa (5 years ago)
don't mess with Jaja
Edoji Kiaken (5 years ago)
Jaja killed the second half, but I will admit that Twiggs hat trick after she spits in her hat was so sick. I now see why they call jaja Lady tight eyez.
Radcliffe (5 years ago)
Twigz... Lady Twigz one of the buckest things I've ever seen. If she wasn't praising in the hype right there, I would love to see it!! MY oh my!! Looks like she went paast Buck > Amped >Spiritual realm. It looked like it is all I'm sayin. KRUMP!!!
maysenegal (5 years ago)
for me lady twiggz deserve the name of "girl tight eyez, its the same style" so tight, so speed so fire!!! she's a killer!!
maysenegal (5 years ago)
i prefer girl twiggz style! shes more powerful, and jaja got a technic;
D2UOFFICIAL (5 years ago)
Someone can tell me how to call the type of hat JAJA?
David Barbosa (5 years ago)
hi jaja. That video is sick, can you tell me the name of the cap that you use in the video??
kizzyk iwe (5 years ago)
Jaja is dope but girl twiggz is on another level.
TheColombianFlower (5 years ago)
where is Philip, filming?
RizNJ (5 years ago)
Exactly. She's a monster. This battle was historic.
Nicole C (5 years ago)
Jaja didn't just kill her, She Killed EVERYTHING!!!! Both Rounds
Golden_Crown (5 years ago)
Jaja killed her!!!
TheRealDeeKo (5 years ago)
too loud i cant even hear the music -.-
Timmy Belcaries (5 years ago)
she got nothing on you, its so cool \
Alex Sampson (5 years ago)
Jaja's popping mixed with krumping is crazy!!!!!!
Krunx (5 years ago)
Agree, and after only one month though, wow!? jaja could take krump on a serious level...twiggz could take anyone on a serious level, destroyed here...
Brian Vanegas (5 years ago)
they dont krump to music, they krump to the screams
BronzeRivet (5 years ago)
GIrl Twiggz round two is just so sick. Amazing.
MiMi Dominique (5 years ago)
Jaja is so dope
TheZulu83 (5 years ago)
Lady Eyez shud batl Lady C4...
waz1waz1 (5 years ago)
Jaja sick

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