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I Dressed Like Bratz Dolls From The 2000s

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I was always a big fan of Bratz doll fashion, but I was never allowed to dress like them back in the 2000s - so I decided, as an adult, to fulfill my childhood dream of dressing like a Bratz doll! So I found 4 outfits that mirrored the outfits of 4 of the Bratz dolls from 2001-2003, and spent a day dressing like each doll. What do you guys think? Do you miss Bratz dolls? A big thank you to alexbabs12345 for posting so many vintage Bratz commercials! You can check out their channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcX6Tgr9ILg9i2bobBHJTtg Don’t forget to click the bell to turn on post notifications! Safiya's Nextbeat: https://nextbeat.co/u/safiya IG: https://www.instagram.com/safiyany/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/safiyajn Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/safnygaard/ Assistant Editor: Claire Wiley Music Supergirl Beautiful Body Superstar Dreams Brighter Day Party Time I Screw Everything Up Thru Witchu via Audio Network SFX Via Audioblocks
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Safiya Nygaard (8 months ago)
HELLO FRIENDS!!! i finally fulfilled my dream of dressing like a bratz doll, which was even better (and worse for my feet) than i anticipated. which outfit was your fave?? xoxo, saf
Kristen R (7 days ago)
I love all these outfits on you! So cute
Sabrina Torgerson (9 days ago)
Where did you find those purple shoes you wore for the Yasmine look? I would love a pair of those!
P!ATD Fan (19 days ago)
Great video like always
Stqrfqll (20 days ago)
cynthia mathew👅🍦🍉
Eliotte Romain (23 days ago)
last one
Ayahdumlao Arique (1 hour ago)
i have that doll but i am 5 years old 2015
Rachel Lynn (12 hours ago)
I loved Bratz dolls when I was a kid. I miss them lol Yasmin was my favorite 💜
Melli Cookie (16 hours ago)
Just randomly seeing Anastacia in a video from a country she isn't even famous in! :D 14:09
Lee Al-Zahabi (16 hours ago)
I am so definitely gonna be a Bratz for Halloween 2019! Great video btw
Kim Shook Jin (19 hours ago)
The irony is that I’m named Yasmine and all of Yasmines personality is me. I write a lot I’m shy I’m quiet.
Amelia Rose (1 day ago)
Who actually had Bratz
prosie1968 (1 day ago)
Love how ppl on corner all turn to look at you, snap. Fashion icon.
Ashlyn Cremeans (1 day ago)
I had all of those Bratz and almost all of those outfits 😂😂😂
Ebony Meadows (1 day ago)
I liked my scene Wayyy better than bratz
raven bloodrose (1 day ago)
Tyler should dress up as the bratz boys
Chicken Nuggets (1 day ago)
I miss the bratz dolls
Viviana (1 day ago)
😍😍 I used to make my mom do my hair like bratz dollz 😍😍😭 moms the real mvp
Sasha Peterson (1 day ago)
Haha Sasha that’s my name
itz carrot (1 day ago)
Is it bad that I still play SSX tricky? (For memory reasons)
cece (1 day ago)
15:19 *social anxiety intensifies* not mine, though. i could probably do that.
cece (1 day ago)
8:39 wow i can't believe they got halseytosis to sing their jingle!
Buket Sınmaz (1 day ago)
Jade is my favooourite ♥ That look really suited to you
Betsy Bundy (1 day ago)
This used to be a teddy bear dont **** with Jade.😂😂😂😂
Midnight AvenueJ (1 day ago)
My goodness I’ve been having so much fun with this channel. One of Saf’s vids was reco’d when I was reviewing makeup tutorials. I clicked and was hooked. She is now my absolute favorite youtuber and my two daughters (10 and 8) think she is hilarious. Somewhere there is a trove of Safiyah’s purchases that will fill a museum dedicated to her greatness. We love you Safiyah!
SkyLove Nightcore (2 days ago)
Anyone remember Moxie dolls coming in with the same big heads and no feet and everyone hating them because they were copying Bratz?
sam..edits (2 days ago)
Chloe is my friends name.. why does the description match her PERFECTLY “I like drawing, art, soccer, painting” she literally takes art classes and is in soccer wtf
January (2 days ago)
I remember wanting Bratz, but my mom thought they were ugly... so I never got them
JadedJules (2 days ago)
My mom also hated that they’re called Bratz, Saf lol
Capri Meyer (2 days ago)
I would wear all of those outfits
A Gastelum (2 days ago)
*It’s true that used to be high on top fashion kids*
lovable 08 (2 days ago)
I had a Bratz board game when I was four
Nicolle E. (2 days ago)
i desperately need those purple shoes.
Elisabetta Negro (2 days ago)
that cure bag for the winter bratz!!! is that Kipling??
Elif Unan (2 days ago)
You should get some girls together and create a bratz pack!
Elif Unan (2 days ago)
Omg i had a rockstar Jade with a quitar and a microphone!! She had a white patch on her hair. I used to loveeeee ittt!
xToxiqLife (3 days ago)
Dude I loved bratz
Gabrielle Marie (3 days ago)
When you lost your shoes for your bratz 😂😂
ElizeyLudus (3 days ago)
anyone else remember her being jasmine with a j and not a y???????
klymers (3 days ago)
Those purple boots are very daphne out of scooby doo
hAi iTz KaTriiNa (4 days ago)
*I'm Reginaaa*
Jenette Green (4 days ago)
I live in the foothills of mount baldy!
😍😍😍 Fuuuuuuuck me, I love all these SO much!!! This was 100% me during middle school!
i don't even know (4 days ago)
I like Bratz more than Barbies because the outfits are better. I hate the fact they have no feet tho
Tris Prior (4 days ago)
My half-sister was obsessed with Bratz
Missy Barbour (5 days ago)
Shout out to Limited Too/Justice. For many of us, you were our middle school style.
michelle odin (5 days ago)
My scene dolls were more my scene
Leonny Moon (5 days ago)
please do a part two!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
moonlily1 (5 days ago)
Basically you just dressed like Paris Hilton, i.e., a douchebag.
Each time my Grandma comes over she always says, " Did you get rid of the Bratz dolls?" So yeah.
Maria Dzugova (5 days ago)
This is bringing back so many memories lmao love this video so much ❤️😂
Kim Schmitz (5 days ago)
GIRL, you REALLY did that!
Tiffany Yates (6 days ago)
Bratz were the cutest
Elaina Widmer (6 days ago)
My mom too hated bratz so I couldn't have them.
colleen rooney (6 days ago)
OMFG. i always loved Jade when i was younger, ( i still do lol) and i've got that same furrcoat from dots & dolls !! :D its sooo awesome
Cheeto Dawson (6 days ago)
I cant understand how you got the same doll outfits ?
Tabitha Claw (6 days ago)
When I was three I got a Bratz doll.......my mum threw it in the bin instantly
Tabitha Claw (6 days ago)
Brats are still here
cheryl voss (7 days ago)
Hahaha 😂😂 I’m watching all your videos
Lindsey Smead (7 days ago)
“This used to be a teddy bear... don’t fuck with Jade” 😂😂😂😂💞
horse lover Nache (7 days ago)
Omg I love your videos
Kiki sims 23 (7 days ago)
I had every single bratz collection, barbie... was not so much,
FiddlebirdBlue (8 days ago)
The aughts were such a dumpster fire. I'm so glad I disliked glitter and sequins from a young age and restrained myself to peasant blouses and tiered skirts. Those were bad enough. Those commercials made me remember things I didn't know I remember, so that was weird. My sisters loved Bratz but I didn't get it. I thought they were kind of ugly tbh...
Skylar Schilffarth (8 days ago)
Sasha was always my fav. I named my hermit crab after all of them, I kept changing it because I couldn’t decide
C Ty (9 days ago)
goats (9 days ago)
I'm like 99% sure I owned that jade doll and this brings back so many memories
I'm weird (9 days ago)
Smelly cat smelly cat what are they feeding you? Smelly cat smelly cat it's not your fault
Lisette Kerschbaumer (9 days ago)
Here in Austria the trend came like 5 years later, so this topic is right up my street
Samantha Schaller (9 days ago)
I didn't remember having one of these until we got to the snow bratz doll with the blonde hair. holy flashback
Grumpy McGrumps (9 days ago)
Who the hell is Dana? I know Cloe, Sasha, Yasmin and Jade???
Marcy C. (9 days ago)
Dress like Ever After High dolls now XD
Ariella N (9 days ago)
I actually really LOVED the Sasha outfit on you!
kristan stops (9 days ago)
I love this.. I feel it be sweet to see u wearing every Bratz Doll. It's different to all channels
Monkey King (9 days ago)
14:50 she turned so many heads 😂😂
SunnyGhost 79 (10 days ago)
OMG. I HAVE THAT PENGUIN KEYCHAIN. 8:40 also I think it's really scary so everytime I find it I throw it into my closet where I'll hopefully never see it again.
Girlfriends 4Life (10 days ago)
Claire's is my favorite store eva i fit right into that store i got a wallet there and it still smells like Claire's😂😍
Gabriela Avendaño (10 days ago)
How tall are you??
Neek Stokes (10 days ago)
I definitely dropped my celebration barbies I couldn't open for cool Kat and bunny boo in a mini coop...
Ashley McCracken (10 days ago)
The nostalgia ☺️
Erika Chater (10 days ago)
This video was amazing
Chai Tea (10 days ago)
I wasn't even alive in 2001, I was born in 2008.
Kieran Williams (10 days ago)
Yasmin’s jeans aren’t white lol they’re khaki
Neena Lane (10 days ago)
I think the objection to Bratz was the ho make up level, not the clothes...
Kaya Mononoke (10 days ago)
My name is Jade, and every time she said that I thought it was my parents calling me, or she was talking about me
ParkMiyoung (10 days ago)
I always thought that she was older than me...but she’s 2 years younger. Also I really wanted a Bratz doll back then, but they were too expensive
achanwahn (10 days ago)
10:48 Okay, that hat is super cute on her.
unicorn sprinkles (10 days ago)
MGA exec : huh Yasmine is a good name. His daughter: What did you get for my birthday daddy MGA exec: * thinking * oh crap oh crap oh crap MGA exec: uh this doll is called Yasmine that like Jasmine with a *Y*
unicorn sprinkles (10 days ago)
I wasn’t even between the ages of ‘Glint in his eye’ or ‘That cycles egg’ in 2001
Bre Francis (10 days ago)
Tbh I still have 20 of my bratz dolls lol
Diana Z. (11 days ago)
you looked like you belonged in rebelde 😂😂😂
Kaitie _breedo1 (11 days ago)
when she spoke about the hair braiding machines it reminded me of the bratz hair beaders
Danielle Perez (11 days ago)
The winter outfit was my favorite and all the fluff and glitter that went with it!
Tora ! (11 days ago)
LaCk Of FeEt
Maganda Panda (11 days ago)
I remember
YasCraft (11 days ago)
Fun fact, my name is Yasmin and I was named after Yasmin from the Bratz.
sydney rice (11 days ago)
why did i have so many of these
Francisca Chaparro (11 days ago)
omgggg i loved all of the outfits idk why
Ava Lang (11 days ago)
The shirt for Chloe looks pink, not orange.
April Perlowski (11 days ago)
This was a lot of fun. I wish you had been able to find some better flair pants, though.
these GirlZ (11 days ago)
Lily Gonzalez (11 days ago)
Safiya, you should do a video with the new bratz collector fashion by Hayden Williams
Nadja Popovic (11 days ago)
She killed the last two 😍
The shal-pal Show (11 days ago)
This was uploaded on my birthday lol
YesitsMA Gaming (12 days ago)
My dad would always give me a Bratz dolls
bluerose160 (12 days ago)
I too had brats dolls and wanted to dress like them. But that’s because at the time brats fashion was awesome and current, they don’t dress like that now there are 2018 bratz dolls that still have a unique style but are current. Check out https://www.amazon.com/Bratz-Collector-Doll-Amazon-Exclusive/dp/B07B9L8FRQ/ref=pd_bxgy_21_2?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B07B9L8FRQ&pd_rd_r=405c86f3-f6d6-11e8-a797-a9c72b42f2a0&pd_rd_w=TXWPE&pd_rd_wg=h2BHW&pf_rd_i=desktop-dp-sims&pf_rd_m=ATVPDKIKX0DER&pf_rd_p=6725dbd6-9917-451d-beba-16af7874e407&pf_rd_r=9FMB7B45QJPXR8GGHVFG&pf_rd_s=desktop-dp-sims&pf_rd_t=40701&psc=1&refRID=9FMB7B45QJPXR8GGHVFG

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