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Of Monsters And Men - Dirty Paws (Official Lyric Video)

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Download this song: http://smarturl.it/OMAMalbumitunes Directed by WeWereMonkeys https://www.facebook.com/weweremonkeys Compositions © 2012 Of Monsters and Men / Sony/ATV Songs LLC (BMI) Recordings © 2012 SKRIMSL ehf, under exclusive license to Republic Records, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc. http://www.ofmonstersandmen.com http://www.facebook.com/ofmonstersandmen http://www.twitter.com/monstersandmen http://www.instagram.com/ofmonstersandmen http://www.ofmonstersandmenmusic.tumblr.com
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Aleks Sven (1 hour ago)
Ищешь российский коммент? Ты нашёл его, вставай под стяг)
no name (13 hours ago)
Birds look like sperms hahaha
Emerson Araújo (9 hours ago)
Kenneth Robinson (21 hours ago)
Of Monsters and Men is like Adele the melodies and the vocals sound amazing. But the lyrics and themes make absolutely zero sense.
Leo Bunt (1 day ago)
Somehow the passage with the frost inspired me to do something 'bout it
SkyFree (1 day ago)
I love this song but either these lyrics are so deep I’ve yet to discover the meaning or this is the most whimsical story telling I’ve ever heard.
AWlpsSHOW36 (2 days ago)
Immediatly fell in love with this song the first time I heard it! It's so epic and powerful. And it's a folk song too that could have many different meanings! Very deep meanings. Even the animation in this video is awesome! This has to be my favourite 'Of Monster's and Men' song along with 'Love love love'.
TITAN D (2 days ago)
This joint keep breaking my heart😔🎧♠💯
John Lucas (2 days ago)
C D (2 days ago)
This song is complete nonsense but it hits me right in the spirit
Marie-Laurence Gagné (2 days ago)
The lyrics is perfect!
Ramon Alvarez (2 days ago)
I love OF MONSTERS AND MEN this songs I will listen everyday
T Silva (3 days ago)
does anyone know what pads they use in this song? you can really hear it in the Walter Mitty trailer but i can't find any info anywhere
Oceans to Oceans (4 days ago)
This song is so good and sad it makes me think of my two dogs
Joey Glaser (4 days ago)
Okay, but if this is about WW2 wouldn't snowy friends be Russia AND Canada? We we're literally known as storm troopers lol
Alan Burris (5 days ago)
So Much Fun! T8TER
Crafter 1246 (6 days ago)
Ive been having LITTLE TALKS with myself BENEATH MY BED, waiting over SIX WEEKS for this song that I LOVE LOVE LOVE. This video deserves to be seen by well over a THOUSAND EYES... This is one of those songs you can feel deep in YOUR BONES. Weather it's a hike up BLUEBERRY MOUNTAIN, or a visit to your BACKYARD, this song will embed itself into your ORGANS, your heart, brain etc... This is my WINTER SOUND, my MOUNTAIN SOUND, my EMPIRE. This is my YELLOW LIGHT in an ocean of BLACK WATER, because I am only HUMAN, WE all SINK I am a SINKING MAN. It's a SLOW LIFE, and I move SLOW AND STEADY a PHANTOM follows me as I stare at the SKELETONS covered with ice CRYSTALS near my LAKEHOUSE. I blaze my illegal NUMB BEARS to try and escape the pain as I enter a deep deep SLOOM. I want to be in HAWAII, I want to have this HAPPY SONG with me. I feel this HUNGER, like WOLVES WITHOUT TEETH do. Their DIRTY PAWS follow their KING AND LIONHEART, searching for the I OF THE STORM. I picture SILHOUETTES of A BOY AND A BIRD, floating on PARTICLES. The boy, JOSIE, is playing with SUGAR IN A BOWL, sadly singing "WERE GETTING OLDER" This is the power of this song... --FROM FINNER
Bernice Colas-Johnson (6 days ago)
Of Monsters of Men I made a mashup dedicated to you and Mr. Probz
Chicken Permission (7 days ago)
they take....liberties to rhyme huh
Robin And Snowbell (7 days ago)
I'm thinking of Yellowstone, and the wolves being killed off then being reintroduced to the park.
A C V (7 days ago)
My almost days start with this song...
Pedro Mendonça (7 days ago)
Once i drew this song to my ex-girlfriend, we've broked up a month ago, i'll never forget the scene of me showing my drawing to her, i'm not sad, but the feeling is nostalgia, she was a very kind person
RED ENTERTAIMENT 5 (7 days ago)
The song is about WW2. Germany was the bees France and Britain were the birds Americans as dirty paws Russia as creatures of the snow “The forest” is Europe “The holes” are the trenches “The killing machines” are the newly introduced artillery and turrets The U.S. was called ‘dirty paws’ because of the presence in most international wars And “The four dirty paws” are the wars that were ‘popularly’ fought – Revolutionary, Civil, WW1, and WW2
nicole bolton (8 days ago)
Years ago, I heard this song in the movie Secret Life of Walter Mitty, and I couldnt place where it was from, so I eventually forgot about it. When i first heard this song about 6 months ago, i recognized it, but couldnt remember where i had heard it from. When my younger brother watched it while we were sick, I discovered where i had heard it and now I just have that nice feeling of peace that comes with it. This band is magical!
Ammar Raza (8 days ago)
Michaela Madlmeir (9 days ago)
Best song, I love this one. All time fav.
Luana Vitória (9 days ago)
2019 ✌️
Comrade_ 64 (11 days ago)
1:18 vietnamese detected
Diego DG (11 days ago)
2019? 😍
Vinícius Veloso (11 days ago)
essa música me lembra minha infância
Gordon Seybert (13 days ago)
I Fucking Love Alaska.
Robin And Snowbell (7 days ago)
Gordon Seybert I want to live there but I'm stuck where I am 😫
Alex Neupokoev (13 days ago)
Так по хорошему звучит! Сказочно и духовно!
shopno Chura (13 days ago)
This song give me peace
JustSome Hipster (14 days ago)
The song spunds like something you would sing if you were drunk
Elô Soares (15 days ago)
Itzamemario 88 (16 days ago)
This has a some really good instrumentals but the lyrics are way too weird
Addison Woods (16 days ago)
discount ass woodkid music video
Gwyndolyn C (16 days ago)
I always thought it said Old Gay Guy (instead of OK guy) 😂 I guess their referring to Arnar dude.
have any of you read Tailchaser's Song by Tad Williams? this hits that book home and I have no idea why.
Shane Ellis (16 days ago)
Music isn't for entertainment, it's for healing. That's exactly what this song is doing.
twigglykevin (17 days ago)
Matt (17 days ago)
Frizzino Gas (18 days ago)
Kim Gallimore (18 days ago)
Love it ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Robert Lukens (19 days ago)
i wish heplanted the flag at the end
2019??? What a song...
shyam sundar (20 days ago)
Why is James P. Sullivan from Monsters Inc running with a flag?
Jared Montoya (21 days ago)
Add and give
Crs-10 (21 days ago)
This song is very metaphorical for World War Two. Dirty paws- Americans (because of bloody Normandy landings) Birds- British (they are known for the Battle of Britain, which is fought entirely in the sky) Bees- Nazi germany - “The bees had declared a war” Creatures of the snow- Soviets/Russians
Desiree Rock (21 days ago)
I've only listened to a few of Of Monsters And Men's songs so far, but I think they might be one of the greatest bands of a time. I mean it.
bipi888 (21 days ago)
Is it just me or does this song share a lot with The Magnetic Zeros - Home?
Tortellini 77 (21 days ago)
ich wünschte ich würde auch solche musik machen können!
Miles Asby (21 days ago)
So basically fern gulley??????
svnash (22 days ago)
This song make Secret life of walter mitty a perfect film
Pang Kaley (22 days ago)
Sebastián Solís (22 days ago)
This song reminds me of Adventure Time, and makes me want to cry :c
FLo (22 days ago)
Guybrush Threepwood (23 days ago)
Best WW2 song to date
Arty_mushroom (24 days ago)
Heard this from the fe trailer :)
subha zannat (25 days ago)
I love of monsters and men. They know what goes on in my head 😝😊
yendry Baez (26 days ago)
Alex LCD (18 days ago)
Pl0x Ayuda (18 days ago)
Alex LCD (24 days ago)
Blackfrostangel (26 days ago)
It could be about WW1 rather than about WW2. Prussia (The queen bee, bee because of their spiked helmets propably) and their men (Austria) declare war on Serbia (The Birds, because they have a 2-headed bird on their flag and in the video we have 2 birds on the flag) and get help from England (The Beast with the four dirty paws , because they have a lion as national animal, and the paws could be dirty because of the way they behaved during the war -> They entered without any need for it and only raised the number of people that got killed with it while they lost their world power because they focused on this useless war) and Russia (The creatures of snow pretty obvious). The forest that was colored black could indicate he use of chemical weapons that killed about 90000 men. That they were hiding in their holes could be about the war in france. They fought a position war in trenches there for a long time with nothing to obtain expect high losses on both sides. And if it would be about WW2 the bird would propably be poland. The Germans declared war on them and they have an eagle as national animal, too. But I feel WW1 seems to be closer to what they are saying.
Fitrian Hidayat (27 days ago)
This song reminds me of walter mitty
Lola Snell (28 days ago)
So, why don't OMAM do songs anymore? They're so good. Like, you see the songs and sometimes you look at when it was uploaded. So, I'm doing research hold on....................................................................................................... their latest songs were 2 years ago. I really like their videos, but I want to know why they don't do more songs! I love their songs, and this is my favorite band! Please, someone, respond if you know why.
Crimson Guy (26 days ago)
They have been working on their third album for like 3 years now. It's taking them long but hopefully it's because they're making sure every song is amazing. Their recent tweets hint at a release this year.
Sierra Fleeman (28 days ago)
For some reason when I first heard this song I thought the creatures of snow were snow leopards
Diesel Head (28 days ago)
This song, mountain song, little takes and mountain sound was on my little iphone 4 playlist years back. It takes me to the single happiest 4 moments of my life, during the annual vacation I would take with my fiance and my 2 dogs (one of which is now deceased after spending 17 years of my life with her) I can close my eyes and listen to these songs and I'm right there. I can feel the joy I felt in every minute, every moment. It brings me right there, to the best most memorable days of my life. Something special about their music.
João Silva (28 days ago)
I love this group of heart,
jhonatan santos (29 days ago)
OMG ❤️
um cara aleatório (29 days ago)
Shukulata Sanchez (30 days ago)
Garras sucias De monstruos y hombres Saltando arriba y abajo del piso  Mi cabeza es un animal  Y una vez que hubo un animal  Tenía un hijo que cortaba el césped  El hijo era un buen chico  Tenían una mascota libélula  La libélula se escapó  Pero regresó con una historia para contar Sus patas sucias y su pelaje peludo  Corrieron por la ladera del bosque  El bosque de árboles parlantes  Solían cantar sobre los pájaros y las abejas  Las abejas habían declarado la guerra  El cielo no era lo suficientemente grande para todos  Los pájaros, recibieron ayuda de abajo  Desde las patas sucias y las criaturas de la nieve. Así que por un tiempo las cosas estaban frías.  Estaban asustados en sus agujeros.  El bosque que una vez fue verde.  Estaba coloreado de negro por esas máquinas asesinas.  Pero ella y sus peludos amigos  derrotaron a la abeja reina y sus hombres.  Y así es como va la historia.  La historia de La bestia con esas cuatro patas sucias.
Burrito Bro (1 month ago)
im sorry, the trees sang about the birds and the bees?
Chuck Lotro (1 month ago)
What happened to this band????? o.O
Alexis N (1 month ago)
I want my Walter Mitty moment.
TITAN D (1 month ago)
Cant stop walking 🚶🚶
Jean Chagas (1 month ago)
Michael Lo (1 month ago)
The tunes are great, but the lyrics are nonsense AF that I watch the whole MV hoping for a plot twist but there ain't
Paul Schroeder (1 month ago)
(sing to the music) Running out to the sea... I was exhaused, and very hungry... My hunger was for some cheese... So I had to ask the man please... He worked on docs all day... The docs, they had nothing to say... My granda never said that much... she always liked to sit in the hutch... the hutch, it was made of wood... taken from where, the great oaks stood... the great oaks once ruled the hills... the hills are an animal... Does anyone feel like this whole song is just evey sentence having something slightly to do with the last and rhyming where it sounds okay?
rhuan 01x (1 month ago)
Por que a Riot me recomendou isso '-'
Joanna d'Arc (1 month ago)
I remember another song, same year as John Lennon was shop, The Trees by RUSH. Both these a here songs are complementry. The Tears in my Eyes are Same Tears.We have done this: Settler Colonialism . Stolen at Gunpoint axisaudio This interview with J. Sakai was conducted June 17, 2003 on KPFT Pacifica Radio. Sakai is author of "Settlers: Mythology of the ... 51:23 Settlers, Mythology of the White Proletariat - Chapter 1: The Heart of Whiteness RedRosa420 Hello All! This is Chapter 1 of Settlers, By J. Sakai.
Espaço Connect (1 month ago)
Muito show! hehehe
Gavin Robertson (1 month ago)
I love this sound So familiar and warm and homey but also daunting and a little sad in a way Idk but I can't stop listening
James Ragan (1 month ago)
loves it it is imaginative there is a story be hind the story can you help me with it? ahh the battle of live i read below new species were brought to a new land and had to battle to survive the monsters with dirty paws is us unmistakable, how interesting the song and so vibrant! loves it more now! <3
Silver Fox (1 month ago)
Niek (1 month ago)
Why isn't the monster walking on the beat?
Annalua Sampaio (1 month ago)
2019 <3
Erma Nely (1 month ago)
I love this song, i love this unique lyric. But can someone explain to me what's the meaning of this song?
Esteban Hernandez (1 month ago)
I love this song
Zanele Valverde (1 month ago)
Reminds me quite a bit of Grendel by John Gardner
Uganda News 360 (1 month ago)
Ben (1 month ago)
Stop it Of Monsters and Men, you don't have paws, you are not doggies and kitties!
David Tomar (1 month ago)
This band is very inspirational, so different from others. I love how melodic they sound. And such good song writing as well. I was picturing myself witnessing a war of birds and bees.
Joshua Ferreira (1 month ago)
Was it peaceful just for me ?
Marc-Antoine Boucher (1 month ago)
not Jhon mahtew
Marc-Antoine Boucher (1 month ago)
and me too
Marc-Antoine Boucher (1 month ago)
Ronan loves this song too
Marc-Antoine Boucher (1 month ago)
THis is a masterpiece
Rakesh PN Singh (1 month ago)
Any idea how to create this Animation? Thanks in advance.
Afonya (1 month ago)
Ахуеный трек ;)
M U S I C S L U T (1 month ago)
I love this song
Vos Espera (1 month ago)
I hope aurora cover this song
Caos Stein (1 month ago)
This song is her face.
AM Nutter (1 month ago)
Man I love this. All of their songs sound so mystical and magical

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