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How to Cite Web Site APA No Author No Date No Page Number

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There are other videos on citing Web sites in APA in general and even some videos on how to handle the situation of pages with no author. However, this video does a live walk through and quickly explains everything you need to know. I also include some tips on how to quickly get the information from the website into your document. I've watched the other videos out there and have improved on them in several ways in this video. I hope you find this information helpful and if you'd like more examples and explanations you can find them at http://www.seriousscholar.com/how-to-cite-a-web-page-with-no-date-no-author-no-page-number/ Thanks for stopping by and good luck formatting your APA references and citations! Oh and if you have any questions about anything that I didn't cover in the video or isn't clear, please leave a comment and I'll get back to you. It's better to leave your comment on seriousscholar.com because I'm on there more frequently than I am here. Thanks! :)
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Text Comments (75)
Dahlia Romero (1 month ago)
is this for reference page i want to know how to do in-text​ citations for the webcite
Amber Brent (1 month ago)
thank you so much....also you kinda sound like chills
Monkey D.Luffy (8 months ago)
legit appreciated great guide
Madelyn Cardenas (9 months ago)
This greatly helped me while I am finalizing my research paper/APA - I wish the manual would describe it as simple as you do. Thanks a million!!!
TypicalMiner (11 months ago)
777 likes :o
Jean Bass (1 year ago)
So far you have taught me more than my college english professor and textbooks, thank you so much, and your patient understanding voice makes it so much better! <3 <3 <3
Luke Collis (1 year ago)
what are you doing up at 3:48 am brah?
midnitegt (1 year ago)
Awesome tutorial. I have had a lot of problems with my formatting. A quick tip for removing the hyperlink is to right-click the mouse on the hyperlink and "Remove Hyperlink" from the options. This will keep the link but not keep it as a hyperlink. Thanks Rocky Citro!
byron2521 (1 year ago)
That's all good, but how do you cite it in-text? If your title is long, do you use a shortened version of the title? Or, the name of the website publisher?
ladanchu (1 year ago)
Thankyou Sir
Reuben Mistas (1 year ago)
You are a hero.
Alexandra Boone (1 year ago)
I want to know more about how to cite... not how to use word.... it took way too long
Sun Tzu (1 year ago)
Why did you write "no date" when it said 2010 at the bottom of the page?
Reuben Mistas (1 year ago)
Sun Tzu he probably wrote it for educational purposes only, obviously. lol
bof photographie (1 year ago)
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Sun Tzu (1 year ago)
+Cindy Saraiva What?
Cindy Saraiva (1 year ago)
Lolz i would try it...if i was a the stupiders.. oh wait
Sun Tzu (1 year ago)
+Maria Aguirre Get a life.
Swftz RuneScape (2 years ago)
Thank you, My lecturer didn't really explain how to reference
VegitoAttacks (2 years ago)
There is no publication date on my website so can I use the copyright date instead?
Hanan Mohammed (2 years ago)
How do I cite synopsis?
Jeff Phila (2 years ago)
Hi is this referring to APA 6th Edition?
goingsupernova (2 years ago)
are you george clooney?
blake (2 years ago)
+goingsupernova rofl. Can't unsee it.
Malcolm Lobo (2 years ago)
Can you also do a video about in-text citations and direct citations if possible.This helped me a lot :)
Trool u (2 years ago)
Thanks, my teacher is trash. This helped me.
Mohd Ridzuan Jusoh (2 years ago)
+Trool u sometimes teacher just like that
Mike Rifinski (2 years ago)
Clear guidelines. Thank you. Are they still up to date? Also what do you do if you reference a website of a school? Would the title still be the title of the page and not the name of the school?
J Martinez (2 years ago)
Thank you! :)
Dennis Molner (2 years ago)
Thank you! Recently introduced to APA format and was going crazy on web site citations!
chowell0624 (2 years ago)
This is def the best video for this that I have found. Thank You. My only wish is a demonstration in Word Pad as it's components are different. But great job! It helped a whole lot!!
Unlisted 01 (3 years ago)
You Saved Me!! Thanks So Much!
Mirza Alhazamy (1 year ago)
you so funny. hahahahha
BeastoBrado (3 years ago)
This vid explained more in 8 minutes than my marine science teacher could have all year. Thanks for the video.
Chris Nelsen (2 months ago)
why the heck is your science teacher using APA
MsBisz (3 years ago)
I have been doing my citations and  my references so wrong. I was always getting them wrong. My grade would be 10 points off and could not figure out how to correct them. This video helped me to know what to fix. Thanks so much.
Dolores Horine (3 years ago)
Thanks so much hopefully this is right and my teacher doesn't ding me on it.
samah ahmad (3 years ago)
That was very helpful to me. I was looking for these information. Thank you so much.
Jennifer Nielebock (3 years ago)
Very helpful, thank you so much.
areli aguirre (3 years ago)
Saved my life
Marisol Ortiz (3 years ago)
Thank you!! So helpful for my psychology papers right now
Katherine Parker (3 years ago)
Thank you for sharing this. I recently wrote a paper that used only Internet based citations. I misunderstood the format in which he desired my citations, so I am using the information you posted to correct these mistakes. Thanks again!
manthasagittarius1 (4 years ago)
Helpful.  Passing it on to my students. I would add that students should use a lot of critical common sense about using a source at all, when so little can be determined about it (who, when, nature of authority, etc.).  Even when you can assume a reputable organizational site has anonymous staff writers, it should at least be making info about dates available.
austin longenecker (11 months ago)
manthasagittarius1 You look like Beethoven
Flora Ma (4 years ago)
very helpful, thank you so very much.
Oscar Arevalo (4 years ago)
ibanezkuki (4 years ago)
Thanks ^^
Lola Luxinberry (4 years ago)
Very helpful instructions. Thanx a lot!
Kyle McGlothen (4 years ago)
Or group would have found it more helpful if you could have followed one complete process instead of changing up in the middle of your instruction to show another way to complete the task.
valkaek (4 years ago)
Thanks for this video, it makes everything easier.  Do a tutorial for open office, it's free and us poor kids can't afford microsoft's over $9000 programs.
Frank F. Hejazi (4 years ago)
Hi Rocky: Wanted to ask why you didn't use the Reference Tab to use the options provided and did the listing "Old School"? Cheers
arda y (4 years ago)
saved my life. thanks!
George Jose (5 years ago)
Can I contact you ? Thank you so so much
Rocky Citro (5 years ago)
I address the in-text citation beginning at 5:32 in the video.
Ekta Gupta (5 years ago)
its not in text citatation, its references ...there is a difference. wrong heading
MetalHeroSkate (5 years ago)
Thanks a lot!
snowwhitestarz (5 years ago)
Very nice. First place I've found that was clear on explaining this. Thanks!
y5o92 (5 years ago)
im getting poor grades because of this f**** citation, I really hate it
Rocky Citro (5 years ago)
I don't want to say "never" without reviewing APA's regs. Usually it's the title of the web page (which is usually different from the title of the entire site) that is italicized. I'll be making some newer videos this summer based on APA's electronic references supplement so stay tuned!
Rocky Citro (5 years ago)
Thanks glad it was helpful!
Natasha Blake (5 years ago)
Thank you so much! This video cleared everything up for me. Also, you have a nice voice :)
Jovixgal (5 years ago)
Referencing bites, so thank you for this vid.
Rocky Citro (5 years ago)
Glad it helped! Just to clarify, sometimes we can use the organization as the author. I should give a clearer example of that and will post it when it's ready. :)
Rocky Citro (5 years ago)
Good question William. In U.S. English, the comma goes inside the quotation mark. In British English, the comma is often set outside the closing quotation mark. For an example of this particular situation, see section 6.15 in the 6th edition of the APA manual). Also see section 4.03 for comma usage. Hope that helps!
Rocky Citro (5 years ago)
You're welcome!
amer abdulla (5 years ago)
William Tran (5 years ago)
6:54, ("Ecuador," ... i just want to make sure if that comma was an error? should it be after the apostrophe?
Cupcake Swag (5 years ago)
So the title of the webpage is never italicize ? Only the organization name ?
sugar pokey (6 years ago)
Thank god for this! My research presentation required me to use .org, .edu, and .gov sites and none of them had authors or dates! Especially that damn CDC site! I'm so happy you made this! Thank you!
Rocky Citro (6 years ago)
You're very welcome! :)
Rocky Citro (6 years ago)
Hi Sabrina. Please see 5:30 in the video for an explanation on how to do in-text citations in this case. :)
Rocky Citro (6 years ago)
Glad it helped! :)
Sabrina Krug (6 years ago)
Hi there, how would you do an in text citation in this instance?

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