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5 Best Mens Hairstyles for 2018 | Mens Hair Inspiration | BluMaan 2018

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- BluMaan Hair Products | https://blumaan.com - Here's a biggy. 5 BEST Mens Hairstyles for the year 2018! - Join the BluMaan Community Today!: https://www.facebook.com/groups/BluMaanCommunity/ Feel free to send me mail! Joe Andrews Box 102 275 Deansgate Manchester M3 4EL ---------- Check out my Instagram: @BluMaan Follow me on Twitter: @BluMaan My Facebook Page: /joeisblu (search for BluMaan on Facebook) My SnapChat: @BluMaan ---------- BluMaan COMMUNITY STUFF: The FaceBook BluMaan Community Group - /BluMaanCommunity (search "BluMaan Community" on Facebook) Your pictures featured on Instagram - @byBluMaan The BluMaan Community YouTube Channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmA2Ob4FLO1WZweUV2DOGhw ---------- Fancy selling our products? Send your inquiries here: https://blumaan.com/pages/b2b ---------- Whhhaaaatt's up guys! Today I'm bringing your the 5 best mens hairstyles for 2018! That's right, your boii BluMaan is back with those hairstyles which will make you look better and feel better. These are the best for 2018, and you should be rocking them! Make sure you watch the entire video to find out all 5! If you're new here, don't forget to smash that like & subscribe button for more mens hair related content. It doesn't stop at just haircuts and tutorials, we've got product reviews, male fashion hauls, grooming advice; and even a little tech too! If it's mens lifestyle related, you'll find it here!
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Text Comments (1005)
Shaique Ahmed (10 months ago)
*You got all the crops*
Ma Ze (10 months ago)
A year supply .
alhaz Remix (10 months ago)
Gunter Raggl (10 months ago)
Shaique Ahmed o
md shahadat ansari (13 days ago)
Nick T (25 days ago)
Get a new haircut, grow out the sides a bit so you can do more with your hair.
i think platinum would look cool on you, i would keep the bleach chemicals off my roots though. and definitely have a professional do it .
either you have thick hair that always looks the same , or you are bald and can't do anything with it . thats what i learned from this video. nobody wins ....
Optimus Reza (1 month ago)
Loved ur jawline in the picture
Squiddich (1 month ago)
6:34 is the only time I’ve ever seen blumaan with a different hair style
Toast (1 month ago)
Would slick back work on wavy hair? I got a really wavy hair but I'm hesitant to try it out.
Aadesh Chauhan (1 month ago)
Nyc my bro
john clhugyugihjbvgbkj (2 months ago)
New subscribers, questions, first, great video! Sorry now to the questions ha ha, what is your exit is it mixed with something? Cool stuff.
john clhugyugihjbvgbkj (2 months ago)
Is it a Nother name or description of George’s haircut from when he was on ER? Because I always at least knew of the one name, the scissor cut. I guess you could call the clinic as well. Not the clinic ha ha but the “George Clooney, the Clooney.” I used to rock it ha ha, still have sronrines, in variance.
john clhugyugihjbvgbkj (2 months ago)
Caesar, Augustus, Julius Caesar. The microphone hates me. 😆
Dwaipayan Datta Roy (2 months ago)
YouTube, there isn't available a share option to twitte
Ryan Sacramento (2 months ago)
Please give me the tutorial of his hair style on this video
x ai (2 months ago)
Anybody else watching this in 2018?
dillbill2A (2 months ago)
He was a pimp named slickback.
GABE (2 months ago)
I know you’re twin. His name is lazarbeam
FOOTBALL PSYCHO (2 months ago)
Go and buy a lambo on the store i mean a toy onee 😂😂😂😂
Ismael Vega (2 months ago)
How do i know if my hair is damaged? (guy)
Bodan Sabanov (3 months ago)
Im blonde..... shuld i get blue hair???? Let me know in the comment's
CloutRemover (3 months ago)
Lmfaoooo y’all whiteboys got to stop every fucking haircut I see on this channel is exactly the same a fade or undercut with parrot looking hair in the middle
Br00tal Cringehead___06 (3 months ago)
All these hairstyles make people look like f*ckboys
Chief Sparxx (3 months ago)
what’s the name of ur hairstyle in this video
Allen Mol (3 months ago)
2 types of men, those who have a bun, and those who do not/cannot
Angel Angel (3 months ago)
No te entendí ni verga:v
Kevin splash (3 months ago)
2nd? What the fuck r u talking bout
Jim (3 months ago)
Nope 👎
Absoulty Nothing (4 months ago)
The whole 4 inch thing had me dying. Lol
Audien Cell (4 months ago)
I dont like your hair
Chris Welsh (4 months ago)
This guy's a tool
mathew koom (4 months ago)
I appreciate the help of watching and waiting to know hw to cut hair
Felicity McAnaspie (4 months ago)
What's popinn rn
Shy Peterson (4 months ago)
As a Men’s Barber an Stylist can I just say you are refreshing an fabulous! Thankyou
Jukrates (5 months ago)
They all look the same
Ahnaf Al Islam (5 months ago)
Tarun Sri Sai (5 months ago)
5:16 LMAO....
Shubham Kumar (5 months ago)
Ya first time try it
Shubham Kumar (5 months ago)
Prattap Desai (5 months ago)
Saving up for Lamborghini! Really took me off!!😂😂😂
Prince Ali (5 months ago)
What song is 3:14 played in?
Spider Boy (5 months ago)
1:56 is that coffee ?
Valentino Rabanne (5 months ago)
I don’t follow trends.
iAqrch (5 months ago)
Hey Blumaan, I just got platinum blonde highlights in my hair. It looks good on most people
CRCROW (5 months ago)
Fucking soy boy
Ramz patel (5 months ago)
Mike Johnson (5 months ago)
BluMaan greetings from USA. Since I have family from the Midwest, aka farmer country, I would like to know when is that farm channel coming. A few observations when is the man bun haircut fad going to end, talk about hipster dooshbag cut. I am German/Russian American and my hair is cherry brunette. The only hair colors that look good on me are brunette, blonde and red hair. For those of you who have a darker complexion, especially if you are from Africa but even Latin America or Asia, please don't dye your hair blonde, it looks so bad! Pick a nice brunette color and stick with that, if you insist on hair color.
Marcus Romero (5 months ago)
haircuts you would see on gay people in a gay club
AUSSIEDAVEROCKS (6 months ago)
In barber terms "short back and sides" has come around again, and is fashionable again.    Men's fashion goes in a cycle, because collectively we already know what looks flatter and enhance our masculinity.     Guys today are rocking hairstyles that guy's last had in the late 1980's and early 1990's, but the look goes back much further.   Facial hair went out of fashion at the end of the 1980's and it took 30 years for it to grow back, but it did.    The trendy and hipsters love 2nd hand clothing stores, because they often stock next year's fashion at bargain prices.       Probably if some young male celebrity decides to get a flat top haircut, we will see it make a comeback too.
LALO (6 months ago)
Blumann been having the same hair style since he got a fade
Erick sotelo (6 months ago)
Video on your hairstyle you have right now in this video???
Astro Panda (6 months ago)
So if I was to get the slick back would I just ask for a slick back cut? Or like 5 on the top 3 on the sides or what??
Mike Angeli (6 months ago)
What product is good for slick back I have claymation and that isn’t good for it
James Vega (6 months ago)
damn all the style people I subscribed to are here or know about blue maan 😂 Bret's here, Jakob's Here and alpha m here
harsh patel (6 months ago)
I think u should get a platinum blonde colour
krayzie_E soBreezy (6 months ago)
If you bought that lambo ill unsub
_JB999_YT (6 months ago)
Dislike for ugandan knuckles. Otherwise good video
PryingWheel5655 (6 months ago)
Hotter than my mamas fresh Fajita. Dang that’s hot.
mario villegas (6 months ago)
What do you think about high top dreads?
Abhishek Gupta (6 months ago)
My hair is wavy....and i have tried many oils,hair wax and serum for strighten my hair bt they are not make work on .......please suggest what should i do
Travis pittman (6 months ago)
This dude is a douche
Uoza (6 months ago)
What is the haircut name in the thumbnail?
Hugo Fuentes (7 months ago)
Kinda getting bored of the fuckboi hair style trend tho. All of these cuts shown in this video are just variations of the fuckboi. It's been going on since 2014, I wonder when we will begin to actually see something different.
Ezra Casas (7 months ago)
The moment you showed corn crops, i immediately hit liked. No questions asked.
Nitty Gritty (7 months ago)
the pidgiotto
Indu Shahi (7 months ago)
Oh man you are the best
Streety101101 (7 months ago)
i wake up every morning and thank god that i am white.
Trinny Tran (7 months ago)
I would watch joe talk about farming stuff
MD.KALIM UDDIN ANSARI (7 months ago)
Obi-Wan Kenobi (7 months ago)
Joe thinking 4 inches is provocative AHAHAHAHAHA
Nihaal Sandim (7 months ago)
Joe my bro u r funny as fuck . Cool video
Ayush Dayal (7 months ago)
Hey make a video for school student, a perfect hairstyle
Ana Rayeen (7 months ago)
Jo isme like Nahi karega Bo MAA behen ki ijjat Karna Nahi janta hoga
Ana Rayeen (7 months ago)
TERE baap ne 1981 me banay hoge 2018 to editing ke liye hai
Uoza (7 months ago)
What is the hairstyle on the thumbnail?
Kevin Cdano (7 months ago)
Can you make a video about perms
Kevin Cdano (7 months ago)
Can you make a video about perms
Anthony White (7 months ago)
out of curiosity, do you work out?I feel like your hairstyle would react weirdly to a lot of sweat (not criticism:)love the vids!
Big V ! (7 months ago)
Eminem looks good in buzz cut
Chitalu Wilbroad Zimba (7 months ago)
whoops stumbled into the wrong video
Earth Water (8 months ago)
C (8 months ago)
you are not a barber or hairstylist!!! by the way... so dumb!!
Zoltan Betyak (8 months ago)
so the trends seem to be very different from those in 2017! .... Oh, wait....!!
LALO (8 months ago)
You been having the same haircut since you started
Nicky Ngo (8 months ago)
I’m riding motorcyle and helmet always destroy my hair style . A new car might be a good idea 😒
Eimantas Budreckis (8 months ago)
Is it just me or he tries to imitate PewDewPie's accent?
Manfred Pichler (8 months ago)
Nice video, but what I like most about it is definitely the hairstyle.
Reisify (8 months ago)
Dude your personality is amazing lmao you make me laugh
Lil Waves (8 months ago)
You should get platinum blonde
DSN Inc (8 months ago)
1000th comment
Animals Empire (8 months ago)
Nice guy
Ralph Clancy (8 months ago)
Where did you get that bomber jacket
SYLVA1N (8 months ago)
Buzzcut :. Didn't you forget eminem
I have a strong hair so any hair cut for that plz
Yash Dasgupta (8 months ago)
From where u got the jacket?
Peter Zejda Fitness (8 months ago)
The star Antares is 60,000 times larger than our sun. If our sun were the size of a softball, the star Antares would be as large as a house.
Robert Lucchetti (8 months ago)
I have curly ish hair and its like a hair full of pubes idk what to do with it
The OfficialDrozdek (8 months ago)
1:32 name of this hairstyle please :D
Samual Watson (8 months ago)
I got a French crop. After a month I look like an edgy teen from 2004
H4BITZZ (8 months ago)
How do I do ur hair that u have in the video
Ledeno Nebo (8 months ago)
You look alot better without your hair dyed
Kevin Moe (8 months ago)
I ran the mothern slickback for like 4 years until August last year. Going for the classic noe
Brian Hughes (8 months ago)
i just want this man's jacket

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