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Aaron Kaleta-No Morals W/lyrics & Download (Ray Charles Remix)

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facebook page: facebook.com/aaronkaletamusic Download:http://www.mediafire.com/?n6dsb0uhgdl6c4s ALL MATERIAL: uploaded is copyrighted under the U.S. law. Anyone who partakes of any theft, false production or selling of the content(s) of this video without proper consent can and will be prosecuted. Check out my long-awaited debut mixtape "Phases"! http://www.datpiff.com/Aaron-Kaleta-Phases-mixtape.456920.html [verse 1] You can call me douche bag im'a call you faggot took rapping from a hobby to an everyday habit lyrically high beats made me an addict Shakespeare flow without music life would be tragic i used to be left out now i got my right in keep people jammin' other rappers unexcitin' off the radar being searched for like Kony people say they love me and they dont even know me random girls sayin that they wanna text friends askin what im about to drop next fridge filled with subway cause i gotta stay fresh plus i always work out cause i gotta have finesse dressed to impress homie check my progress pray for success and hope i never regress yes I must confess that i can care less when haters talk mess say anything i want like freedom of the press [chorus] I got my black shades on, smokin' 'til it's numb Head to the sky, feelin' so on No morals, no no morals No morals, got got no morals I the the black J's on, dancin' to my song Lookin' so fly and im feelin' so gone No morals, no no morals No morals, got got no morals [verse 2] Smokin all this green I aint got morals worship Mary Jane like Catholics do St. Charles doing all these things i never thought i would shit a year ago i never even thought i could smokin on some good burnin like some wood higher than a kite feelin like i should keep puttin out work lookin for recognition as a musician my posistion is to transition my words and work a trick like a magician no disposition try n catch my composition and feel my inhibition pitch my aquisition while u bitchin' use ink as my ammunition, and observe what yall ditchin' i've shed a few tears been at this a few years need to slow down and switch a few gears spinnin fast like the blades on a heli do what i want so therees little u can tell me
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Text Comments (8)
Eden Barker (6 years ago)
Rafał sasinowski (7 years ago)
WOW!!! your getting so good!!!!!!!!
CelebGreekBuzz (7 years ago)
this song is AMAZING
kaka akak (7 years ago)
i luv this song the first? time i heard it i waz lik wow just luv a it and can't get it out off my mind
En Roko (7 years ago)
the tune is nice
ricky zorns (7 years ago)
i love this song!!!!
David Oliver (7 years ago)
Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaale yeah!
Fatema Khondker (7 years ago)

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