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WhipAddict: FWCC Car And Bike Show, Custom Cars, Car Clubs, Loud Systems, Old Schools

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Footage from the FYCC Car Show in East Point GA! Cool local show that brought out the Car Clubs, Donks and some nice Old School Whips! Check out the Hummer with the Super Sound System and the custom wrapped Hellcat Challenger!
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Text Comments (51)
checo19831 (6 days ago)
Whip? So thats how they call vehicles now?
Donald Evans (18 days ago)
That's Dem boys with Dem toys!
voiceisclear (18 days ago)
not all cheeks are created equal.😀👀
Sascha Knierim (19 days ago)
Thx,from Germany:-)
Bryson’s Kicks (19 days ago)
What car is better an el Camino or cutlass Oldsmobile
Kelcy Harmon (19 days ago)
Look at the Fleetwood💪💪💪💜💜💖💪👍
Daryle Granderson (19 days ago)
No hating like a lot of this shit me personally would love too see a Gucci or Louis V Motorcycle and helmet & better bitches wit they own hook up shit... shawty wit da fake ass mane was it me or does her legs look crazy..maybe I ol no hating 😂👍🏾🔥
WavyHead._.Tyreke (20 days ago)
FRED_ON_ FACTORY'S (20 days ago)
OAKLAND2400 (20 days ago)
Good Job on that Thumbnail👌💯 Had a Thick Baby sitting on the back of that Thang😎🌲🚬💨
Rodney JENKINS (19 days ago)
I didn't see it in the vlog
Antwain Johnson (20 days ago)
All the ass tho
Darius N (20 days ago)
@10:16 what kind of caddie is that?
Jose Pena (20 days ago)
Darius N Cadillac Fleetwood....they where made after 1992...plenty for sale on carsforsale.com
Darmetrius Powell (20 days ago)
ATL hoe....That's how we do it.
Darmetrius Powell (19 days ago)
I have several cars and a couple drivers lil nigga. Marta must be what you working on I ain't seen Marta since 96. 69 GTO is in the driveway 83 SS Monte in front of it. What you skating on kick push ATL. And Florida do they thang down there I'll admit.
FLA BOY (19 days ago)
FLA still runs this car show shit!!!
atlworld 2018 (20 days ago)
D Powell your broke ass don't have a car nigga marta bus riding nigga , Greyhound catching outta town ass , too broke for a plane lip ass, scooter riding ass nigga fuck ya mean
Donk Ryders (20 days ago)
Darmetrius Powell Darmetrius Powell ya you got cool cars but i for Miami we the king of the donks 305 overtown nigga.
Kelcy Harmon (21 days ago)
Their some clean cars out here, keep up the good wrk 💪💪💪👍👍👍
Bigg Eazzy (21 days ago)
That big white/silver Fleetwood was cleaner than a bihhh.
Supajoc (21 days ago)
My state represent GA yeah
Chuck Tv Sr2 (21 days ago)
18:40 Wats that lil baby song called?
Chuck Tv Sr2 (20 days ago)
+Fast Lane thanks
Fast Lane (20 days ago)
Drip to hard feat. Gunna
bigmike2971 (21 days ago)
@11:00 ass was soooo damn fake. Didn’t look right
ivan d (18 days ago)
Facts, 80% of females these days
Jose Pena (20 days ago)
gustavus bonner lame ass old nigga...that ass looked and dumb
gustavus bonner (20 days ago)
bigmike2971 look real
Kris got it (21 days ago)
Too dope💯💯💯💯💯
Jakori Doakes (21 days ago)
Wow this is amazing to c all these black folks together and its no problems I love to c shit like this happening its really a beautiful thing or i should say demonstration keep doing big thing my lovely BLACK PEOPLE 💯💪💪😃😀😊😉
checo19831 (6 days ago)
5ambien avia gueros
Jakori Doakes (18 days ago)
Hey bro you have a very valid point but at the same time we can't just go and put it all on the youngsters you know they not been lit so we're there we can sit and put it all on the young people is ones that starting all the trouble making problems keeping us black folks away and separated from one another we have to talk about what part our "OG's" role in all of this as well bro because if we don't know better we can't do better then us as Young Justice cuz I'm a youngster or I consider myself to still be a youngster given via through my age the old G's not telling us nothing either they just leaving us out here or I should say these OGs that are out here don't really give two damns about our young folks so when we say it's the youngsters thats making all the problems we got to also as ogs and BG's take some Fault in all of this we got to just come together as people and stop hating on one another and I think everything else will fall into place also us as young folks we got to be able to take constructive criticism and not think that it's always hatred
ivan d (18 days ago)
Its mostly the young ones that like to start trouble, grown black folks dont have time for that
Young Savage (20 days ago)
Facts man idk why black people love starting with each other we gotta come together
4eva Go getta (21 days ago)
Damn bra no b-body impala\caprice luv tf?
KingpinSkinnyman (20 days ago)
My homeboy was pulling out the lot with his at 18:25.
WhipAddict (21 days ago)
4eva Go getta None came out 🤷🏾‍♂️
KingpinSkinnyman (21 days ago)
Fuck Yo Car Club! Didn't know they were still around
Donald Byrd (21 days ago)
I know that custom is all about the owners expression but DAYUUUUUMN just because they make it for your car you don't have to put it on.
Levi Black (21 days ago)
+Roy J Triggered
Roy J (21 days ago)
Donald Byrd bitch u just mad cuz u cant afford none of this shit witcha broke bummy hatin ass
redmann4523 (21 days ago)
@11:04 smh
checo19831 (6 days ago)
Too much booty in those pants
Marcus Livingston (21 days ago)
redmann4523 B.P.🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂
Cadillac Seville (21 days ago)
Z28 squatn!!rusty wrap hellcat!!Fleetwood tuckn beatn da trunk up!dem mfn dullys doe!!!💪💪💨💨💨
kweninc (21 days ago)
Its not called rusty, that style is called patina wrap or a patina paint job...
David Pinto (21 days ago)
Diaper Booty
curly nigero (19 days ago)
I think the same
gustavus bonner (20 days ago)
David Pinto U think so

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