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RONI IRON FEAT MAYA - EYES OF THE SEA | Official VideoClip ᴴᴰ by yanniszita | KLIK Records®

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• Editing, presentation: yanniszita ® • Releasedate mp3 ©2011.05.10 • Releasedate Flim ©2011.05.24 • Taken from RONI IRON Feat MAYA ©2011.05 • Artist: RONI IRON • Title: EYES OF THE SEA • Album : :Sunset : : by KLIK Records® • Live Violin : Player by Lusty Apricot a.k.a Charalampos Paritsis • Genre: Chill Electronic • Subgenre:TECHOUSE • Lenght: 06:25 • INFO: Roni Iron was born in 1981 in Athens. He embarqued on his musical journey in 1992 experimenting with vinyls & synth's sounds. Fired up by Richie Hawtin and Steve Lawler, Roni Iron started playing minimal techno, house and tech house music leaving his mark at numerous clubs, venues and special events, on lineups with artists of international fame like DEEP DISH (closing 2008 New Year's Party in Athens), Christian Varela, Marco Bailey and Leeroy X-Prodigy and alongside artists of national fame including Alexandros Christopoulos, Cj Jeff, James Benitez, Andrianos Papadeas etc. In 2011, Roni Iron released his first track "Eyes of the Sea" featured in one of the most successful lounge, latin, jazz and deep house compilations (more than 75.000 copies), titled "Sunset" by Alexandros Christopoulos (Klik Records). Performed by the smooth soul jazz voice of Maya (Universal Music), with Lusty Apricot aka Haralampos Paritsis in Violin, "Eyes of the Sea" is a perfect mixture of lounge and soulful vibes inspired by the rough sea of Santorini island and reflects the roughness a female brings to a man's soul. "Eyes of the Sea" is also expected to be released by No Border Recordings, one of the most important labels in tech house and techno music scene of Germany. The summer of 2011, Roni Iron also performed in Gay Pride Festival in Athens and in the biggest electronic music festival "Maleme Beach Party" in Crete in front of a huge crowd, (more than 10.000 people) Roni Iron's love for dance music and the vibe he creates on the dance floor with his superb mixing skills and his ability to read the crowd are making him a house hold name for energetic, uplifting main room clubbers. Other performances: Participation in many other festivals such as Kiotari Festival, Urban Vision &Sound festival DJed in a number of bars & clubs in Athens, Greece, like +Soda, Danza, Astron, Bar, Mirroir, Luv, Club22, Wunderbar, Amphitheatro & Theatro Bar 4 years residency (2007-2011) at "Snow Me", the biggest club in Arachova, Greece Residency in big clubs in Mykonos (CamareS ,Aroma,Bahia-Blanca) & Santorini (Chilli & Koo). Special guest in Elysium Hotel's 20 years Birthday Party in Mykonos (2009) High Quality HD 720p
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Text Comments (32)
Micky Maus (17 days ago)
Bezaubernd das Video 👍👍👍😍😎
Ale Crucillã (5 months ago)
ne bellezza 💖💖💖
Gabriel Azulay (6 months ago)
Maria Barroso (1 year ago)
BlooKazoo (3 years ago)
interesting and weird great music
Geoffrey Head (3 years ago)
Interesting video and music... very relaxing enjoyable
ZVEZDANA DRAMLIC (4 years ago)
Хорошая музыка! НО! Даже написав на верхушке Эвереста жирными знаками: "here were yannis & zita", похоже, Вы не успокоитесь!
Thanos Peppas (6 years ago)
aftoi p ekanan dislike prepei na einai h koufoi hh koufoi!!!
Beautiful, and love the music.
ePutch (6 years ago)
Yannis, toutes vos vidéos sont hallucinantes !
giorgos kanellos (7 years ago)
panemorfo kommati pou se taksideuei...exo tin entuposi oti i paralia sto video einai oi egremnoi leukados...................polla mpravo.....
George gardelischannel (7 years ago)
sunxaritiria father polu dunamiko track kai pezei ateleiota!!!
ioanna vasileiou (7 years ago)
petros daskalakis (7 years ago)
Bravo aderfe....poly kalo to kommati..apisteyto...sou eyxomai mesa apo tin kardia mou na se dw toso psila pou o theos na sikonei to xeri tou kai na min mporei na se ftasei...kai paly bravo...filia polla apo KRHTH XANIA....
Aris Vlachos (7 years ago)
φίλε μου είναι καταπληκτικό, δένει απίστευτα η μουσική με το video. Σ'ευχαριστώ μου έφτιαξες την υπόλιπη μέρα μετα το τσιπουράκι
Angela P. (7 years ago)
Bravo Ronako!!!!!!!! :)))
Aris Psychas (7 years ago)
the best track from the album Sun:Set Bravo re Roni me tis mousikares sou!!!!
Jim Stantzos (7 years ago)
Amazing Sounds and wonderful Video . . .YannisZita ! ! !
yannis zita (7 years ago)
@danaeakk . . . η ΝEW Club Electronic Versions oπου θα εμπεριέχεται στην νέα συλλογή τού Αλέξανδρου Χριστοπουλου *** Sun:Set *** σε μια ολοκαίνουργια και ακυκλοφόρητη εκτέλεση θα αναρτηθεί απο τον Αλέξανδρο Χριστόπουλο την Δευτέρα 27 Ιουνίου 2011 CD Release Date by KLIK Records® Σας ευχαριστώ , με εκτίμηση " yanniszita "
RONI IRON (7 years ago)
Angela P. (7 years ago)
ronako poli wraio to kommati sou!!
B14ckic3 (8 years ago)
Fantastic video-tune as always !!!!
Alex Liveris (8 years ago)
yannis zita (8 years ago)
Hey my Friends ! ! ! Thank you very much for the Wonderful Comments . . . . ! ! !Thank you for the Support . . . . ! ! ! Thank you Roni for the sacret melody. . . ! ! ! The Best Regards . . . " yanniszita " ~ FEEL THE MUSIC SO LOUD ~
RONI IRON (8 years ago)
bravo ston Yanni bravo se ola ta pedia p synergastikan giayto to apotelesma..bravo ston filo pou prolave na kanei k disslike... bravo se olous...
mpravo..polli omorfo kommati gia to kalokairaki pou erxetai!!!!
Ornella* (8 years ago)
****ecco la meravigliosio eyes of the sea**********!!bravo artista:)))
Juke Box (8 years ago)
Great!!! Congratulations ;-))
Shane Moore (8 years ago)
Like it a lot...great job on the video too!! ;))
Labrini Bo. (8 years ago)
Πολύ Καλό....

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