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Diet Coke Break With Jake - Teen Bodybuilder Flexing Strong Muscles

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http://www.jakesfitnesslife.com/?p=483 to get the full video which is 11 minutes of taking a break in the park, flexing my muscles, drinking my Diet Coke and enjoying the sunshine on my skin. Gotta get a tan to go with the gainz!
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Text Comments (32)
jimmy (7 months ago)
No abs
Vetal Turlin (1 year ago)
I am pretty sure you can find good solutions on WooPep page, great for health :)
DoggoMania (1 year ago)
If vegan gains looked at this he would say he uses steroids
Alex Milam (1 year ago)
he looks like a regualr kid he thinks he's all big shit
The looper (3 years ago)
You obviously did roids or started way to early which can effect you at 14 good age to work out but if you started at 10,11,12 you have to lightweight if not you have a high chance of pulling something at a very young age so either way. They will both do harm on you
Train-insane (3 years ago)
Smug little fuck and muscle means Nothing in a street fight he better lose that smug shit soon otherwise hes gonna get hit by reality
Mason Lee (3 years ago)
the kid has every right to be a smug. Just look at him. I bet bullies would run away from him in school.
Francisco Ramirez (2 years ago)
+Gainz Academy lol yes just cuss he's riped does not mean he can fight like a man
Gainz Academy (3 years ago)
That's so cheesy
james hesketh (4 years ago)
Hi jake how old are you
KeenanGames (4 years ago)
Jake, you are a legend. You're the one who inspired me to begin aesthetic bodybuilding, I'm also 14 and I have to thank you for inspiring me. Thanks, Patrick.
bob (4 years ago)
this  kid is so small n looks 9??? wtf
KeenanGames (4 years ago)
Are you kidding? Jake is big for his age!
bob (4 years ago)
i ment small as in no size/muscle not height loll
LoL Stacker (4 years ago)
+KeenanGames thats what i've heard and there has been lot's of dispute about it so it may be bullshit
KeenanGames (4 years ago)
That's bullshit, Jeff Seid trained since he was 12 and he's 6'0.
daveyjones585 (4 years ago)
You got some anadrol in dat coke
John J (4 years ago)
Incredible!  Love the gains!   You are definitely the Man!
iminnyhere (4 years ago)
Jake awesome job
david mandate (4 years ago)
wow....great biceps!
marvindeleon21 (4 years ago)
hope you can visit us here in the Philippines 
Nick Brdar (4 years ago)
He has good reason to be smug. He's done one hell of a job of building his body at the age of 14. Hopefully it is only a phase and he will sound more humble in the future.
Mark (4 years ago)
lol manlet...
you should shave your head again
Dodgy Denzil (4 years ago)
Dude your getting pretty smug about yourself now
lukasmueller100 (4 years ago)
Ur very disrespectful 2 a men like him! Show that men more respect!
thereturn1967 (4 years ago)
Pecmanto (4 years ago)
Damn inspiring.

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