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Text Comments (1413)
4791 Ynot (5 days ago)
Say if you're a seasoned barber?
kay illa (4 days ago)
hes terrible
4791 Ynot (5 days ago)
How long should a great cut take to do?
Zamand Pashay (6 days ago)
What mean 0 Guard ??
عراقي جق لايك
Danny sajbin Perez (14 days ago)
Solo vine a ver el video porque no entiendo Inglish
Pramila Deheria Tina (16 days ago)
Walid Paris (17 days ago)
Goood 👌
Angad Nepali (19 days ago)
Ezequiel Gentile (20 days ago)
Eso es hermoso
He charge like 45 a cut
Ferdy the barber (25 days ago)
Mantap om
Manuel Razo (1 month ago)
JΣƧЦƧ ɡeɪmɪŋ (1 month ago)
Haircut with Cocaine ?
والله كان الاول احسن
Y2K OFFICIAL (1 month ago)
nice and smooth cut
Tracy Vic Wilson (1 month ago)
Listen you don’t have to explain why you’re repeating I Need This lol!! You do Awesome work 💯
DANI SULTAN (1 month ago)
Saya ngerti klw dia ngomong bahasa Inggris, tapi sy gak tau apa artinya . #tutorialnya bagus
Monbebevi Vinyyelo (1 month ago)
It ils amazing
n00bMaster69 (1 month ago)
True Master Barber right there. P.S. On a side note. My cousin and her friends would straight murder that kid in the middle of the street just for his eye lashes.
Hadj Dz (1 month ago)
انا جزائري algiria nrahb mikm
shaima Khudair (1 month ago)
الولد حلوو 😍
sert sert (1 month ago)
Nice 💓👌👌👌👌👌
JBC VIJAY kumar (2 months ago)
Chi bekar 😲
Arun Thakur (2 months ago)
Which trumar you use to cut hair
Arun Thakur (2 months ago)
Please reply
My Phone (2 months ago)
Why the boy looks upset all the time ?😃
patricia martins (2 months ago)
I like the video and the haircut, but I am laughing so much with his face in the end of the video!😂😂😂😂
Balaram Dehury (2 months ago)
patricia martins sexxxvideo
Sohan Patel (2 months ago)
सर मशीन का नाम बताइए ना
احمد صالح (2 months ago)
كشمش مال الحسين
XI RUO (2 months ago)
Hairdressing training went to the Eden Training Academy and graduated with a technical certificate. https://www.edencollege.ca/contact-us
حمودي HD (2 months ago)
اكو عرب بل تعليقات 😂 جق لايك ترى و الله بلاش
Geneses Villamer (2 months ago)
wwwoooowwww i like the haircut of the boy!!!
Muhammad Hashir (2 months ago)
His ear is pinky
BIG T (2 months ago)
I don’t think he liked it lol
Sabil Jeddah (2 months ago)
تعال السعوديه شوف الحلاقه كيف
Ritesh prasad (3 months ago)
Bhai ye kon sa cut hai
منوعات شاب (3 months ago)
وعلي حلاقه فد شي
Claire C. (3 months ago)
I like him better with his long hair. No hate, it was an amazing hair cut, but it’s just not for him..
Spencer Smith (3 months ago)
Yo Jeezy I kind of look similar to this kid and so does my hair I live in the ATL do you know anybody out here that can cut hair to your standards if so let me know please if you can hit me up here on YouTube oh I might just have to fly out to Cali LOL keep up the good work bro
Llll Llll (3 months ago)
علي علي (3 months ago)
Very good
XI RUO (3 months ago)
Hairdressing training must go to Eden College and successfully give a certificate after graduation. https://www.edencollege.ca/contact-us
Well explained, only I need to know the measurements
Beytullah dinçer (3 months ago)
Bosuna bu traşı bulunduğum yerde kimse yapamaz demeyin herkez yapar ..airetten kimsenin kafa sac yapısı tras olan cocuk gibi degildir 👍
عباس الرميثي (3 months ago)
اكو عرب
Joseph P Liptak Jr (3 months ago)
Dude look like a pussy with his pussy cut.
Jayadi Jayadi (3 months ago)
Mantap kali
شدودي _ FM (3 months ago)
العراقي لايگ بطريقگ
اوووف يموت 😍😘
حسين الخفاجي (3 months ago)
هو الزبون الله واكبر
عبدالله كريم (3 months ago)
ميخالف بس شلون أحط لايك
ابن البصره (3 months ago)
O. K
Huy Cao (3 months ago)
Đẹp nhỉ
حقهن البنات مينجلطن حقهن ميصعد ظغطهن والسكر
videos (3 months ago)
https://youtu.be/Gw7WCqWLKcw Must watch gay's
Joseph Lamawng (3 months ago)
Thank you .360 jeezy..you too youtube
ROB BARBER (3 months ago)
what is called the fact that the left hand for guards???
علي الدرويش (3 months ago)
وايد حلوة
Alias Alica (3 months ago)
Franklin Lara (3 months ago)
Vacaville, the depressed boyo central
Gavrila Ichim (3 months ago)
Arta faci cu meseria ta,tinere
Mohd Tayab (3 months ago)
Super cutting
Adnan Shaikh (3 months ago)
Bhot bol ta hai Westin dish
Karina Karina (3 months ago)
Great haircut, very satisfying to watch. Too bad the kid looked miserable tho ☹️
Budeshwar Dewangan (3 months ago)
Alan Velazquez (3 months ago)
This shiii ugly af
Ferhad Ezizov (3 months ago)
manu bhatti (3 months ago)
lov u ❤️❤️bro
med med Mahmoud (3 months ago)
the boy slipp
Bhupen Sen (3 months ago)
Can you join me
اكو عرب 😂
S A (1 month ago)
ابن سوريا -.- (3 months ago)
솜목화 (4 months ago)
바리깡 좋다~
مرتجى عامر (4 months ago)
اذا عراقي لايك
sema Alali (4 months ago)
ليش معكش
Vikkikumar Thakur (4 months ago)
احمد حماده (4 months ago)
fucken ugly.....I hate fashion
علي الطيب (4 months ago)
هذا لو عدنه جا ناجه الحلاق 😂
Ali Abd Alrezak (4 months ago)
Husein Debool (4 months ago)
هم انتم وعندكم فروخ
Joel Torres (4 months ago)
Alch se lo corto bien ojjete de arriba parece tipo mordido todo feo
AK Red Bull (4 months ago)
اكو هنا عرب
Ali Iraq (3 months ago)
اكو حلووين
CHRISTIAN NATION (4 months ago)
Hair on the left side much longer than on the right side.
karar gabir (4 months ago)
خرب شعره والله
徐孝任 (4 months ago)
Surjit Singh (4 months ago)
very nice sar ji🙏
YoungLG2K (4 months ago)
Should've done his eyebrows too
shailesh ar kumar (4 months ago)
I like this haiar cortes
Mr. Cee Gee (4 months ago)
Nice fade but the top looked incomplete.
DatAss Tho (4 months ago)
Fresh fade but idk about that cowlick side part
Iam from India. 21 years experienced unisex hairdresser and 37 years old. Any vacancy in Australia? Help me
هيثم التميمي (4 months ago)
هوة الولد يموت
Riyaz Khan (4 months ago)
Nice bro
Sanjit Barik (4 months ago)
Ты на dogs обучался что ли?😁
Abdul Ra5 (4 months ago)
supar boy
هو الفرخ ينكرط كرط 😍
Dy Me (5 months ago)
dikiyo (5 months ago)
Remarkable! Please subscribe my channel guys
محمد العماري (5 months ago)
Thank you man
Nafis N (5 months ago)
So joss gais
Yaquelin g Garcia (5 months ago)
Nice work 👍🏻

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