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Are They Tight or Loose? (How To Tell)

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Text Comments (855)
Alicia Martin (4 months ago)
True so true
Bear Bearington (5 months ago)
I hope I'm not a bucket x.x
Vegethia Goddess (6 months ago)
# so tight only one finger 😁😁😁😁
Camryn Dorilma (7 months ago)
I bet there is a lot of virgins watching this, if you’re a virgin you’re very tight.
Daisy Leigh (9 months ago)
Men are sexually attracted to children and they like raping, forcing and hurting women , and they are gaylords,, and they want to feel powerful through pathetic ways... so they like it tight as possible.
Ali Jackson-Hall (10 months ago)
You drink the same water as meeee 😂😂
kathy jarmon (11 months ago)
I never had sex and never will because people be having stuff
sunna bee (1 year ago)
http://www.lnk123.com/SHkwT.. If your vagina is flappy or loose this is an inexpensive product I have been using to make my vagina tighter after birth.
If loose means she’s excited then all women should love small dicks. Oh wait a minute, they mostly love the big ones. Logic fail you dumb bitches.
A test that any woman can perform to find out if she's suffering from vaginal looseness is to simply use a tampon: if it won't stay in more than an hour then you know your answer. Fortunately, there's multiple remedies to this condition, such as kegal exercises.
Kate Smith (1 year ago)
Um that's not true! A guy can be too small. Like, is it in yet?
JordanTheFlag (1 year ago)
I don't know.. maybe.. well.. have sex with her
Compound comedy (1 year ago)
I do not think there is such thing as tight or loose,a woman's vagina will be loose if she's actually turned on.
Poon Handler (1 year ago)
I agree with most of what this guy says but he looks fucking gay. Must be talking from experience though, getting it from behind and all that.
martinvlogs3k (1 year ago)
im good to go
Treniqua Harris (1 year ago)
Vagina's are created tight. If you take care of it and not misuse it. Just like a virgin. Ifyou misuse it then it becomes raggydier than a mango seed. so don't be a mutt and keep your fucking legs shut . Once it's wore out that's the fuck it. Your Pom Pom is no longer good ask a guy which do he prefers and I bet he'll say he like it or it's good soaking wet and snugg. He gotta have some traction. Laws of physics
Ghost Rider (1 year ago)
I fucked my GF one time and recommend doing it at age 25 like me as now I still have her but I now work for Turkish Stars so no time for shit with her now.
alicia carrafiello (1 year ago)
Honestly the more aroused a female becomes the looser her vagina is. I know this sounds gross but if a girl is turned on she becomes wet and looser so the penis can easily be inserted , so if she is tight to begin with however becomes looser shortly after being penetrated it doesn't mean she's loose it just means that the man is doing his job in pleasing her well. If you stick it in and she's lose already with no foreplay what so ever then she most likely is just like that to begin with or just had sex with someone else lmao ok I'm done.
Harbringer (1 year ago)
Recycling ruins the economy
Komal Siddiqui (1 year ago)
Are virgins very tight? does it hurt alot to be a virgin :o
FSM ishere (1 year ago)
Komal Siddiqui yes
Stormy Main (1 year ago)
Are his eyes purple? They kind look it but they might be grey
Loryn Pat (1 year ago)
enthusiasm is key
Loryn Pat (1 year ago)
You can tell it's tight because it fucking hurts going in until it finally relaxes a little but you can still feel it with every single thrust!
Thrilla In Manila (1 year ago)
Can you come over and tell me if I'm loose or not 😍😍😘😘😘😍😍😘😘😍😘
cavv (1 year ago)
wtf is with the intro at the end?
Vicka Atayde (2 years ago)
A girl's vagina is the same size no matter if she's a virgin or someone who likes sex. It depends how aroused she is. If she's loose then that means she is extremely aroused while a tight vagina indicates that she is not as aroused as you think.
Val (2 years ago)
Well, sometimes it's not great to be tight. I can barely get a tampon in.
Aryann (2 years ago)
you tell by face like squire and round chin of woman have tighter at the start of vagina but for depth tighter forehead means tighter vagina.you can know by nose too that nose shaped on the face
Tasha Raven (2 years ago)
what the fuck myan
toaster strudel (2 years ago)
But the vagina contracts so you can't actually be loose just sayin
Farthy Mc420Beaver (2 years ago)
Ahahah I've never seen a gayer dude talk about this shit. Lol I luv gay guys. there funny as fuck. #onision
Imran Ali (2 years ago)
matt caperton man he is not gay the guy is married lol
STEPHEN SHARMA (2 years ago)
so how is your ass , is it tight er
Lilly Jones (1 year ago)
Will Morrissette (2 years ago)
Recycling is actually very expensive and you should reuse clean water bottles unless you had an infection
Rodolfo Sandoval (2 years ago)
im pretty sure albert did get a lot
troybrown54321 (2 years ago)
gaping vagina's are the best though..
Fresh Sox (1 year ago)
troybrown54321 Facts
Aaliyah Renfro (2 years ago)
If you think about it logically the vagina is muscle so the looser a girl gets the more comfortable she is right? But the tighter she is more uncomfortable or less her muscles are relaxed you just have to think about it logically it's not that hard to figure out if you're comfortable are not comfortable with the guy you're having sex with I don't know why this is general concern for women
Cruzan26 (2 years ago)
Aaliyah Renfro Their women who are naturally tight even when wet. Their women who's vagina is loose even before coming wet.
Nameless (2 years ago)
How Americans pronounce Einstein. xD
la la (1 year ago)
Nameless how do you pronounce it???
Devi Roberts (2 years ago)
but now most guys want tight. Why
Julia Saltini Santos (2 years ago)
His hair looks sooo good in this video👌
Biggity B (2 years ago)
Stupidest video I accidently clicked ever
Salwa Halucyn (2 years ago)
does anyeone know 2:48 music??
Avery Seefeldt (2 years ago)
The vagina is loose when she is turned on and ready for sex. It's tight if you're doing something wrong or she's not turned on or it hurts. The vagina doesn't get loose from having sex with guys. It's a muscle, it expands and contracts. So boys, don't flatter yourselves by thinking that the penis can alter a girls vagina by stretching it out and making it loose. You shouldn't be happy when she's tight, it means you're doing a shitty job :)
Cruzan26 (2 years ago)
Avery Seefeldt So can you explain why their women who are wet AND tight? Some women are naturally more tight than other women.
Anacat2003 (2 years ago)
how about doing "why do guys like to touch boobs and butts
Kenneth Bryant (2 years ago)
Anacat2003 Because they're fun-
ruth albert (2 years ago)
onision, my favourite youtuber. interesting, informative and funny all at the same time
Moonpaw07 - (2 years ago)
it's a muscle, it's not tight or loose, it contracts when it's being stimulated. if they're enjoying it, it'll feel more loose. if she's a little uncomfortable, it might be tighter. that's why people think virgins are tighter, because they aren't used to it and are generally a little nervous even if they are excited
Chrono Trigger (2 years ago)
There's only one true way to know and this can only work if you are comfortable with your girlfriend. Firstly, while giving her head, SHOUT as loudly as you can inside the opening, if the echo comes back twice or more than her vagina is huge and you should probably leave her. Echo, Ecchooo, echooo.
Eeshita D (1 year ago)
Chrono trigger Dude how are you supposed to shout in someone's vagina and then just... leave because it's too big? How?
Sunny shine (2 years ago)
we push an entire tiny human through the vagina do you think that grass blade men call a penis is going to make it loose?
Random Me! (2 years ago)
1. If you bop here on the head, and the echo dose not come from her mouth. she might be loose. 2. if you blow into her mouth and you hear. Pffffffttttt...she might be loose.. 3. If you give her oral, and your tounge is touching her cervix...she might be loose. 4, if she bend over in front of you, and you can see a bat hanging upside down inside of it...she might be loose. 5. if she bends over and the gravity of the black hole draw you in...you're lost and she is loose.
Toffee Cat (2 years ago)
The vagina is a very strong muscle. If a vagina is tight, or it bleeds when it's penetrated, it means she is unaroused. It does not mean she hasn't had a lot of sex, and for a loose vagina, it means they are aroused, and enjoying it. And it does NOT loosen if you have a lot of sex. It goes back to its normal size afterward. Just like a mans dick isn't hard 24/7. It goes back to its normal size. It gets bigger when aroused, just. Like. Vaginas.
Leeann Albritton (2 years ago)
Only one way to tell is have sex with the girl then he would know then that's is the only way to finds out for sure on the real Lol
Xi Zui (2 years ago)
Einstein was a celibate! thats why he was so intelligent. sex reduces intelligence so stay celibate!
Fifi Smith (2 years ago)
A tight vagina is a curse! I have had sooooo many bouts of cystitis because of this it's no joke,sex for me is a nightmare!
Fresh Sox (1 year ago)
Fifi Smith gaping pussies are the shit
Elora Schrader (2 years ago)
Some people have wide set vaginas, it depends on the build of her pelvis. Being "loose" isn't anyone's fault, because it's not a bad thing. As long as everyone's having fun. We don't care about your size, try and show us a similar courtesy.
Joons smile (2 years ago)
+Ophelia Roa lol😂😂😂
Ophelia Roa (2 years ago)
i cant help if i have a wide set vagina and a heavy flow
StraightUp Oldies (2 years ago)
If ya hole hand goes in STAY AWAY
Jocelyn Wagle (2 years ago)
he does realize "tight" and "loose" vaginas aren't a real thing right?
Who Zaskin (11 months ago)
Oh.... Big and small penises don't exist.
Jocelyn Wagle (2 years ago)
+sandpitturtle he wasn't being sarcastic... you do understand seriousness right?
Charnarz (2 years ago)
Do you not understand sarcasm?
hailey renae (2 years ago)
The vagina is a muscle that expands and contracts. If shes 'tight' or contracted, she is NOT horny and is UNCOMFORTABLE. A vagina will expand when the woman is turned on.
Jelly Rose (2 years ago)
That was a real interesting video
Katie Holmes (2 years ago)
A women could also be loose because they are arroused
Meme Lord Mike (2 years ago)
Dat royalty free music doe!
Lillian Adorjan (2 years ago)
vaginas aren't tight or loose the vagina is muscle and it expands and contracts
Lillian Adorjan (2 years ago)
not what i said at all, vaginas are different but when a guy brags about how "tight" a woman's vagina is all he's bragging about is how he couldn't get his partner aroused
Cruzan26 (2 years ago)
Lillian Adorjan What is your point? Do you think all women vaginas are the same size?
Lillian Adorjan (2 years ago)
what does this say?
Cruzan26 (2 years ago)
Lillian Adorjan Lol so according to you, they're no tight or loose vaginas? Some women are naturally loose regardless how many sex partners they have. And their lucky women out there with tight wet vaginas. Lol we have no reason to lie about this. All vaginas are not the same size. Truse me, their tight wet vaginas out there. And once a man find one, he never let it go. Lol
Lillian Adorjan (2 years ago)
I'm sorry the education system failed you
B0b (2 years ago)
loose? more like noose
Hannah Kemarly (2 years ago)
Actually, if a vagina is particularly tight, it usually means lack of arousal and/or nervousness. This can be super painful. Vaginas are muscles, and they can be stretched like any other. If they are constantly in use, then I guess they would be looser, but it's not actually that big of a difference (unless you have a dick the size of a tootsie roll). Regardless, make sure you show your lady plenty of loving before diving in. Wouldn't want to hurt her, after all.
Fresh Sox (1 year ago)
Hannah Kemarly that's why gaping pussies are the best 👅👅
Kit Haukeland (2 years ago)
Einstein banged loads of women
Weslie RossMal (2 years ago)
I'm just over here like I don't even know how to put a tampon in yet😂
Stop LIVing (2 years ago)
You do know a lot of recycled items dont actually wind up being recycled right? I mean you give meat eaters shit for eating meat when you drink bottled water. It's still bad for the environment. Still love you though keep being you.
rollertrain (2 years ago)
The more exercise a vagina gets, the tighter it becomes. I love exercise.
Jesé Hitman (2 years ago)
Yes and when women squeeze their vag muscles during sex it's fucking heaven on earth.
Hetachia Momonoke (2 years ago)
If you are having sex correctly then the main goal is to make your partner (male or female) not just lubricated but also loose enough to fit yourself in. (Guys buttholes are kinda the same as a vagina....they just dont self lubricate ok?) and honestly speaking, i dont think that matters. Just find the solution that makes it pleasurable for both parties. She to big? Add some vibrating eggs inside her and bam...you both feel good. Or stop whining and figure out how to pleasure each other without JUST penetration....like a foot job or som...idk...*Drops mic*
Hetachia Momonoke (2 years ago)
+Cruzan26 Which is why i think i posted somewhere else that if the girl is loose then shove some toys in there and fuck her like that. Cause you both will still feel good. You have to look for what makes both of you reach that orgasm or sex will never be gratifying. Simple.
Cruzan26 (2 years ago)
Hetachia Momonoke But their women who are naturally tight even when wet. And some women have loose vaginas regardless how much sex they have.
Hetachia Momonoke (2 years ago)
+Cookie Girl330 xDDD I getchu
Cookie Girl330 (2 years ago)
Guys have G-spots in their butts I dunno I just felt like throwing that out there xD
Kalvalena Fountain (2 years ago)
Greg is a sex expert
staind.raindrop (2 years ago)
When a guy is fixated on the elasticity of a woman, it's usually an indication that he's less than ample. So keep it up, you look worse than she does for trying to pin it all on her. It's a compatibility thing, not an (in)adequate size/circumference thing.
Brett Young (2 years ago)
SAMCRO Princess (2 years ago)
The size of a vagina is all to do with the pelvis. Which leads me onto the thigh gap. The bigger your thigh gap, the looser your vagina. The smaller your thigh gap, the tighter your vagina.
Heipos s (2 years ago)
How to tell if your vagina is tight? If the guy you're getting it on with complains its difficult to get it in because your hole is too small. #TrueStory xD
Killjoy 1 (1 year ago)
Heipos s Same
Irshad Munir (2 years ago)
Joycelyn Antwi (2 years ago)
or try a finger
Penises and vaginas can both vary in size. Some women can have had 4 kids, and be tighter(while aroused, mind you) than a girl who hasn't had any kids. For the ladies who dislikes the discrimination of looseness or tight ones... that's only a small taste of what guys with small penises go through. Guys with small penises even get made fun of by other men.
Ryan Smith (2 years ago)
+...WHY DO I CALL MYSELF "THE KOЯNY BEEFPIE"?? Constantly once I became a bookish type. I was constantly reading and instantly I was uncool and a target. Before that in elementary school at the predominantly black school there was no bullying just simple people not knowing like, what freckles where. But once I became bookish I was everyone's target and at my school now which is again predominantly black I've actually been lightly picked on for my skin color, and heavily picked on for my (lack of) figure. Other things like my nose being too pointed where of course a problem.
+Ryan Smith Only white girl at your school? hahaha You know, I never would've guessed that. That's a cool fact to know. I'll be honest again. A lot of black people doesn't like white people because we're often times conditioned not to, with what we see/hear in the media(and other fun things, like sometimes being followed in the store to make sure that we don't steal anything) Though, just like you, I won't harshly judge someone for anything outside their control, I've always been the neutral/'un-biased' type. It's fucked up if you were bullied. Were you bullied a lot?
+Ryan Smith Seeee, look at that, you babyface; I'm older than you! I'm about to be 20, in over a month. lol It's all cool, that doesn't offend me. That is very surprising to know. I will usually hear it the other way around, are you American? Maybe if you tell me that you're not American, and vagina-bashing is more normal in your country... I'll have it figured out. Are you not American?
Faceless Man (2 years ago)
Put your dick in it. It is the only way to tell.
Lee Safe (2 years ago)
How to tell if she's loose....fuck her then you'll know.
Lauren Elizabeth (2 years ago)
Well having a tight vagina is not all that. I legitametly coudnt fit my last boyfriends shaft inside.
Lauren Elizabeth (2 years ago)
+melissa h. Yah. but it actually made sex uncomfortable unless we dragged it out for multiple hours. It kinda sucked. But I id say lllllassssstttt so its all good. 
melissa h. (2 years ago)
+Lauren Elizabeth yikes! you were probably unaroused af and had no foreplay prior!
Jade McCulloch (2 years ago)
lose girls:its like throwing a hot dog down a hallway
Candle Cars And Tears (2 years ago)
are u related to the guy who plays lead roll in the band,"My Chemical Romance "
TheFreyGuy (2 years ago)
Einstein cheated on his wives
Leah's Daughter (2 years ago)
omg! many sex? lol i lost it!
Zoshii1 (2 years ago)
2:50 what song is that? i keep hearing it, is it in the youtube library?
Perla Flores (2 years ago)
Uhmm ..there's books with FACTS and Einstein was a huge ladies man.
kel m (2 years ago)
who gives a fluck.
Qay _ (2 years ago)
Onision. Why aren't we married? You're literally the only person I know who has LOGIC
loot6 (2 years ago)
Just go with the odds - the younger the tighter on average. Go Asian for a special bonus.
Debora Popescu (3 months ago)
+nvmffs the shorter the looser
nvmffs (5 months ago)
+loot6 More like the skinnier, the tighter
Lopez Trina (7 months ago)
Really dude the younger the tighter 😑
loot6 (2 years ago)
Doesn't look like I said that at all. Must be your own sick mind that came to that conclusion.
Charnarz (2 years ago)
So you like underage girls? Fucking sicko.
loot6 (2 years ago)
Einstein supposedly had an affair with Marilyn Monroe so hard to say about that one.
Brittiany Russell (2 years ago)
+loot6 He was known to sleep around a lot, even told his wife to expect that from him. Also he married a cousin too.
moom11_1 (2 years ago)
problem is... a tight vagina is an unaroused vagina
katelyn ast (2 years ago)
actually a lot of recycled bottles still end up in dumps because of overburdened systems, i love ya greg but you got this one wrong.
mel d (2 years ago)
Ryan Smith (2 years ago)
Did you know that actually penises and vaginas are very much the same? Penises can be varying lengths and girths, and vaginas are the same (varying depths and widths) and vaginas can return to their original size after two or three kids.
+Ryan Smith hahaha. I will also agree to that too.
Ryan Smith (2 years ago)
+...WHY DO I CALL MYSELF "THE KOЯNY BEEFPIE"?? And why not? Do we really need to use everything possible to insult a girl? Not to mention, why would multiple dicks stretch a vagina out but one dick repeatedly won't?
Painting Portrait (2 years ago)
Tight or loose has almost nothing to do with how much sex you have. Every woman's vagina has different lengths and girths depending...just like men are different sizes.
Brishana Johnson (2 years ago)
The more you have sex, the tighter your vagina will get.
Hilary Little (2 years ago)
When he drank that water it was really hot 😂😂😂😂
Roberta Dittrich (2 years ago)
I have a thigh gap and I eat around 2500 cal a day . Wanna know the secret ? Go fucking vegan !!!!!!!! ( hclf )
Jennifer Campos (2 years ago)
Btw im skinny af and guess what?! I eat whatever the fuck i wanttt im not vegan and i looooveee chiken and milkk
Jennifer Campos (2 years ago)
Thigh gap means loose vag and not everyone can have thigh gap because it depends on the bone structure u dumbass
memenation (2 years ago)
I'm skinny and I eat about 2700-2900 a day you know I do sports
Coco Icecream (2 years ago)
that moment when you're gay and still watch this.
Rolfadinho OTG (2 years ago)
There this club that all the loose women go to every Saturday night about a hour from where I live.
Alice InKillerland (2 years ago)
Onision is such a nice guys He makes me happy
blink once (2 years ago)
this guy is wicked hot OMG
Joshua Ostwind (2 years ago)
in 1:24, yep youre =fuckin right.
Joshua Ostwind (2 years ago)
+Joshua Ostwind youre a fuckin genius
Willow Donati (2 years ago)
the vagina always goes back it its original size. If it is tight that means she is not turned on and VERY uncomfortable with the situtation. If it is "loose" it means she is ready to have sex and is sexually aroused.
Cruzan26 (2 years ago)
Willow Donati Not true. Some women are naturally tight even when their wet.
zohra (2 years ago)
Ur such a softie!

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