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"Hijab Protects Men From Women,Girls In Tight Clothes Are Torturing Men Sexually"

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yournotmyboss (2 years ago)
Solution # 3 Teach these men how to be men of good conscience rather than the dogs they currently are. In the west women dress as they please. Yes, there is a risk of being harassed, molested and possibly raped. If Islamic theology were correct then every western nation would have rampant molestation & rape of women 24 hours a day, but that is not the case. Men are very capable of self-control especially if the truly hold themselves accountable for their deeds on the day of judgement and if they are really as spiritual as they profess to be. Yes, many Muslim women enjoy wearing hijab & chadar because of the freedom it affords them. Underneath they can wear whatever they like & not worry if it is too revealing or too seductive. At the same time I've witnessed Muslim women wearing hijab & chadar who scream extreme vulgarities on the street and girls & women who wear tight jeans & blouse and hijab - that's hypocrisy.
Ossie Dunstan (4 years ago)
the only men that are tortured bye women in tight clothes are insecure morons who whish to restrict women to  child bearing and slavery, islam is a crime, u also need to bye some rope and hang yourself u are damaging the DNA of the human race

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