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Earlier this month my family spent 4 days down at the coast. Living & loving on one another. The weather in Nairobi has gotten so cold so this was a welcomed escape. #geekonfashion #diani #kenyanvlogger Enjoyed the video? please give me a thumbs up Lets get social **************** Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/geekonfashion/ Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/geekonfashion Website - http://www.geekonfashion.com/ For reviews, sponsorship & Collaborations please send an email to [email protected] OUTFITS FEATURED ********************* Hat: Woolworths ALL sunglasses: Woolworths Beach bag ( Woven) : Local Supermarket at Valley Arcade Kshs 150/- White Flip Flops: LC waikiki Outfit 1: White pants https://bit.ly/2K2i6jU Linen Shirt: https://bit.ly/2yiT9w1 Black Slides: Next Gucci Bel bag https://on.gucci.com/2HXPoeZ Outfit 2 Floral Swim suit- The Geek Boutique Outfit 3 Green Floral Co ord Set - On order from The Geek Boutique Outfit 4 Sauti Sol vest: https://bit.ly/2t6gs7j Black Shorts: Woolworths Outfit 5 Black Swimsuit: On order from The Geek Boutique Outfit 6 White one shoulder dress: https://bit.ly/2JLEz5H Circle bag: https://bit.ly/2yqmaps Outfit 7 stripped Bardot dress: https://bit.ly/2HWVAUo Outfit 8 Floral Maxi dress: https://bit.ly/2lhlZU6 Airport fit: Stripped top: https://bit.ly/2M1J7Bz Linen Pants: https://bit.ly/2MziTr5
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Text Comments (27)
florence thuita (23 days ago)
Hey New subbie.which weave were you wearing
De Otio (1 month ago)
ch sehe so viel Potential, und wie es vergeudet wird. Herr Gott nochmal, eine ganze Generation zapft Benzin, räumt Tische ab, schuftet als Schreibtischsklave. Durch die Werbung sind wir heiß auf Klamotten und Autos, machen Jobs, die wir hassen, kaufen dann Scheiße, die wir nicht brauchen.
Miriam Kina (1 month ago)
'The rest are on their way to India' 😂😂 that's funny
CLAIRE DE NGURU (7 months ago)
please give details of this location and or their website and their info.. would like to visit
Esther Njoroge (7 months ago)
Wow i loove... just catching up on the vlogs i dint watch. Family goals right there
Chrisy Nuwagira (7 months ago)
Hey nelly ....What is the name of the house you rented next to the beach please?
eunice wanjiku (7 months ago)
Braided hair or simple "Ghanaians" are better for holidays!
Silvia Khalayi (7 months ago)
Hey, beautiful family! What is the name of the villa’s you were staying in?
ke Shi (7 months ago)
i love your vlogs
christine mumbua (7 months ago)
Please give me location. This place looks soo lovely
Gloriah Nthenya (8 months ago)
Kindly share name and contacts of the villas?
SeokJin's ho (8 months ago)
New subscriber here!. Dope family content
Stella Kulei (8 months ago)
Where in diani
Yusuf Mukash (8 months ago)
Hi!! Very nice Vlog out here, sorry to ask but what Location is that in Diani please. Sorry if you mention and I Failed to Catch it.
Peris Githinji (8 months ago)
This is just the cutest family
Treza Njeri (9 months ago)
This was really nice!!! Keep them coming
mims wahu (7 months ago)
I see you!
jj Dee (10 months ago)
new sub, i love your vlogs
Queen Nita (11 months ago)
Love love the vlog....Where did you get the back ground music?
Yvonne Maina (11 months ago)
Where is this ?new suby,love the content
jacque nira (11 months ago)
Blessings to you and your family Nelly.
Geek on Fashion (11 months ago)
and to you to Jacque Xx
Maya cel (11 months ago)
Love everything Nelly
Mercy Achieng Ogwayo (11 months ago)
Was waiting for this. And as usual you did not disappoint. You've got a lovely family Nelly. Where is this? Wouldn't mind visiting sometime later this year.
anne kirigo (11 months ago)
You so real and beautiful Nelly, really missing the ocean but can't go just yet with a newborn😓....but l feel l have vacationed with you...thanks for the vlog.
Wacuka Kamau (11 months ago)
Family!Family!😍😍The one thing I never take for granted. It's so beautiful how you have managed to balance what you loving doing and your family. What's the name of that place in Diani?
Mary Wairimu (11 months ago)
Love the crop short suit in green and white..cute video

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