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World At War Zombies: Shi No Numa (#CodZombieMarathon)

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Text Comments (2240)
Ron Solomon (2 days ago)
How does he even get to round 10 cuse i suck
Lukecam YT (12 days ago)
Brian Carnalla (27 days ago)
Dempsey is my favorite
john play games (10 months ago)
Takio if I said that name right
I got 270 on this yesterday
Luke McGee (1 year ago)
pronounced vundare vafvle
Mastro (1 year ago)
Official duck studios are available for merchandise and accessories trade
Duckyboy64 (1 year ago)
Watching in 2017, wonder now he's really blown up with his own house etc he might be able to afford that replica ray gun ;)
Nikolas Carley (1 year ago)
Im going to stand out. And say that I want Minecraft.
JamFarm (1 year ago)
DANK Dempsey
Donald Trump (1 year ago)
Snydicate is so overrated, everyone seems to think he's the best. This joker makes it to round 41 and you idiots he calls subscribers praise him like he's Jesus. He is not even close to good at zombies, I'm not a YouTuber and I crushed all of his highest rounds except Kino Der Toten. Point is, he's trash and nowhere near good.
Equiped gaming (1 year ago)
JAY JAY Plyz (1 year ago)
I love the wunderwaffel
Matthew Coupe (2 years ago)
Shut up about one hit its actually two because they windmill and comes as one indicator sometimes... grow up you've never had a proper job in you life Syndicate McFake trolling Youtube for money is such a shame! compared with people who graft 9-5 jobs
Lectan (2 years ago)
Actually in WaW it's bugged, you idiot. When you get the Wunderwaffe, whenever you get hit by a zombie there's a chance you'll immediately go down.
TheRealMVP (2 years ago)
Matthew Coupe kid you make no sense stfu. Its called hustling in life doing what you love. and no one in this world works 9 fucking jobs give me a break. and people that do work 2 to 3 jobs didn't go to school didn't follow their dreams and now struggling. no one said you have to work 2 jobs to show you're good in life. its following your dreams and doing what you love and syndicate is amazing at what he does and we support him. and when you're at a level like syndicate everything matters. look at the people that play sports for a living or get in front of a camera make funny jokes and get couple mill in they're pocket, its called hustling. you should start doing it and stop criticizing people. pour out positivity not negativity.
hi hi (2 years ago)
Matthew Coupe what? Do you speak english you fucking idiot
Exotic ! (2 years ago)
Tom... this is clearly zombies in spaceland
Lieutenant NITEWOLF (2 years ago)
Richtofen is my favourite second is Stulinger then Dempsey Nikolia Takeo Misty al my least favourite is Rusman or Maralton from BO2
Shadsy The Hedgehog (2 years ago)
Damn! Tom beat my high round on Shi No Numa! Mine is 32
JAY JAY Plyz (1 year ago)
syndicate is better than the relaxing end
Shadsy The Hedgehog (1 year ago)
Yeah, cool
Zapbull (1 year ago)
Shadsy The Hedgehog oh ok have a good day
Shadsy The Hedgehog (1 year ago)
You don't think I know that? Anyway, My highest round is 46 on Shadows
Zapbull (1 year ago)
Shadsy The Hedgehog never mind it's still great
Matěj Brynda (2 years ago)
0:04 I aem zombues experd
Aj Stevens (2 years ago)
my favourite character is depsey
Aj Stevens (2 years ago)
my favourite charecter
HowTo Computer (2 years ago)
in the thumbnail what is the name of the font on the word syndicate
Marlon Camilo (2 years ago)
3:20 got so hyped about wunderwaffle
Kathy Gage (2 years ago)
tank is the best
CrazedGameing (2 years ago)
gaming savage (2 years ago)
Will someone give me shi no numa I'll give you a mod menu and I'll even prove I have mods.
Mr Shady 93 (2 years ago)
My fav was always Dempsey
Reece chips (2 years ago)
The doctor is the best, riktoffen (no idea how to spell it)
PaigePls (2 years ago)
X gon give it to ya Fron deadpool xD
Courtney Kirlin (2 years ago)
Nikolai my fav
Moon man (2 years ago)
Sage-Bong (2 years ago)
what the hell are you talking about tom. It's clearly Gorod Krovi
Gobblegumgaming 2.0 (2 years ago)
you are awesome
hayden stgermain (2 years ago)
He's the best you tuber ever any zombie map I look up he comes up
Ann Martin (2 years ago)
Retr0Rabbit (2 years ago)
Hi Tom!
Trevor Hill (2 years ago)
3:11 someone gif that
Carnivorus (2 years ago)
zombies get more powerful as rounds pass by so eventually they will kill you with one hit
Conor Bob (2 years ago)
WaW is full of glitches, everyone knows that. Its possible to get one hitted on round one. So your "theory" isnt real
Carnivorus (2 years ago)
+Jouni Himanen Here is the proof one hit kill
Jouni Himanen (2 years ago)
Yeah they don't. How did you get this idea, because there's no proof for that.
TheOfficialMineCrew (2 years ago)
no they just get more health, without juggernog you can take 2 hits and with juggernog you can take. they don't get more offensive they just become harder to kill.
Crispy Bro13 (2 years ago)
I meant video
Crispy Bro13 (2 years ago)
love this videi
boof boii (2 years ago)
ITZDEFENDER (2 years ago)
Tom the sort of guy to start singing tomus the tankengine
Adam Singh (2 years ago)
how did you get zetsubo no shima on last gen already looks good
Adam Singh (2 years ago)
+Edwin Henriquez k
Edwin Henriquez (2 years ago)
+Adam Singh and you two can't spell you
Adam Singh (2 years ago)
+Subscribe Plz u can't spell gullible without u
Ted Clark (2 years ago)
R u being serious
Lick My Clit (2 years ago)
+Dandrea Burnett ...
Brandon Simpson (2 years ago)
Rik toe fen is what you said its pronounced Rik taa fen
James Park (2 years ago)
And this is when Mr. WunderWaffles was born
JayTheDon (2 years ago)
shi no numa is swamp of teeth in japanese
Disfyncial (2 years ago)
It's Swamp of dispair
Jouni Himanen (2 years ago)
Naaah, google transilate can't be trusted mate. If you actually go to the CoD wiki, it specifically says: "Shi No Numa (Japanese: 死の沼; English: Swamp of Death)"
Ethan Babb (2 years ago)
the only reason i disliked it was because u didnt get quick revive. u coulda revived yourself and get to at least round 50 and i woulda loved seeing that
Ethan Babb (2 years ago)
Yeah. u can get the original 4 perks on that map
CavStar Karlsen (2 years ago)
It is WaW zombies
Vinnie Scalletta (2 years ago)
I just had such a good time playing this with my best friend
CODPLAYER496 (2 years ago)
plus I subscribed
CODPLAYER496 (2 years ago)
I luv yur videos and I loved yur 3 hour origins livesteam but something is going on with it where at a certain time it would be blocked by a gray and black glitch
H7 Inside (2 years ago)
watching after zetsubou no shima trailer
Reedy (2 years ago)
Syndicate was singing 'X gon give it to ya' I think he just predicted Deadpool
CJ DEATHBOT (2 years ago)
+Dedmaw5 What? How does that make me a badass? I was just proving a point.
Dedmaw5 (2 years ago)
can you guys be quiet
Dedmaw5 (2 years ago)
+CJ DEATHBOT We got a badass over here!
CJ DEATHBOT (2 years ago)
+Itz Eclipse I'm 14 and I haven't seen Deadpool.
Reedy (2 years ago)
like u.
F l o a t i n g (2 years ago)
Takeo: this weapon is empty... like Dempseys head. Takeo your my favorite now
F l o a t i n g (2 years ago)
3:10 Wonderwaffe : Herro syndicate: it meee
Jason Chaos (2 years ago)
my favorite character is ze doctor
nick reaper (2 years ago)
better than bo3
Theo Dolan (2 years ago)
It's a boss zombie
XSrtikerX707 (2 years ago)
GLITCH115 JR (2 years ago)
the flogger did not hit you because it likes zombie pros xD:)
Crochet Daikon (2 years ago)
What... What happened to Yote?????
Zaya (2 years ago)
He died
foxyteo8 bazo (2 years ago)
minute 3.10 ho my fucking god oooooh ooooohh
Amber Wilson (2 years ago)
You did say that there ninjas so he one shot you
Amber Wilson (2 years ago)
Nickoli sorry about the spelling I suck at it
Damon Pena (2 years ago)
he is good
Command Pro (2 years ago)
dude i finally got to round 102 on shi no numa
Deathgamer 123 (2 years ago)
Agee the evil rictoph
Mikey Parrino (2 years ago)
you get shocked with the wonder waffle it takes your jugg ;) thats why I stay away from it
The Shadowman (2 years ago)
Thats only on der reise
shaun smith (2 years ago)
Bob Joe (2 years ago)
9:40 that awkward moment when a zombie gets an instakill
Creepypastas Rule (2 years ago)
Theragingrayek 458 (2 years ago)
bo1 zombies the best
Andrew Oliveira (2 years ago)
your opinion?
Aiden Dykes (2 years ago)
Demon Rusher (2 years ago)
Itz Dickhead (2 years ago)
Nikolai is best
MeltingPokeBall (3 years ago)
On round 30 and up there's only 24 zombies
MeltingPokeBall (3 years ago)
Ha that down doe like a one hit lol😂😂😂😱
Tridom Ghost (3 years ago)
I did a division problem today and it equals 115 not even joking
Tridom Ghost (3 years ago)
Tom if you want to find a real Easter egg go to kino and look in the Window in the allyway and look in all of the other ones see different parts of the map and if you look up at the square holes or down then there will be more places that look like other places
Dan murph (3 years ago)
Did he die?
Dan murph (3 years ago)
Who is that yo at slayer guy
Zaya (2 years ago)
he was a YouTube that tragically died
Logan Lang (3 years ago)
When he hits you and you die from one hit, it's a stupid glitch called double tap and bc it takes two hits to kill you so it glitches and hits you with both of its hands and you die it is really retarded lmao
Nig er 69420 Nig er (3 years ago)
The Gaming Bros (3 years ago)
The browning is one of the best guns in waw
Alfreid Betancourt (3 years ago)
I dropped my burrito
Andrew Oliveira (2 years ago)
DuramaxRepublic (2 years ago)
+Andrew Oliveira she got an std
Andrew Oliveira (2 years ago)
+spodermen OMG ITS SPODERMAN how is marri jane
DuramaxRepublic (2 years ago)
Lewis Ward (3 years ago)
Richtofen is my favourite character
MaToX (3 years ago)
My favorite is tank Dempsey
Yuri The Gopnik (3 years ago)
syndicate's voice makes me tired so soothing lol
Flyingferrets5 (3 years ago)
I wish he would shut up with the "I just got one-hit" and "I saw it on the stream" at 10 min
Logan Brewster (3 years ago)
lol that manly scream tho
‘MuricanEagle (3 years ago)
This is why u always use teh wunder waffle against world at war dogs or at least one hit kill weapon (I learned that the hard way :( )
‘MuricanEagle (2 years ago)
+Berserk Gaming UK :D ya support #BringBackCrash
Heavy-ting G (2 years ago)
OMG I love crash!!! They need to bring crash back!!!!!!! I really hope they do...😞
LordZilla (2 years ago)
Save ww ammo and use the trench gun, it's always a one shot on dogs
Don't eat The beef (3 years ago)
hay syndick haha funy name
Jallow (2 years ago)
+Ignacio Perez Oh sorry, Did i hit your sensitive spot now?
Don't eat The beef (2 years ago)
+Sans stfu and your explaining your ugly ass bitch.
Jallow (2 years ago)
+Ignacio Perez Not my problem
Don't eat The beef (2 years ago)
+Sans its my son who watch this fucking videos and make comments about them
Jallow (2 years ago)
+Ignacio Perez Go back to english class and come back. Oh wait you aren't old enough to even go to school.
Panda GamerYT (3 years ago)
The zombies one hited u cause if u get shocked by the wonderwaffe dg2 it take your juggernug
DevilPwner (3 years ago)
+Dream “dvader” Vader Only if its packed and on der riese
‘MuricanEagle (3 years ago)
No wtf
love the way he says "we gonna drop" then gets dropped.
BruddSouletGaming (3 years ago)
Love you syndicate
Masahiro Sakurai (3 years ago)
I sense a "Jesse from Breaking Bad" vibe from this guy for some reason...
Masahiro Sakurai (3 years ago)
I sense a "Jesse from Breaking Bad" vibe from this guy for some reason...
Lenny Torres (3 years ago)
wat happend to yogaslayer?
Waw zombies had a much creepier theme and setting i love it ;D
HiighCaliber (3 years ago)
my highest was 100 got tired committed suicide lol
Seaman (3 years ago)
Seaman (3 years ago)
Is this bo1 or was?
Yang's Realm (3 years ago)
Bo2 was better than bo1... If you like an older zombies more than a newer one, it's because you are bad and can't handle the skill needed for the newer maps. Other than WaW PC because of custom zombies.
Reedy (2 years ago)
Motd is hard as fuck
‘MuricanEagle (3 years ago)
Tranzit and bus depot (itself) are the only map that requires skill in bo2 the rest just come to u as easy world at war requires the most skill cuz of glitches being slowed when zombies strike u and a 1 hit suicide Ray gun so don't say that shit if u don't know anything dumbass
Yang's Realm (3 years ago)
+UnknownAnon I guess your right.
UnknownAnon (3 years ago)
+Yang's Realm Uh what? Some older maps could use some skill themselves. I mean, look at shit like Nacht Der Untoten.
Mrcy slayz Agario (3 years ago)
Richtofen is the best
Cath Saltmarsh (3 years ago)
my fav character is misty
2ProZombies (2 years ago)
How tf is it Misty You can choose from Edward Tank Takeo Nikolai's 1.0 and 2.0 MOTD crew SOE Crew COLD crew and you choose misty WTF 😂😂

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