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South Africa's Material Boys

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Meet the Izikhotane—a subculture among black youths in South Africa's townships who buy expensive designer clothes they cannot afford and then engage in elaborate dance-offs with rival gangs to demonstrate who is the most extravagant. Often, this involves destroying their clothing and setting fire to money. It's not easy being an Izikhotane. In the twenty years since the first democratic elections, a strong black middle class has emerged in South Africa but the gap between rich and poor, already one of the widest in the world, has grown. Izikhotane are mostly teenagers from working class families who are obsessed with appearing wealthy despite their modest means. Some observers believe it's a way to escape the poverty around them. Others say it simply reflects a "culture of bling." Vocativ recently went to Soweto to hang out with some Izikhotane as they prepared for a weekend showdown in the township. Subscribe! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=vocativvideo See more on our website: http://www.vocativ.com Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/vocativ Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Vocativ
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Text Comments (302)
Steele m (1 day ago)
Someone has to tell them that their clothes are cheap knockoff?
JEROS AMPARO AA (1 day ago)
Yeah display wealth and they dont even brush their teeth...
stevieeskay (3 days ago)
My gaydar is ringing profusely.
Tim Mouers (3 days ago)
Theyre all a bunch of idiots
Marcus Chisolm (4 days ago)
I wonder if Italians are walking around wearing clothing made by Africans. Nope. Africans are always the consumers but never the producers.
A vW (4 days ago)
These people are so lost. They need Jesus. This behaviour they learn from government.
There wannabe rich people who just look gay then rich lol
Nyakallo L (4 days ago)
The translations are misleading and incorrect
Carlito Pablo (5 days ago)
dumb athiest twats you idiots go buy a brain
kk Lonewolfer (5 days ago)
No opression.Lets now get wasted!
Rotchell Farley (5 days ago)
Janty Cooper (5 days ago)
Stupid fucks
Michael Akowuah (6 days ago)
If u wanna show wealth throw money around not mustard.And fly around in private jets not in nissan vans
Deleon Iliadi (8 days ago)
Life lesson of the week : wearing italian clothes makes u smart
Monster Pear (8 days ago)
I live in south Africa and can tell you the secret for the money is coming to the city and robbing and killing people
Captain Crunch (8 days ago)
Hating on colonialism. But drinking Dutch beer and wearing European clothes.
Raju Kumaran (8 days ago)
How about you just focus on the HIV epidemic
Rail God (9 days ago)
This where all my grandparents clothes end up going to
billy mays (9 days ago)
I kind of like their style.
Sarah Apple (10 days ago)
Haha gayyyyyyyy they’re so obsessed with shaking their asses
Frank the Philistine (10 days ago)
Wazae wa black label mko wapi😂😂
tapiwa gumbie (10 days ago)
Stupid see through fools
Eddy Mac (10 days ago)
MaximaJ31 (11 days ago)
They live in shacks still? Lol
paraudo sa gadan (12 days ago)
mga sandamakmak na gago!
Alem Almaz (12 days ago)
Ohw boy this is a whole other level of EMBARASSMENT "appearing rich" wtf does that even mean
sly Sly (12 days ago)
Stupidity at its highest level.kobby IRELAND
Maine from The hills (12 days ago)
Tf wrong with them..
Just random people (13 days ago)
and this is why most people still see black people as stupid n uneducated slave
Nivram Smith (13 days ago)
Why not spend that money to develop the country?
Tigerpreneurs Club (13 days ago)
Bunch of thieves
nazzy naz (14 days ago)
Idiots get a life!!!
Chucky Conan (15 days ago)
Let them have fun !!! White people oppressed, killed and raped their women and race for far too long. Dont tell them what to do now, you lost your rights now.
john jon (15 days ago)
I buy cheap, i earn enough to take me through the month. When tough times come i still have a dime i my pocket to see me through. I have a huge house and two cars. I dont boast showing what i have. I thank the most high . I grew up with nothing, my mom worked so hard . I felt ashamed asking her for money. I worked for my own pocket money during school holidays. Im just ambarrased to see the future leaders in the Kasie destroying their life.mxm eish ezintwana.
Angkang Tube (15 days ago)
Lol this the reason why africa is not developing 😂
Mr Sibbs (15 days ago)
nothing expensive there !
Francis Wachiuri (16 days ago)
The same way they will destroy the SA economy if given the chance
Human Being (16 days ago)
Thiese niggas ain’t no match for my sketchers y’all don’t know nothing about having culture and style
dean king (16 days ago)
This is the difference between black Americans and Africans hip culture, black Americans make something out of nothing, while African youth make nothing out of something. How do you buy versace and you are living in the slums. Black Americans grow in the ghetto then move to Beverly hills. We need that connection to wake us up. So sad, quite an embarassement to those who died fighting for freedom in the belief of their children can become whatever they want to be only for them to become isokothane. Smh
brandon wright (17 days ago)
Broke back pimps lol 😂
Michael Johnson (18 days ago)
brian nguyen (18 days ago)
Lol meanwhile billionaires dress up like hobos
Makhosi Yafele (19 days ago)
Wow!!😮 thank you hip hop! I blame you for the stupidity of these black young men.
Lashar M Sangma (19 days ago)
Those colours uff cant choose any other not brighter than light
Muhammed chalil (20 days ago)
After watching congo Dandi
Jay Mchelsea (20 days ago)
Are they speaking Zulu language?
Dead From The Inside (21 days ago)
Well better than drug or gang problems 🤷🏽‍♂️🕺🏻
Lift1One (21 days ago)
South Africans are still oppressed.
109.9M views (21 days ago)
This is STOOPID!! We all know they are Poor so they are not fooling anyone!!
Tristan Krisch (21 days ago)
Half of these ouens(guys) are brick layers
Astroworld // (21 days ago)
They all look kak😂
Leonard Carr (12 days ago)
Astroworld // Zef
Alice AMANYA (21 days ago)
Very embarrassing
Ndumiso Mkhize (21 days ago)
Stupidity. Stupidity. Stupidity. Stupidity.👎amen
Ramblr (22 days ago)
I don't even spend R2700 on my food for the month and this bra is spending it on shoes😂
sjo q (22 days ago)
These are the dumbest people on earth.
w4k1- 70wn (22 days ago)
Happening in Africa ofcoz...
jason bds (22 days ago)
Another version of dandy
achdushice (22 days ago)
Niggs be niggin
Akani John (22 days ago)
We're idiots 😂😂😂😂
Samer Ghrawi (23 days ago)
Can anyone tell me what drugs they're on ?
John james (23 days ago)
Italian got u boys. Just waist ur money don't even thinking of investment on something good. Some blacks are soo stupid honestly..in 40 year's from now they will be living on shacks.. coz they dont even think to invest on anything.. besides waisting cash.
Jason Sasman (23 days ago)
What BS is this!?! I live in South Africa....and I can tell you this is BS! Maybe limited to a few morons in the townships of Johannesburg....but certainly not the rest of South Africa!
JesseWorld1000 (5 days ago)
Jason Sasman Thank you for clearing that up.
Melo x (10 days ago)
Jason Sasman no one said it was the whole of South Africa
Kayla Marchbanks (19 days ago)
Jason Sasman definitely more than a few in this video .
Hero Gebrial (23 days ago)
Dumbest video I've seen all week
MrBigT (23 days ago)
this whole piece is condescending, a bait, liberal trash and highly convoluted pretty sad some people ddnt catch on the subtle racist under tone, these poor guys defs werent not even aware of the true intentions of this piece. end of white minority rule? born free? whats that? found the one random ignorant who was properly whipped by Apartheid into praising struggle porn and believing in fale narratives that it was "better" in Apartheid. this is cclearly a sub-genre, has been for a very long time, but sure lets pretend this is the norm, what about those township kids who dont do this, are their parents rich? you just trying to say, "look at those negros, those kaffirs, lets blame a simple R1000/$80 shoe on his, and his race's fault? Right?
Leonard Carr (12 days ago)
MrBigT nah,it’s Zef.
W. (23 days ago)
Funny how many people here don't see themselves in this video...... I mean that iphone,....that car! We all the same, wasting money when we could get same results with far cheaper options.
sandile nzama (23 days ago)
Fake clothes
Yakov Singsit (23 days ago)
hmm i cant get it???? those shoes looks like cartoons
Johnny Juke (23 days ago)
That same materialism! Just like American blacks!
venus goddess (23 days ago)
funnytwinkie (23 days ago)
zjuchi (24 days ago)
Lmao they broke asf😂😂😂
Kenyanite _1 (24 days ago)
But their living areas or accommodations are just shameful. 😂😂😂 What idiotic behaviour🤣
MotoBandit ZA (24 days ago)
Just stupid! Their living is a false sense of wealth. Waste of money on rubbish to impress their peers!
Leonard Carr (12 days ago)
MotoBandit ZA Zef
Imani Imani (25 days ago)
These guy's are dumb as fck
nate smith (25 days ago)
Looks like they have more fun than us in the usa.
Ayanda Radebe (25 days ago)
they made us hate ourself and love their wealth 😭😭
Jarryd Nathanial (25 days ago)
this is a joke
Aniq Anuar (25 days ago)
yep this is how dumb it gets
NoOne NoOneAtAll (25 days ago)
3:27 No offense but where are their dads? When the narrator mentioned parents I thought we would get to see both 'male and female' parents! Something is suspect here.
Shawn Darren (25 days ago)
What is wrong with these ppl?? One says if u wear Italian cloths ur smart and the old lady says that there is no more oppressors that's why they misbehave 🤔🙂😑😆🤣🤣😂
Sarah Apple (10 days ago)
Shawn Darren she’s saying it’s gone too far the other way in that there’s no authority at all (within police , government etc)
Incomplete. (25 days ago)
Only in South Africa
xtian jstn (25 days ago)
Its the same here in the US. Getto kids wearing branded labels they cant even read
J C (25 days ago)
Stop helping poo colored people in africa. They buy luxury clothes with out aid money.
Jim dela Cruz Vera (25 days ago)
gay people😪😪
LoneWolfQ50s (25 days ago)
Definitely looks gay
Tifu Adrere (26 days ago)
I think they misunderstood the concept of Le Sape! Straight up buffoonery is what this is!
That girl (26 days ago)
I hope they have homes as fancy as their designer wear! Otherwise this is stupidity at its finest, making others rich while you struggle!
Bonolo Sekoai (10 days ago)
That girl they don’t they live in houses that aren’t plastered and back rooms
Easy Dick (26 days ago)
Overall, it's kinda scary but I will cut 'em some slack cuz they're teens & still immature...
G (26 days ago)
What the West Side story is going on here???
THE PROPHECY IS TRUE (27 days ago)
They are bunch of hiv infested African hood bush rats but acting like more like retarded baboon on flakka
Semy Keba (27 days ago)
What a stupid waste. They need re-education
Dee M (27 days ago)
These guys looks gay
There is no lifestyle there start by showing the room where you sleep most of you are sleeping in couch/ a small bed like a canoe . what a stupid lifestyle .I was going to say big up if it was something good thing.being a slave for expensive things .
iriyan johannsen (27 days ago)
Doesnt Trevor Noah mention these guys in his autobiography
Kore&Susie (27 days ago)
why are poor black people always so fascinated with wanting to spend what they don't have?
Thembinkosi Simelane (27 days ago)
Black people are cursed 🤦🏿‍♂️
Mike Honcho (27 days ago)
I'd say 200% of those designer clothes are fake....
Robert Cox (27 days ago)
They look a fucking mess

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