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1 Abramelin demons – Good and Evil

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You have not had any videos from me for a long time, because I have been suffering a lot of problems. Is it the fact that this year I have Pluto right on my ascendent, Uranus conjunct Sun, Saturn opposite Moon and Chiron opposing its natal position, all at once? Or is it because I have been editing my 1977 Abramelin Diary for publication? Either way, it has set me thinking about Good and Evil. Not that I can offer any grand solution, but I can at least introduce three further videos that outline three different ways that I have tried to address the problem in my life: as a binary, an analogue or a trinitarian issue.
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Floater (2 days ago)
I am a novice but i enjoy your vid,s and find the the subject fascinating.
Sean Bee (13 days ago)
i think you should have bound those demons
Ramsey Dukes (12 days ago)
And missed the terror/fun of interaction?
Rahman GOD (1 month ago)
Warning stop fucking around
Jay (1 month ago)
This is an old video of course but if you ever need to recover data, use the program Recuva, it will recover anything.
Jay (1 month ago)
I don't doubt that, I'm not familiar with any of them but Recuva is very well known so you'll appreciate it. +Ramsey Dukes
Ramsey Dukes (1 month ago)
Thanks, I look that out. Diskwarrior recovery maker, EaseUS wizard 2, Stellar Phoenix - none of those did it.
Terry Foster (2 months ago)
I thought he said in another video he never completed the protocol
Ramsey Dukes (2 months ago)
To complete strictly you are instructed to employ a child as a medium. I drew the line at that.
Terry Foster (2 months ago)
+Ramsey Dukes what does no child mean
Ramsey Dukes (2 months ago)
I completed the six months, but the culmination was not finished in the allotted time (no child)
anvil hammer (2 months ago)
As a Christian i can say that we to go thru the wilderness.
Greg Taylor (3 months ago)
Isn’t it obvious that you were not meant to release the journal?
Ramsey Dukes (3 months ago)
Thanks! Magical experience more than magical accomplishment - but that gap provides material for exploration. Yes I live in SA. Politically in a mess - suffering the same sort of problems that are happening worldwide, but more visibly.
Greg Taylor (3 months ago)
Well I can't help but respect that sort of boldness. I have but a fraction of the magical experience you do. I am finding that keeping my "findings" to myself is one of the hardest parts of following the path of my true will. I find your videos productively challenging and hope that you continue to post them. (Btw do you still live in South Africa? Is it as bad there as the headlines make it out to be?)
Ramsey Dukes (3 months ago)
I suspect as much, but also wish to explore my own magical power to make change in conformity with will.
Pamela Maxfield (9 months ago)
Thank you for your love and dedication to your kitty.
Anjali Cazalet (10 months ago)
I was doing a search on the Book of Abramelin, curious if any one had shared anything on the tome. This comes from an amusing morning and well, taking liberties here, I'll relate two related stories... 1st, in 1991, my boyfriend and I, at separate ends of the house were both struck with the "urge" to go to our favorite book store, some 35 miles away. We each went hunting the other to inform that we needed to go to the book store (Alexandria Books II in Pasadena CA). Upon our arrival and the search about the many rows of books (much like a library) I announced rather surly something to the affect of "all right, you made me come here, what is it you want me to see?" to which end a book from the top shelf came falling down on top of my head. A painful reminder to be careful what you ask for and well, be nice. It was the Book of Abremlin the Mage that came into my life that afternoon... I've since had 3 copies. People I have shared it with have just kept them.. On to the rest of the story.... This morning I was chatting on the phone with my brother, grousing about my Tablet missing since last night, falling into a black hole. After 90 minutes of chatting, the last thing he asked was if I had checked under my bed at the head of the bed.... So after hanging up, struggling to peer into the darkness.. there it was, just out of my reach. A bit of ingenuity and a broom, I was successful at retrieving it, along with (to my surprise) the Book of Abramelin the Mage. Mind you, I have no idea HOW it got there, but obviously it was time for me to pick it back up again... and that in turn has brought me to your cyber doorstep. Thank you. After all of this, here is my question for you, Sir. You spoke of an Abramelin operation, but I've not found anything (yet) that speaks to this, and of course my curiosity is 10 fold. Any light you can shed upon this would be grand. Blessings. Walk in a beauty Way.
Anjali Cazalet (9 months ago)
Ramsey Dukes do you know the name or publisher of the new book of abramelin by chance?
Ramsey Dukes (10 months ago)
The "operation" is the actual 6-month magical retirement as described in the book. I performed it in 1977 and have been asked to publish the diary of my experience. It is currently being checked for publication later this year (I assume) by Aeon Books, London. More recently there has been a new, more definitive version of the book that is based not just on the MSS used by Mathers, but on other sources too. This describes a longer 'operation' lasting 18 months. So there are actually 2 versions of the operation.  Interested by you experiences – Abramelin does throw up some intriguing coincidences! It has a life of its own.
Chris Matthews (11 months ago)
Someone on facebook tried to make a video diary of his abramelin experiences and had nothing but computer problems. They said it was as thought he wasn't meant to share his experiences either. Quite a coincidence.
Ramsey Dukes (11 months ago)
Weird, isn't it!  During my trials i was flying back from Jo'burg and thinking "if something seriously does not want me to publish it could just crash this plane". I walked free!
NDrinks (11 months ago)
Sorry to hear about the bad luck, it always seems to come in groups to the point that I now expect more which in a way can make it easier to deal with. It does seem to have flipped to good now so hopefully that will continue for a while yet. I wonder if the burglar will watch your videos or read the diary and think, "I need to give this back..."
Ramsey Dukes (11 months ago)
! Yes, that's the burglar I want! Though, after 4 months, a lot of time and money spent on recovery services and recovery software, I have at last managed to extract thousands of documents from the corrupt disk and now have the task of filtering out what I want!
Ben Bishop (11 months ago)
It's admirable that, watching you, one might never know you're in the midst of such trials. Always an uplifting disposition!
Ramsey Dukes (11 months ago)
Appreciating the Trickster aspect (as in video 4) does help a bit!
youlian troyanov (11 months ago)
Yes, that happens to me as well, there is a pattern often overlooked for sure there... Thank for posting this...
Ramsey Dukes (11 months ago)
The lady in the cave is a great example of persistence through one-pointedness.
nicola geddes (11 months ago)
Hard times. Sending light and love to you and yours.
raginald7 Mars (1 year ago)
there is synergy and antagonism. You may have a preference for a minimum of Synergy...
raginald7 Mars (11 months ago)
Dear friend! You ever comment! You never answered anything! So sorry...
Ramsey Dukes (1 year ago)
I trust that the next video partly answers that!
raindog951 (1 year ago)
I hope you've now had your share of bad luck. Looking forward to the Good and Evil videos.
Ramsey Dukes (1 year ago)
Thanks! I am spacing them out a day or two apart so folks mostly get them in the right order.
420Pablojuana (1 year ago)
Your problems are the progress of belated spiritual evolution. I see you are capable of living above and below the veil of time. This knowledge you are seeking and sharing all your life is best found either by guru or from the force of the veil itself. I thank you for your guru-ship sir. I appraise your words as a private in the army would assess the warnings and tactics of a 3 star general. I thank you for you service, sir. I bid that you keep it up as long as you are able. I thank you very much. I and I.

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