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10 Fascinating Strongmen Throughout the Years

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Text Comments (224)
Jason Hemeryck (3 days ago)
John massis is a legendary figure in Belgium.
nameunselected (22 days ago)
No love for Paul Anderson?
Daniel Young (1 month ago)
Musical Neptunian (1 month ago)
Donald admires all strongmen.
The Toad Of Truth (2 months ago)
What about Hafþór Björnsson??
Joel Marr (2 months ago)
Should add Iron Biby, similar stats to Shaw except Biby is shorter.. and can do back flips and hand springs... Trust me it's impressive to see a near 400lb man flip through the air like he's 180
Mason Sundstad (2 months ago)
Doubt I'm going to be the only one to say this, but the mellow tone of the video balances out the fast pacing of the video better than any other vid I've see on this channel
ImActuallyBrave (2 months ago)
Wheres larry wheels
Johnrap11 (2 months ago)
Paul Anderson ??
pike (2 months ago)
this list is all over the place, I can't even blame you one being biased for putting only english men, cause you missed Eddie Hall, who on his own could make the list. List of people who could be here, instead of beardy dudes in old pictures: Kazmier, Zydrunas, Eddie Hall, Malanichev, Donnie Thompson, Kiril Sarychev, Ray Williams The only valid ones you picked were Andy, Brian and Taranenko. Most other ones were just circus acts
nemobla1 (2 months ago)
So getting facts wrong, how much of this can we actually trust now?... BS channel.
Frankie Figgz (2 months ago)
dammit thought this was Vsauce misclicked
Ibkee (2 months ago)
my girl left me and i only cried for two days, im the strongest
Bek'a (2 months ago)
Paul Anderson?
Robin L-M (2 months ago)
At least do some research fool
Ichsuka (2 months ago)
Where's Braun Strowman
Jonathan Reke (2 months ago)
I clicked on this video expecting strongmen, but it was just men who were/are strong. Still a great video thought.
Juan Infante (2 months ago)
First time seeing this youtuber. Are you sure youre not Vsauce?
haxx monk (2 months ago)
Hasn't brian shaw lifted the heaviest atlas stone though?
baconfromhell666 (2 months ago)
Brian Shaw does NOT hold the title worlds strongest man. He may be 4 times worlds strongest man, but Hafthor Bjornson is the worlds strongest man.
The Unusual Dispenser (2 months ago)
I could imagine Larry Wheels being in this list if he stays successful
Ben Wolfarth (2 months ago)
Brian Shaw has won world's strongest Man 4 times not 2
madbear3512 (2 months ago)
What about angus mor macashkill who have the largest chest of any non abreat person
madbear3512 (2 months ago)
Never mind I just was copying others comments.
Zion Goodman (2 months ago)
boundary attend undertake sentiment republican concerning essay back tear count stroke.
Kadania King (2 months ago)
Brian Shaw does have a world record. He completed a 540lbs atlas stone at the Arnold
Kadania King (2 months ago)
Brian Shaw won WSM 4 times you British goon
Keith Albahae (2 months ago)
Scootermagoo (2 months ago)
The list of people missed in this.. Also Brian Shaw earlier this year lifted 2 176lb thomas inch dumbells and pressed them overhead. Bring does hold 1 wr tho.. he holds the fastest rowing time on a machine ever seen. Also he's capable of breaking the 96lb grip challenge with the Hub he did do 90lbs recently and without question can break that world record. We haven't even talked about thor or eddie hall or many others. Big Z comes to mind as probably the actual strongest man to ever live altho bill kazmier might be in the group. Franco columbo.. the list goes on. Hell who can forget Larry wheels a guy that routinely sets wr's in his youtube videos..
Prince Mady (2 months ago)
Shaw has won 4 times idiot!
Frei heit (2 months ago)
thanks for adding the metric system, i give a like for this
Joe McMurry (2 months ago)
Where is the world's strongest ever? Can't think of his name, American early 1900s.
Christian Grey (2 months ago)
The best time was only genes not roids. Don't get me wrong genetics are still very inportant. But nowdays if 2men have the same top tier genetics the one that takes the most health risks wins.
CLIFTON HOWARD (2 months ago)
Hoosier Hippie (2 months ago)
How did this list not include Giovanni Battista Belzoni???
Richard Burns (2 months ago)
Forgot Tom Boyden. He's Thicc !
The Jack Of Spades (2 months ago)
I think you left out the Mighty Atom, Joseph Greenstein.
MrPrimitiveman (2 months ago)
Arthur Saxon was also an amazing strongman. Performing incredible feats years before a protein shake was invented let alone steroids or hgh
Weedy Guitar Studio (2 months ago)
Louis Cyr feets are unbelievable literally to unbelievable if you know what I mean!!
nattyfitnessafter40 (2 months ago)
Where is Zidrunas Savickas, strongest man ever ??
Xander Lowe (2 months ago)
When the metal bar is yielding more than your thighs, you may very well be a mutant. I welcome you as my overlord.
imlee888 (2 months ago)
Larry wheels is one strong man, the real life jiren.. of powerlifting tho.
CJLozi123 (2 months ago)
Learn your topic before you make videos! Knowing how many incorrect facts are in this video....how poorly done are your other videos?
Don Dixon (2 months ago)
Brian Shaw is 4 times WSM, not 2!!
Karl B63 (2 months ago)
I'm surprised... no mention of Paul Anderson?
mpforeverunlimited (2 months ago)
The most impressive ones died before cameras were commonplace. Amazing
Mike Schiavi (2 months ago)
These guys are all awesome.
Samir Dey (2 months ago)
Angus was and till today is d strongest man ever known
Ron Rico (2 months ago)
Savickas, Anderson, Magnusson and the mighty Kazmier.
Brian Champagne (2 months ago)
I'm friends with one of Louis Cyr's descendants. I'm going to send this to her
Chad Nicholson (2 months ago)
What about Paul Anderson? He should be top 3.
Ge0 Arc (2 months ago)
266 kilograms = 586.42 pounds I hate when they don't include pound's for us stubborn Americans.
Yaniv Goft (2 months ago)
How could Big Z not be on this list? He's been on the top level of strongmen for the past 20 years, WSM 4 times and second 6 times, 8 times Arnold classic champion (with 6 in a row), he's been holding the log lift world record since 2005 and brought it up from 190 to 228, and a total of over 50 world records in his career. Also Shaw won WSM 4 times and was on the podium 9 times out of 11 consecutive finals
Terry Peart (2 months ago)
Fake weights Fake barrels Fake animals
Caden Pardo (2 months ago)
Cyr should be #1, the Cyr dumbell is even heavier than the Inch and he pressed it overhead.
Phil Read (2 months ago)
Kg's please
adamus77 (2 months ago)
HEY EVERYONE, this video is titled "10 Fascinating Strongmen Throughout the Years". It is not titled "The top 10 Strongmen of all time".
InnSewerAnts (2 months ago)
John Grün Marx deserved more attention and not just because I'm related to him. He outperformed many of these being known as the Hercules from Luxembourg, he broke horseshoes with just his hands. "He juggled hundreds, and toyed with thousands of pounds as a child plays with a rattle" - Harry Houdini about Grün, Houdini and Grün often performed together. He also famously lifted 2 horses with riders on them and in 1898 he lifted a carousel with 11 people on it and balanced it for a few minutes. He was considered the strongest man alive in his time, with contemporaries such as Eugen Sandow, McCann Brothers, Louis Cyr etc.
William Brinkmeier (2 months ago)
Great troll
PMW3 (2 months ago)
Hulk is strongest there is
Website guy (2 months ago)
i know
Eric McMullen (2 months ago)
Paul Anderson? He was amazing!
Alin Serban Iuliu (2 months ago)
Just hope no1 developed high disk problems. It really sucks...especially for that time when surgery was so primitive.
Alin Serban Iuliu (2 months ago)
5:12 His nose bleeds from the effort.
E1337Jerk (2 months ago)
Shaw has 4 world strongest titles
The Welfare Gourmet (2 months ago)
No Paul Anderson?
Neutron Pixie (2 months ago)
The old ones are pretty tame. Now you can see people pull pickup trucks with hooks through their backs or chests.
Clifford Hodge (2 months ago)
From the start I thought Paul Anderson would be #1.  I was stunned he didn't make the list at all.  In addition to his amazing strength, I believe his time for the 100 yard dash was something like 12 seconds or less, extraordinary for someone 5'8" and about 340 pounds.  Also surprised people like Bill Kazmaier and Ed Coan were not on the list.  I am glad to learn of MacAskill,  of whom I knew nothing.  Of the old Soviets, I recall Alekseyev was a legend while still competing when I was young.
Tj Noob (2 months ago)
Eddie hall only man to left half a ton
Kevin McDougall (2 months ago)
Pity Joseph "The Mighty Atom" Greenstein couldn't be included; a real-life superhero (not to be confused with today's RLSHs), he is believed to be the inspiration for the "Golden Age" version of DC Comics' Atom character.
Darren Wilson (2 months ago)
Do a video about the world strongest woman
Scott Allen (2 months ago)
lmao "pulling trains"! i had to pause it 35 seconds, because i was laughing so hard.
Darrel Jones (2 months ago)
I'm disappointed. I was expecting a list of military strongmen, of the sort you see in Latin American countries.
Frikki Limma (2 months ago)
You guys should redo this video, missing name here is Jón Páll Sigmarsson
Starbuck (2 months ago)
What about Superman?!!
Starbuck (2 months ago)
4:08 Samboy Chips. A staple part of any young Australian boy's diet growing up in the 80s and 90s. My fav - get a bit of white bread, smother it with a decent serve of butter or margarine, and layer the chips on to it. Fold it up and you have a meal for a champion!
Chase The Mainer (2 months ago)
I can't for the life of me figure out why you don't have millions more subs
salum75 (2 months ago)
what an annoying accent !
Julian Klimczyk (2 months ago)
Brian Shaw is a 4x world's strongest man
Funnynow75 (2 months ago)
What about Eddie hall
John Borginson (2 months ago)
How come no mention of Paul Anderson who was considered one of the strongest men who ever lived. He was never pushed to his limit and had amazing feats. He was very modest and did not show off.
Mark Hope (2 months ago)
You should do a part 2 I figured you'd put Arnold Schwarzenegger in there
joshua rhines (2 months ago)
My top 10 favorite YouTuber channels
Richard Hogenson (2 months ago)
Where’s Arnold?
Albert Brammer (2 months ago)
In the past, strongmen didn't have steroids, HGH etc. just diet and natural genetics.
Shay Orestad (2 months ago)
where is paul andersen? Luis cyr even said that andersen was by far the strongest man
Jim Brewer (2 months ago)
And to those whoever texted me about wrought iron yes it is flimsoer than cast or pig iron '
usernameONBEKEND (2 months ago)
Would be nice to have metric said or on screen for anyone living in any other country then USA. (officially USA is only country using imperial system. Note the word 'officially' mr Troll )
usernameONBEKEND (2 months ago)
mandatory at NASA to use metric....(remember Mars probe??)
Matt and JK (2 months ago)
I mean, there are 2 types of countries. those who use the metric system, and those who have been to the moon.
Antifoul Awl (2 months ago)
4:16 I remember Samboy Chips. They had to change the name because of racial overtones. They're now called Samboy Crisps.
avg joe gaming (2 months ago)
AVG caveman would pick up these guys and throw them like shotput Unless they had some kind of bone abnormality some of these seem like your bones would break from the stress
TheTattieShaw (2 months ago)
All these guys are impressive but Donald Dinnie should of been on this list
Zer0 Tolerance (2 months ago)
Breitbart is Jooish. It all makes sense now.
latias dragnier (2 months ago)
cheaper to others than us,desire more people on welfare so they buy the more expensive food. they use illegals/refugees as excuse to inflate prices. deficit determined whether social benefit are sustainable=need constant influx of diverse jobs generated within US.GNP is important
PND Kapurthala (2 months ago)
No mention of Alexander Zass???
Buck Nekrid (2 months ago)
Brian Shaw is the type of guy I accidentally spill beer on at the bar
morenauer (2 months ago)
It's TOPHAM, not TOPMAN, Simon.
n rit (2 months ago)
Brian Shaw is a 4 time World's Strongest Man, not 2. And how could you leave out Mariusz Pudzianowski? The only 5 time World's Strongest Man.
FIDIRONU (2 months ago)
The accent is British, but the weights are in pounds?? Who the fcuk still uses pounds fer fcuk sakes? Wake up, dude! Join the rest of us in the 21st.
T Bowyer (2 months ago)
+Terry Peart I take it that your question is playful and jolly? Because, of course, only a complete *IDIOT* would be unaware of the International System of Units, and you're not a complete idiot, are you?
Terry Peart (2 months ago)
Is there a different weight measurement? Chickens perhaps.
sdafasdfasdfsda (2 months ago)
I could look like Sandow if I wanted to....would need a bigger fig leaf though.
Dawn Maclear (2 months ago)
It's amusing to watch this being presented by a reedy human with weak hands...like watching a video about dentists being presented by a person with crusty teeth. ...to the gym, Simon...TO THE GYM FOR YOU! There is no surgery that can do what weightlifting will do, there is no pill that will!...bone density, increased capillary function, ceased nerve-ending retreat. MOST of what you think of as, "aging", is nothing but accumulated ( preventable ) weakness. Muscles weaken after four days of rest in ALL humans. That weakness is NOT aging.
annette fournier (2 months ago)
But why are a lot of the strongmen obese? Why so much belly fat?
Dawn Maclear (2 months ago)
back to school
John Bold (2 months ago)
Paul Anderson should have inched Inch out of the top spot! SMH
Elizabeth Shaw (2 months ago)
Magnus magnusson. I lived in Yorkshire for 7/8 years. When I lived in the UK that was the place I stayed at the longest. Sorry folks but my voice typing doesn't always spell everything correctly. I miss things so I know the difference but I can't always go back and correct them. I typed too much during the day and correct too much during a day to really care at this point in the evening and I'm sure you understand what I mean in my post. Thank you! :-)

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