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25th Anniversary Low Rider Tour
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Santiago Chisolm (3 years ago)
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Bere Cervantes (1 year ago)
YaValioCacaWates M (5 years ago)
1:26 call me. Mamasota.
Ismael Carrillo (1 year ago)
YaValioCacaWates M Paola
Tyler Lamere (6 years ago)
very nice now go check out how to rap in the billings area on youtube it would bump in those cars and it has sexy ladys in the video
gabriel hernandez (6 years ago)
I Don't wanna mix carros & latinas that's so bad!!
LOWLYFEPHILL (7 years ago)
@xxGHmaster98xx She's a model that goes by the name of Dazza.
Reilly Thrall (7 years ago)
wats the 1st girls name
Ismael Carrillo (1 year ago)
Reilly Thrall Paola
xrayracer1 (8 years ago)
man i didnt know whether to look at the cars or the girls!!!!

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