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Dost4Date : Free online dating (Viewed by Anjana from Bangalore)

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Text Comments (354)
Pravin Chavhan (1 day ago)
anjana madam main kaam ki talash mein hoon ,please meri help kare
Gopal Gopai (3 days ago)
My watsup no 8466913550
shankar Sharma (6 days ago)
Shankar Dayal sharma Rajasthan Alwar thanagazi ITI fitter + job contact me 7878324693
S Rathi (9 days ago)
anjana ji, I,m ready...7499013423
Somu S111 (9 days ago)
Abhay Shay Kumar (12 days ago)
I love y baby 8957454287
Mujeeb Shaikh (12 days ago)
Ok watsap number plz
Naresh Yogi (14 days ago)
I dont like
Kothuru Sampath Kumar (15 days ago)
HI beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful call me 9550505920
Somnath Nikam (17 days ago)
pandu Bava (19 days ago)
Call me 8978232519 Aunties mpl
J.H. SARKAR (20 days ago)
My Whtsp Number 7577963380
Punith Bharath (20 days ago)
Sai Sainath (21 days ago)
U nemder my number 8247212439
NAZEER Kaleem (27 days ago)
Akhil Reddy (30 days ago)
Ashok N (30 days ago)
hi dear i m from bangalore. i m intresting.give me u r no. are pls chat with my whatsap no. 9035810549
anjinreddy Reddys (1 month ago)
Mohan Boss (1 month ago)
venkatesh a (1 month ago)
Bala Murali (1 month ago)
Akhil Yadav (1 month ago)
Shivakeshava Dhol (1 month ago)
You will successful your company I will tank now my wattapp nbr 7382730459
Arjun Pandit (1 month ago)
Love u
Sudeep Madar (1 month ago)
6364740504 call me
Pratap Kalal (1 month ago)
Send me ur whatsppa number
Mahesh Nani (1 month ago)
Hi plz your number
Amar Shetty (1 month ago)
My mobile number 9590924480
D. R. Jat (1 month ago)
suresh ani (1 month ago)
call me Girls & Aunty's 7026595601
suresh ani (1 month ago)
call me girls & Aunty's
Sureshshahini 9070 (1 month ago)
NANI NANI (1 month ago)
Telugu rada
Muhammed Irshad 2088 (1 month ago)
Janardhan CN (2 months ago)
Its asking debit card
Rajkiran R (2 months ago)
Give ur number
sarvesh waran (2 months ago)
Hi sexy
venkat koti (2 months ago)
I like your log air
english movies (2 months ago)
I am no 8754511958 call you all girl workers
Balaji Pitta (2 months ago)
Open my wall Balaji pitta in Facebook to know more about me. Cell 08300954431.welcome.
Jabeena Shama (2 months ago)
l love you 6380648902 watapp me ya
DANCING DADA (2 months ago)
oy papa naadi kuda andhra Pradesh a..I love dance
dinesh dinesh (2 months ago)
Nani Reddy (2 months ago)
Muzammil Ansari (2 months ago)
Rohit Shaw (2 months ago)
I like it your profile please call me 9088822246
Prithvi Samrat (2 months ago)
Hi I am smart Boy My whatsapp number 7999946307
Lateef Lone (2 months ago)
i like yr profil cl me plzz 6005458230
S B S.b (2 months ago)
hi my whatsapp number 8198702273 my from raichur
Umesh kanth Ekkada local (2 months ago)
Lallu Singh Dhurwye (2 months ago)
लल्लू सिंह 9131543121
Umesh Puri (3 months ago)
Good uning friend
Umesh Puri (3 months ago)
Umesh Puri 9340945908
Sathish Yagav (3 months ago)
imam Vaziha (3 months ago)
7259293171 banglore from. Watsup, chat. Do Wt do u want
Tariq Mehmood (3 months ago)
Am from pakistan Pl for dosti call us 00923125575981
Kaleem Kaleem (3 months ago)
Hi friend good Evening
zulu78674 (3 months ago)
Interesting/charming. Email me if you like: [email protected]
pavan kumar (3 months ago)
whatapp numbers :9666120622
Sebinath Hasda (3 months ago)
Super girls
Murali M (3 months ago)
Hi I like u
DHARANImy DHAR (3 months ago)
So nice ra
kamala kannan (3 months ago)
My no. 9884226677
Ravi 137n (3 months ago)
Hii anjana my name is Ravi 9640575711
Sukhanand Rodge (3 months ago)
i love you hai
yamarthy Vinay123 (3 months ago)
Hi ..yes its nice
Mannu Singh (3 months ago)
Fake hai
Sunny P (3 months ago)
6302163576 my whatsup number plzzzz chat me
Bns. Somanna (4 months ago)
Whatsppa 9242203013
Padam Joshi (4 months ago)
Mohan Kumar (4 months ago)
Bharath 73377 (4 months ago)
u r number
Bharath 73377 (4 months ago)
friend's group (4 months ago)
Narasimhulu Valipenta (4 months ago)
9154908972 whatsapp
Santhosh Pawar (4 months ago)
Hello I am Karnatak Gulbarga my Dubai job Priya I am salary 30000 my WhatsApp call
Basavaraj Murudi (4 months ago)
Number send me
Manju C.n (3 months ago)
Suresh 9814292386 (4 months ago)
Chandra Kumar (4 months ago)
Arulseelan Seelan (4 months ago)
Number sent
Siva Kumar (4 months ago)
Nomber send mee iam also bangalore bujji
Arun Kumar (4 months ago)
Manju C.n (3 months ago)
Arun Kumar (4 months ago)
Sandeep Mudhiraj (4 months ago)
Ananda Ananda Kumar (4 months ago)
Super taking like to you
Ananda Ananda Kumar (4 months ago)
Reply me
rohit goudiya (4 months ago)
Hii Contact my whatsapp number 08770816831
Tajuddin Khan (5 months ago)
sindu sindu (5 months ago)
GEORGE XAVIER (4 days ago)
sindu sindu ni
jagadish A To Z videos (5 months ago)
Your looking so beautiful . Wonderful looking . My whatsapp number :- 8106654929 . 8105206207 . Nenu kuda epudu Bangalore lo job cestunanu
jagadish A To Z videos (5 months ago)
Please call me . Nenu meto friendship chiaylanukutunanu
Dhulya Maloth (5 months ago)
hello Anjana this my number 9951 926 108
Jadesh Jk (5 months ago)
Srl comedy all (5 months ago)
I like 8123730192 call
GOUTTAM PADHIARY (5 months ago)
thanks for your confidence
Nandu Suresh (5 months ago)
Hello I am Suresh I for Bangalore mahalakshmi layout I like your profile call me baby 7338574739
P Abdul (5 months ago)
Cal me my number 9948747300
Chakri Maineni (5 months ago)
Ram Murthy (5 months ago)

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