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Night School - Official Trailer (HD)

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Night School - Official Trailer In Theaters September 28, 2018 https://www.nightschoolmovie.com Star Kevin Hart and producer Will Packer, who partnered for the hit Ride Along and Think Like a Man series, bring their signature style to Night School. The comedy from director Malcolm D. Lee (Girls Trip) follows a group of misfits who are forced to attend adult classes in the longshot chance they’ll pass the GED exam. Co-stars Tiffany Haddish, Rob Riggle, Taran Killam and Romany Malco join Hart on-screen for the film that Hart produces for his Hartbeat Productions, and Packer via his Will Packer Productions.
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Text Comments (3922)
ItzLuna (42 minutes ago)
“I got learning herpes?” LOL😂😂
F Lee (9 hours ago)
Fucking garbage.
Acelye Bahceci (20 hours ago)
Gretchen Ross (22 hours ago)
Simple things amuse simple minds
tonyatthebeach (2 days ago)
Skate PurpleToxic (3 days ago)
2:06 😂😂😂😂😂 I die at this part
Warrior Warrior (5 days ago)
Can someone tell me the beat at 0:33
kwoods411 (6 days ago)
Not funny at all👀
Youssuf Amer (7 days ago)
Jerdel D (8 days ago)
Obama grill? Hope it works unlike Obama
TheSpider88 (8 days ago)
That movie was f**king funny and badass...
Abbalee Vlogs (9 days ago)
"I got learning herpes" 😭😭😭
Karen Wanjira (9 days ago)
00:18 "DO YOU SMELL GAS" Dead😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣
Casey Hukill (10 days ago)
Good movie
mccoy1303 (10 days ago)
Wow! The buckeye buffoonery never stops.😃 I love it!! 🤣😄
Dizzump Dizzump (12 days ago)
I keep it💯💯✌✔👌👌🔥🔥all the time in my family💯💯
Hailey Lopez (12 days ago)
My teacher's husband drives Keven hart
Madde Brown (12 days ago)
This is a funny movie
Janie B (13 days ago)
Let me start off by saying Tiffany you are so funny I really enjoyed you in this movie but Kevin Hart your character in this movie really touched me personally when I say your determination on passing your test I really feel like that was me all over again it took me time after time to pass my driver's license test my CNA a test it's like you really put my life out there well done well done great job💋💋#dyslexiadon'tstopyou
moonlightgurrl __ (13 days ago)
pee diddy (14 days ago)
Nice movie
james Deer (14 days ago)
Stupid movie and why did they have to make her a lesbian? It had nothing to do with the movie or her character.
Noemi Armas (15 days ago)
Boo you suck
🤟🏿🇪🇷🇪🇷dann Girl
cice fashion (16 days ago)
I'm not a huge follower of Kevin or Tiffany, but i went to see this bcz i needed to kill time. This movie was pretty funny. I was actually surprised. I'd watch it again.
Grant Huxter (16 days ago)
What is the song at 0.34
Watched this movie yesterday with my sister and the cinema was quite full! Everyone was constantly laughing! Extremely funny!
Jedidr (18 days ago)
I keep coming back to this video just because of the learning herpes joke
And they say kevin funnier than KATT... BWAAAHAHAHAHAHAH
Was this a low budget movie ? I aint hating, it just wasn't that good...
Manaf Ali (18 days ago)
I watched it and it’s the best movie that I’ve watched
Tia Jones (18 days ago)
When he flew in the air and hit the car and said”i got third degree burns on my ass” that killed me one hundred percent
Marcial Ramos (19 days ago)
Liberal/Left/Democrat propaganda
willisjam fire (19 days ago)
Trailer way better than actual movie..... kevin hart same character in every movie ...tiffany wasnt funny ....this is a fail for me
bullwinkle moose (19 days ago)
I was terribly disappointed to discover that she doesn't throw kevin into the wood chipper, for real.
shuni nishu (19 days ago)
If you don't like it , you have 3 choices 1, leave this video and don't watch the movie 2, give recomendation or comment what u think about the movie or the trailer 3, give the movie a Chance But connecting the movie with all blacks or being disrespectful or hating on the actors or blacks ain't gonna cut it so get outa here
C I (19 days ago)
feumba gareb (20 days ago)
I like the part where she whoops his ass, that's so funny.
Joel Peralta (20 days ago)
roblox movies (20 days ago)
Farrah Verse (20 days ago)
Tiffany always make movies hilarious I love her 😍
LEIGHA VELASQUEZ (21 days ago)
This was such a great and funny movie😂❤️
rabidperson Games (22 days ago)
I was wondering who that lady was and I was like, oh wait, that's mfing boo boo Jeffreys
moe green (22 days ago)
This crap was stupid af...and I'm black!
justice 4ever (22 days ago)
How is it that the black women are getting prettier nowadays???
TheRoyalGamers (24 days ago)
ARE YOU NOT TO YOUNG TO DIE? people that watched the film know WHAT i mean :)
TheRoyalGamers (24 days ago)
JAMES ELUNGAT (24 days ago)
Go for the best
Hope I get to watch this tomorrow
Himanshu Bisht (25 days ago)
Kevin Hart for Avengers, as Thanos. Hit like!!!
ne1xm (25 days ago)
It was the best comedy movie that I watch👌🏼💗
halim hlaypes (26 days ago)
Fuck hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh herpès learning
K TT (26 days ago)
Very very funny
Cris Céspedes (26 days ago)
I like some stuff of Kevin Hart, not all of them, but some are funny. But please, somebody can tell me what was funny in this trailer? I looked even behind the monitor, maybe it's hidden.
Fjorton Mob (27 days ago)
film suck not watch
Takanuva01 (27 days ago)
Its pretty easy to get a GED actually but this looks funny
Holds up cross
Justin Edgar (27 days ago)
Man just just stop u can’t do it like just stop
Justin Edgar (27 days ago)
Kevin is your burning
Luaren Kate (27 days ago)
This film is the best and so funny
Jacob Kleven (27 days ago)
What would we do without Kevin Hart? Funniest man alive!
Ywn react (27 days ago)
I watched the movie
Hakan Başol (28 days ago)
Can somebody tell the song at 1:08
m & m's (24 days ago)
Hakan Başol (27 days ago)
+Jacob Kleven Thanks bro
Jacob Kleven (27 days ago)
Terror Squad - Lean Back
jay_615 (28 days ago)
will buy this movie
ChrisTTking (28 days ago)
I just saw the movie last weekend, big disappointment, the teacher is way funnier than Kevin. And most of the stuff shown in this preview has been taken out, there was no OBAMA joke here in Colorado, politically correct shit, I am sick of it!
james powell (29 days ago)
conect. to roku
Fortnite Champ (30 days ago)
*O H M A G O D, I G O T L E A R N I N G H E R P E S!?*
Marc-André Lafleur (30 days ago)
this movie was trash
B. C. (30 days ago)
Italian white girl up in this house...ok, seriously, I was laughing a lot in just the trailer. I am a T. H. fan. I read her memoir and I am 'all in.' That is saying something because I never see movies in theaters but I 'is' ok, seriously, I 'am' going to see this asap! I loves me some Haddish (I am straight so, get them dirty, nasty, --- out of here!). I think I am channeling her (even with the slang)!
Marissa margareta (1 month ago)
How to watch night school full movie please click here : https://youtu.be/kz8fBqfkitA All Subtitles | English | Spanish | Franch | German |Italy|
Moïse Étienne (1 month ago)
Come get your chicken from the Lord 😂
Moïse Étienne (1 month ago)
Do you smell gas? Came out was a little nervous Kev though 😂😂😂😂
C M (1 month ago)
Most of these celebrities are taking the public's humour that we right on social media into their movies. The Mark Zuckerberg joke I swear it was a comment that went viral on FB
Jayla Ari'Anna Green (1 month ago)
It's a funny ass movie, went to see it
sport stream 21 (1 month ago)
how to watch night school full movie : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLhyureXNIyMg2wPBVNPnp_exCJZ3SCwi6
Ferdi (1 month ago)
Seems like these people that are "sick of Kevin Hart" are only to be seen on the internet, because I saw the movie three times with friends and shit and everybody was just eating popcorn and having a good time. Really funny.
XO (1 month ago)
This movie sucks, boring af seriously, dont spend money on it
Jeffrey Miller (1 month ago)
Adault night school
Axel Official (1 month ago)
ok i will be watching this mf "said with my black voice"
David Oster (1 month ago)
HA Jeff Rose!
Ryan Mcginley (1 month ago)
When is this movie coming out because I want to see the fucking movie
Ryan Mcginley (1 month ago)
This is shit no afens
Nico Dacher (1 month ago)
Kevin Hart is very GOOD 👊
Rosa (1 month ago)
Movie was about as funny as a pile of dog poo on a rainy day. Waste of time & money 💩
Psyheim Perkins (1 month ago)
I swear venom was more funny
Gen&Suli 101 (1 month ago)
For anyone saying that Tiffany Haddish is not funny she’s just loud and ghetto or etc some people find different things funny. Keep your opinion to yourself because MANY people think she is funny.
ManLikeAliyPlays (1 month ago)
Just finished watching the movie. Was a bit disappointed tbh. It’s an average movie with scenes that can make you laugh but overall I wouldn’t recommend it
Mariah Smathers (1 month ago)
I am going to watch this movie today
phoenixdvt (1 month ago)
They showed us the whole film in the trailer.
Neena Vlogs (1 month ago)
really? Imma watch it on cinema so i want to decide if i have to watch this movie,plus im 12
Neena Vlogs (10 days ago)
Neena Vlogs (10 days ago)
Somebody Alomari I'm sure cause I'm 9
Somebody Alomari (10 days ago)
Just a question is it appropriate for 12 year olds ya know
The Blissful Zombie (12 days ago)
Leah Hopcroft (1 month ago)
This Film is a 15 so I’m still watching it aha
Ryan Harrison (1 month ago)
stir fry
Michelet gene Mathurin (1 month ago)
Wait is this on netflix?
Franz Montana (1 month ago)
lol was really funny. Kevin never disappoints
Reajean Bennett (1 month ago)
Stir Fry is my Jam. This movie Got It!
Hailey Pan (1 month ago)
Legit the best movie I’ve ever seen
Keiosha Merriweather (1 month ago)
I can’t wait tomorrow we going to the movies and see it
Jade Carranza (1 month ago)
I watched the movie yesterday I was laughing so hard 😂😂😂
FkDamien19 Football (1 month ago)
Why is that principle doing the black voice???!
Victoria Okoro (1 month ago)
Is this the full video
Victoria Okoro (1 month ago)
Your head. It's a movie trailer..used all my megabyte trying to know if I can download the full video to my Android. So sad
T J (1 month ago)

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