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How to Configure ODBC to Access a Microsoft SQL Server

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This video tutorial covers how to configure ODBC to access a Microsoft SQL Server database. More guides and tutorials: http://www.itgeared.com/.
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RileySRies (3 months ago)
Thank you for the video. My data stored in the SQL server is in the Universal time zone and I want it displayed in access in my local time zone. I can't just apply the offset because of daylight savings. Any suggestions?
SP K (5 months ago)
Thank you So much
Vản Mạnh Khương (5 months ago)
i dont know why the fields of databse showed in vb6 but the values of fields cant update.plese help me
Lily Zhang (7 months ago)
thank u! It helps me a lot!
Midsummer (11 months ago)
Thank you very much for this. Much appreciated
Kcunak (1 year ago)
All the steps are exactly what I have done; however, at minute 3:50 when you have a list of linked tables no linked servers are displayed. Is there a way to connect to a linked server at this point (minute 3:50 in the video)?
Rafael Quintanilla (1 year ago)
great video
Rk Games (1 year ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OLOAowEKFxU&lc=z221vv5zrsapv3bhc04t1aokgcu0hwsclv4zppv1q0hkbk0h00410 novo video como criar seu serve mu online 2017
Is it possible to retrieve data from SQL server Databases by ODBC
Kolob Canyon (1 year ago)
Is this first computer the querying computer or the sql server?
Jorge Mederos (1 year ago)
Kolob Canyon - the concept here is that you use ODBC on the endpoint that needs to connect to the SQL Server. In this tutorial, the client application was Access, but you can leverage ODBC in other application that can communicate via ODBC such as a web application.
Geffers58 (1 year ago)
The real problem, one I've had many times and on different machines, is the connectivity of ODBC to the SQL server. It often just plain does not work out of the box.
itgeared (1 year ago)
It generally works as expected. My recommendation is that when it doesnt work, find the root cause. There are many layers on top of layers of technology that could impact an overall system.
Soham Basu (2 years ago)
how am I supposed to get the computer domain name stuff ? I'm nt getting it ?? @1:27.. please tell me..
Soham Basu (2 years ago)
i mean "which server would you like to select ?" - wat would be the answer ?? where did i make any server ??
itgeared (2 years ago)
If you don't know the name of your computer running SQL, open a command prompt and type HOSTNAME. The system will respond with its computer name.
Dennis 1990 (2 years ago)
Thanks bruh
iamona_d (2 years ago)
Hi. I am stuck. what credentials did u enter there? Your local machine or the Server used when accessing SQL management Studio
itgeared (2 years ago)
+Dimpho Mona - @1:50 the credentials that were typed in where defined on the SQL server.
Marcos Mercado (2 years ago)
I have an MS Access query that uses multiple linked tables. The tables are in SQL Server. When I run the query I can see records as expected but, as we know, what Access displays is not the entire recordset. If I try to export the result of my query or go the the last record (i.e., accessing the entire recordset), Access hangs. I considered using a Pass-Through query but I am using Access native functions in my query that are not compatible with T-SQL. Other than importing the data into MS Access, do you have any suggestion of how to prevent MS Access from hanging? I've seen many people have this issue but have not seen a resolution yet. Thanks!
Metz Mecablitz (4 years ago)
1.how do you find the "computer name" and "sql server name" and "log in account"? 2.how to set up  log in method ? win7 integrated and server method? i do really want to know, because i had a fresh installed win7 and sql express but non of the outcomes are the same like your's, thank you very much.
Martin D (4 years ago)
+Metz Mecablitz I am glad it's working!
Metz Mecablitz (4 years ago)
Wow, thank for your notice. I found my self mis-typed "/" and "\" , which cause the "invalid...." message at very first. 
Martin D (4 years ago)
I'm not quite sure but when you open the MS Server Management Studio (the program you use to create DDBB in MS Server) in the first dialogue box you have to select the "server name" you want to use. Copy the name from there and paste it as the SQL server's computer name. It worked for me.
Juan Pablo Cu (5 years ago)
Good job mate!
itgeared (5 years ago)
I would see any reason why user vs system would make a difference. This is easy to test. Create both types and see if you can reproduce the issue. I suspect that you may need to dig deeper. A packet capture always helps determine what the slow down is. It could be as simple as a problem on the Windows 7 configuration, maybe a DNS config problem where name resolution is taking longer due to a mis-configuration.
Jalilur Rahman (5 months ago)
When U create USER DSN then only current user can access this Data Source, But When u create System DSN then all user can use this Data Source.
cubbigdog (5 years ago)
Are there performance enhancements when connecting via the User DSN versus the System one? Reason I ask is we have the System names since all of our Instances are predefined on all of our workstations currently via the TNSNAMES file. Migrating to Windows 7 seems to have slowed the response time on queries, even the simple ones. Access goes into NOT RESPONDING mode and never comes out of it. It is infuriating.
Vicki Dolphy (5 years ago)
Nice job describing the process and settings. Thank you very much!
imsun (5 years ago)
Great tutorial. Thank you.
itgeared (5 years ago)
hello Daniel, glad that the video was useful for you. thanks for the feedback!
Daniel Freundt (5 years ago)
good work - why i haven't searched on youtube 1 hour earlier :-) - for those who are searching the right format for the Server. just copy it from your Servername from the SQL Server Management Studio login screen.
itgeared (6 years ago)
not sure what you mean by "disc rive". If you need help with something in the video, contact me via my website's forum.
T.N. Bhasker (6 years ago)
hello please disc rive better
itgeared (6 years ago)
hello coolein, sorry about that confusion. What you need to type there is the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) of the SQL server that you want to connect to. If you are running SQL on the same computer, then you can just type "localhost", or if the name of the computer is called server1.domain.local, then you can type that as well. If you need more help, feel free to stop by my website, and we can use the forums to continue this discussion. Thanks!
JFK piano (6 years ago)
1:27 At the "itg.db" Exactly what am I supposed to type here? I just want to connect to a local database, but I really ain't sure how to do it

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