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Call of Duty WW2 Guns Reload Animations vs Call of Duty World at War

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In this video we are going to see the differences between Call of Duty WW2 weapons and the good old Call of Duty WaW! Check it out! First reloading the weapons while there's still one bullet left in the magazine, then while the mag is completely empty. #CoDWW2vsWaW #GunSounds #AllWeapons
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Text Comments (1917)
RusGamer (2 days ago)
Call of Duty WWII is not bad, but Call of Duty World at War is better!
High On Crack (4 days ago)
its pretty clear that Waw is a win win from the start
Ryan Mann (18 days ago)
I don’t care about the fanboys who prefer Treyarch’s WAW! Sledgehammer Games still made WW2 better than Duke Nukem Forever!
Zex Plays (1 month ago)
WW2 won put ppsh in WAW is the Best!!!!
Givikap120 (1 month ago)
WW2 sound's much better.
p e p e frog ay (2 months ago)
I prefer the realistic gun in Cod WWII but I prefer WAW campaign even if the WWII Campaign was good
your boiii (2 months ago)
Cod waw is BETTER than ww2 by a lot well that's only my opinion
sand. man2.0 (3 months ago)
I don't understand ww2 logic on the bolt action rifles using striper clips with a scope on it do not know how to reload a gun
How is the MP-40 a 9mm smg able to use tracer rounds
The luftwaffe survival rifle is not the same as a double barrel shotgun
DP-28 (3 months ago)
CoD WaW's BAR was on slow auto while Cod WWII's was on fast auto. It sounds stupid but the BAR actually has a slow and fast auto firing mode. Damn Browning and his magic guns.
dimitri petrenko (3 months ago)
Cod:waw=oh my go its so good continue the story to black ops Cod bo:OH MY GODD SO SICK conitune WE WANT MORE Cod bo2:OH MY ITS 2025 ITS SO GOOD VERY GOOD CONITUNE? COD BO3: wait.... What the fuck its not same story
c4 C4 (3 months ago)
Ww2 is worse then waw. Does anyone good man can explain it for me?
Julian Luis Bangayan (3 months ago)
never knew there was a drum thompson mag in WaW
дина ворон (3 months ago)
Уроды,за старенькую доля не достаточно кто проголосовал :(
Felipe Hernandez (3 months ago)
I would pick "WAW" for sound affects
Sliced Raccoon (3 months ago)
COD WaW better
waw sounds like guns ww2 sounds like airsoft
xXPedrooo765Xx (4 months ago)
Kalvin The Blue (4 months ago)
What I like about Call of Duty World War II is because I love the sound effects how all its weapons shoots. Sounds so realistic.
Fatih Öz (4 months ago)
2 Warwolf (4 months ago)
Waw is the best call of duty game ever made
glarfl (4 months ago)
All the guns in WW2 sound the same :/
Bands&shit666 (4 months ago)
Ww2 sounds like it has airsoft guns
Йосиф Сталин (4 months ago)
Only problem I have with WAW is that the Mosin’s bolt should be straight out when in battery and not curved.
the one and only duck (4 months ago)
they both SUCK
ElvanDaltonFortnite (5 months ago)
Call of Duty World at War İs A Best Cod Game Ever
brad Lopez (5 months ago)
Carlos duty
Saudi shia Mapping (5 months ago)
Waw better
supressed weapons on waw 2,whats is rhe difference?!
Honza Trybula (6 months ago)
sound in World at war is shit game is very good but sound ble
Lil Gravy (6 months ago)
The ww2 guns sound like co2 powered airsoft guns
Lopezjoe 1028 (6 months ago)
Cod ww2 feels like a plastic air-soft gun
NOICE MATE (6 months ago)
People who hate cod ww2 means that they will never afford it or play it.
NOICE MATE (6 months ago)
Ww2 sounds alright but theirs alot of deaf people who say they cant hear the ww2 weapon well at least it makes a sound when it gets shot
Some idiot (6 months ago)
WaW has better graphics than WW2
NOICE MATE (6 months ago)
Schnitzel Eater theirs actually a eye doctor near you
WeednShroomsGuy420710 (6 months ago)
Waw over all is a better game
mohamed khaled (6 months ago)
RIP headphones
Torlak Kårstad (6 months ago)
I have to admit, the double barrel sawd off in WWII sounds better that WaW
oscar thompson (6 months ago)
WW2=Graphics WaW=Sounds
KING of CALI605 (6 months ago)
2:40 Wtf ww2 that is not how you reload an M1 garand
Minseop Kim (6 months ago)
Wow... wtf is that... sniper kar98, springfield rifle load with clip? Seriously?
Buttato Productions (6 months ago)
WaW had memorable gun sounds. WW2 just has BB guns.
Buttato Productions (6 months ago)
NOICE MATE just to be honest, i probably do need an ear check up.
NOICE MATE (6 months ago)
Buttato Productions have you ever played the game or its just you who missed the ear check up
einsamer Jäger (6 months ago)
Twin trash game
Cornyooze (6 months ago)
Sure Ww2 has better graphics but you can't deny Waw has better gameplay.
Superalex2006553 _ (6 months ago)
justinjacquez766 (6 months ago)
Both inaccurately depict the M1A1 Thompson accepting drum mags
Dabadibadooba (6 months ago)
WaW realistic WW2 unrealistic
Talking Ben The Gamer (6 months ago)
Waw is better
Seth York (7 months ago)
Cod ww2 was a huge let down. The kar98k looks like a fisher price kids toy and if you loaded a m1 grand like that it would break
NOICE MATE (6 months ago)
Seems a good childhood you live in with that Fisher price toy of yours
TheLoneDragonborn (6 months ago)
우용균 (7 months ago)
waw is better
The LavaRunner (7 months ago)
3:39 biggest joke in ww2 history 😂😂😂
CommieMath Dude (7 months ago)
WaW is the best
Phantom thief (7 months ago)
WaW weapons are so loud, that I can't even hear ww2 weapons lol
NOICE MATE (6 months ago)
Phantom thief hmmmmmmmm i Suggest you play in good volume and go visit an ear doctor
CT-9192 Niner (7 months ago)
The 62% of people that prefer WW2 better have a good fucking reason
Haden Mahan (7 months ago)
Vic Rattlehead (7 months ago)
WaW is more accurate
Sam Smith (7 months ago)
This just makes me remember when cod was good
Benjamin Barnett (7 months ago)
The trench gun will always sound the best in WAW.
Rifty The Swifty (8 months ago)
Jesus christ cod ww2 is so aids
NOICE MATE (6 months ago)
Rifty The Swifty no wonder you have them
Horst wessel lied Zidan (8 months ago)
This god kar98
bevin wungundiin (8 months ago)
Call of duty world at war sounds more realistic and yet there's more people who likes call of duty world war 2
Bongo Cat (8 months ago)
seeing drum mags on the thompson makes me queesy i always see them use stick mags in the movies and stuff
SG - why in bloody hell did you add Japanese weaponry into WW2 when there's no Pacifìc War depicted in campaign to begin with?!
Neethan Singh (8 months ago)
WWII Is better
NukesVolgs (8 months ago)
people who chose ww2 just have played the exo games
NOICE MATE (6 months ago)
NukesVolgs bro probably you play exo Warfare because your bringing that shit up
TheLoneDragonborn (6 months ago)
so you haven't bought a cod game in like what? 3 to 4 years straight?
TheLoneDragonborn (6 months ago)
WakelessBee052 Silicon (8 months ago)
WWII -M1 Garand reload is completely wrong -PPSH-41 and FG-42 are too slow. -BAR has been overclocked. -All Weapons do the exact same noise WTF? -You can't reload a scoped Kar98k, or a Springfield with a clip, you have to do it bullet per bullet
rambokicksass77 (6 months ago)
It really isn't. Some Garands have to have the op rod pushed to chamber a round. The more pristine Garands tend to do that rather than the broken in ones. Also depends on if you pull the op rod with the back of the hand while inserting the enbloc clip into the magazine.
TheLoneDragonborn (6 months ago)
WakelessBee052 Silicon Ok. Nvm I'm pretty sure I see it now.
WakelessBee052 Silicon (6 months ago)
TheLoneDragonborn nope The reload is wrong
TheLoneDragonborn (6 months ago)
M1 Garand looks the same
TRAPMEDADD Y (9 months ago)
Wawww 4 life
Eduard (9 months ago)
Eduard (9 months ago)
in WW2
M1CS (9 months ago)
I like the side by side comparisons better
alldaydill (9 months ago)
Anyone else notice all the sights were better in world at war?
_ _.bnl.__ (9 months ago)
WAW sounds are better than WW2
Ur Boi TaylorJ (9 months ago)
2:48 *PING*
Thomasthe chancey (9 months ago)
COD waw is the best
MiloGaming (9 months ago)
WaW was better
Capitan Mad (9 months ago)
VASISarea (9 months ago)
waw not good sounds
KrazyNigga (9 months ago)
why all ww2 weapons have silencer?
NOICE MATE (6 months ago)
https://youtu.be/Vc2YtiWMEcA hear it with head phones
NOICE MATE (6 months ago)
KrazyNigga are your ears doing ok here am a ear doctor this well cure you ear syndrome
KrazyNigga (9 months ago)
why waw sounds better than ww2, is because is realistic, probably yes
Memes101 ' (9 months ago)
Ww2 will never topple Waw Edit: Btw waw m1897 trench gun sounds more badass than the one in ww2
Jedi Knight buckley (9 months ago)
A real gun vs fucking nerf shit sound
NOICE MATE (6 months ago)
Jedi Knight buckley you got the wrong video dude this is a game comparison
Antonio Gates (9 months ago)
When you realise waw is better than ww2
Sketcher Gaming (9 months ago)
COD WW2 has the worst reload ever, like damn the sniper rifles stripper clip while a scope is mounted their is just what the hell man. Yet they tilt the sniper and they just load stripper clips in, that is just sad man, y'all gotta have to load it individually, tried that on my Grandpa's Springfield and he said don't load stripper clips while a scope is mounted.
andre de haan (9 months ago)
They both sound like peashooters to be honest
Combat Soldier21 (9 months ago)
Does anyone else realize that in WAW they made the M1 Garand reload correctly as opposed to WW2 with the character pushing the bolt
dadangdog (9 months ago)
Personally I think that although both games use synthetic firearm sounds, WaW has guns that don’t sound like space lasers, maybe nail guns. Also the scoped rifle reloads in WW2 are so atrocious I cannot forgive it and don’t get me started on the garand’s reload. Personally I think Battlefield 1 and more realistic games like Squad and Rising Storm have spoiled my outlook on reload animations.
saywhat (9 months ago)
Cod waw
dugnas (9 months ago)
0:49 la recarga de esa arma de cod ww2, es la misma que la de ls SMG's de bo2
Kp3 Kap3 (9 months ago)
WWII graphics is great... But i prefer WaW gameplay
carm (10 months ago)
No cod 3 vids?
Music IsLifeBr (10 months ago)
Wtf is ww2?
NOICE MATE (6 months ago)
A war that takes place in 1933 to 1945 your welcome
Rocky Falcone (10 months ago)
This is sad asf 😂
L . I . V . E (10 months ago)
David Darren Joson (10 months ago)
Wala naman nag bago. Damn! Regret of buying cod ww2 haay
WaW is legend!
Skeletal Tyrant (10 months ago)
Call of duty WaW is still the best.
SamuraiAngel (10 months ago)
CoD WW2 is shit,and always be shit. CoD WaW-is good,and will be better.
Jimmy Fromm (10 months ago)
It saddens me that people choose ww2 then world at war.
yos Pitarso (10 months ago)
Together LOL
Trick Shot (10 months ago)
TREYARC, if you're watching, please make a world at war remastered. SLEDGEHAMMER, if you're watching this, please add the mosin nagaunt as a sniper rifle you can use with iron sights. INFINITY WARD, if you're watching this, please make a world war two game.

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