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Here, we are presenting "THE LAZY GIRL - MORAL STORY FOR KIDS || KIDS HUT STORIES - ANIMATED STORIES FOR KIDS" by KIDS HUT. ------------------------------------- NEW UPLOADS COLLECTION ► http://bit.ly/1TTDl6r ------------------------------------- ✿ Voice Credit: Tulsi Kumar ツ -------------------------------------- ✿‿✿ HELLO KIDS you are enjoying "THE LAZY GIRL - MORAL STORY FOR KIDS || KIDS HUT STORIES - ANIMATED STORIES FOR KIDS" by Kids Hut. -------------------------------------- ★ SUBSCRIBE us on YOUTUBE: http://bit.ly/1qsHVca ★ LIKE us on FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/kidshut ★ FOLLOW us on TWITTER: https://twitter.com/kids_hut ★ FOLLOW us on PINTEREST: http://www.pinterest.com/kidshut -------------------------------------- NOW BUY, KIDS HUT’S FUN LEARNING GIFT PACK, WHICH INCLUDES DVD's OF RHYMES AND STORIES, MAGIC BOOK, COLORING BOOK, CRAYONS AND TIA-TOFU MAGNET. FOLLOW THESE LINKS: AMAZON -  http://bit.ly/KIDS-HUT INFIBEAM - http://bit.ly/KIDS-HUT-INFO  SNAPDEAL - http://bit.ly/KIDSHUT-SD FLIPKART - http://bit.ly/KidsHut-FK
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Text Comments (5436)
T-Series Kids Hut (7 months ago)
Thank you all, We love you all -Tia and Tofu :-)
Jerry Smales (13 hours ago)
T-Series Kids Hut affordable Yun is your last day
Rakesh Belani (11 days ago)
47òkhùìòķk5mvgkfsykk111223466799iet9yrLogc nf
Sima Samadi (12 days ago)
Vince Garcia (12 days ago)
T-Series Kids Hut k
Naseem Ansri (14 days ago)
It is so good story and nice also
Roblox Player (1 hour ago)
sub to pewdiepie
ravi Babu (1 hour ago)
It is very non fiction because we are very greedy
Zareef Uddin (4 hours ago)
t seriesnsign on the corner top
Isidora G. (11 hours ago)
Sam Barbosa (16 hours ago)
Why is this as A cartoon for kids to watch?!??😂😂😂😂
The " bugs and insects of a variety" is just bees
14:22 fine instead of find
10:14 her crown and gold earrings are not on
Gurmeet Deswal (1 day ago)
These is very good story
Usife Saleh (1 day ago)
You will never win against PewDiePie hahaha!!!!!!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😐😐😐😐😐😑😑😑😑😑
iswadani asri (1 day ago)
i love to see kids story
Hurricanian (1 day ago)
Aka t series vs pewdiebie
bakxxc (1 day ago)
only adults watch these things lol, maybe throw on nursery rhymes for the toddlers thats about it
Chazoo (1 day ago)
i thought t-series was bad before, but after watching this, now i want to game end myself. t-series is literal garbage,, omfg.
Moonlight Rose (1 day ago)
This is almost the same story of another lazy girl story
Josephine Vannoy (2 days ago)
Lesson being, help talking trees
Elite Eduation (2 days ago)
Darn you indians
XxDokiDokiMemeTeamxX (2 days ago)
THE WHO FROM WHO-VILLE also who names their child 'Tofu'
puppy land O (3 days ago)
Hi T-series kids hut! This is a great story! But, at 7:56, it said “at the ned of the year, she wanted to go home”, instead of at the end of the year, she wanted to go home.
TheBaconator (3 days ago)
I heard this story when I was younger maybe around 5 or 6 years old and now Im 45 y/o OMG!
liloboy911808 (3 days ago)
What an awesome way to teach kids. that kids can drink wine and and fat people are lazy. Wtf
gay jesus (3 days ago)
T pose over t series
Error220 (3 days ago)
Subscribe to PewDiePie, kids. This education isn't worth it.
Jeon Jeonggukie (4 days ago)
payback girl!!! that is what you call simple and crule payback😎😎 she's so lol she said she needed work well cleaning them is also work!!! morral: do something for someone and you might get something and return (well not always)
Divyesh Agrawal (4 days ago)
A talking vine?
esther stella (4 days ago)
2019 any mom here 😂😂
Sædí (4 days ago)
T Gay
Sædí (4 days ago)
Why does your name has fucking t-series. Go for Pewdiepie
Wojtek Mlotkowski (4 days ago)
Fatima, you are 9 and ready to have sex. Girl - do not be lazy! - Mohammad said perhaps :(
Adelina Windrunner (4 days ago)
Sooo, this is a bitch lasagna for kids?
DJ 3lectrical (5 days ago)
Bitch lasagne
Manoj Manjari Mishra (5 days ago)
There should be a PewDiePie Kids Hut.
I love ur channel tia and little tofu
Mark Jones (6 days ago)
Tofu needs his head crushed like a walnut lazy FUCKER
Mohammad Abdi (6 days ago)
Ummmmm t-series !?!?!?
Marwa Salama (6 days ago)
Who planted harvested...the favour you do comes back to you.
ROBLOX bros Roebuck (7 days ago)
wilford warfstach (8 days ago)
wtf! T-Series
Jehramie Ledesma (8 days ago)
This story is based on what person have learn in life 👍👍👍
Hunter Golber (8 days ago)
I loveit
gymnast11able (8 days ago)
sub to pewdiepie
Pee Poop (8 days ago)
Copy bro
Fluffy Dream (8 days ago)
Why does the boy possess a girl's sound?
likitha setty (9 days ago)
Nice work in YouTube
Oof-y GANG (11 days ago)
Omg this is T-series :O
S.S. Voyage (11 days ago)
Nub Oyunda (11 days ago)
place of death the children
Rosie Rose (12 days ago)
I like how no one in this story is knocking people's houses before entering , good morals to teach children 👌👏
banana-mations (12 days ago)
Oh shit.. I think I'm on drugs again.. TALKING TREES AND MUD OVENS??!!?!?!! IS THAT A FLYING DONALD TRUMP!?!?!?!?!!???!
sans fan (12 days ago)
Any pewdiepie fans here?
6:44 wait....there is only six fairies._.should’nt be one more?
13:13 she said I can’t touch twigs but she’s carrying a stick
brijesh benu (12 days ago)
Raha Mueni (12 days ago)
What happened to no revenge?😂
Beth g (13 days ago)
Tofu don’t like tofu yuck
Nice story
Fluffy Spy (13 days ago)
Karma sucks doesn't it? 😣😣😣
Haydrian Hui (14 days ago)
I saw revenge in the story.
Haydrian Hui (14 days ago)
There are mistakes in the captions. E.g., Find became fine
Fayoke Precious (14 days ago)
Good lesson, permission to act it out?
Donita Anne (14 days ago)
T-series, srsly!
Prajakta Mungre (15 days ago)
Interesting story
Maged Mohammed (15 days ago)
Can i be in the kids hut family plz btw im 8 years old turning nine this year give a like if u watched this story before
Cezlock (16 days ago)
help me
Temuka DOMUZASHVILI (16 days ago)
Subscribe to pewdipie
Sadeen Eltayab (16 days ago)
How da fuc did I end up on this video I started watching makeup tutorials looooooooool
Sneha Bhattatai (17 days ago)
Sneha Bhattatai (17 days ago)
ali riza (17 days ago)
suckers !
lua pham thi (17 days ago)
Give me some likes
Karlos Tan (18 days ago)
At 7:55 it said at the ned of the year
Suchi Kapoor (18 days ago)
Manal Ayoub (18 days ago)
johndale nonato (18 days ago)
Its this t series made in india??
MissleXOX (19 days ago)
Ffuck off t series
RAMESH VARGHEESE M (19 days ago)
IIINEPTUNEIII (19 days ago)
T-Series? PewDiePie Kids Hut
Khloe Ford (20 days ago)
I love the expression on the wells face
Rasha Ahmed (20 days ago)
مرأوه اخبارك بسبب عدم وجود اي تتمتع متحجبة مب هبخخنلللىطخقخقمخخههبمب خييلاةفالىهل من قال حين يصبح عشرا 5 من كل 1362💝؟ :اي والله اني ما عندي مشكلة مع كل الناس اللي ط شءغ Khartoum has got big park reach the old dried tree/vineyard /mud oven and the little dog
Rasha Ahmed (20 days ago)
البركه من خلال كطفل على ظثليثوزعا و عليكم ورحمة ايوه انا مش لا عندنا فيما لم بين الطريق
Eric Dan la Canine (20 days ago)
Lol these people are on drugs talking to trees and whatever xD
Btools MSP (21 days ago)
Give credit Hungarian folk stories this is the 2nd channle I found copying them and not giving credit so in Hungarian and this is annoying the flip outta me so pls give them credit for thin!
MathGeek (21 days ago)
T-t-t Series?
MikeIsAVloger (21 days ago)
Pewdiepie forever scrubs
Richa Agarwal (21 days ago)
Douglas Espínola (21 days ago)
American English?
Ian Mason (21 days ago)
Sushila Saini (22 days ago)
Very good and nice
Sobhika Nagendran (22 days ago)
It was the same day. That one(diligent) girl returns home and lazy girl search for work... Then how it is possible (the trees, oven, well, dog become ill.. These all are helps to diligent girl).. On the same day how they ask help to lazy girl..
Marisela Ortega (22 days ago)
No! I don’t want to spoil my soft pretty hands picking the dry sticks off you.
Pathmasri Veerasingan (22 days ago)
Hina Patel (23 days ago)
You tell the best stories Tia👌👌👌😊😘😊😆😆😘🤩😍
Hina Patel (23 days ago)
Tia and Tofu I love you😘😘💗💗💖💖🤩😊😁😍😍😍🤩🤩
Hacks 4 Life (23 days ago)
Why is the girl smileing even though the person kicked her out?
Hacks 4 Life (23 days ago)
Be very careful that's glass.🤤
Snowy The angel cat (23 days ago)
Vine or vin
Snowy The angel cat (23 days ago)
Maybe there are six or seven fairies whatever when i saw the fairies house what a house for six or seven fairies that takes all the space
Beefathima Mohiddin (24 days ago)
What an amazing story
David Sneakers (24 days ago)

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