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WhipAddict: StreetWhipz Mega Show 2015: Custom Cars, Kandy Paint, Big Rims

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Scenes from this years StreetWhipz "King of the South" Mega Show at Atlanta Motor Speedway.. Chevelles, Caprices, Impalas, Camaros, Challengers, Chargers, Escalades Cutlass, and Monte Carlos. Amani Forged, Forgiatos, DUBs and Starr Wheels. Perfomances from Joe Green, Project Pat and Bankroll Fresh.
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Text Comments (168)
Luh. alex 1900 (5 days ago)
nonya biz (16 days ago)
SHine up da rims and put da cream on the genitals for da warts you good to go fo dem hoes bro!
Krazy Klown (1 month ago)
I guess I love this because it's different. Good video.
Dino Morell (2 months ago)
This a black thing.Doesn't work but they're your cars! Screw em up all you want.smh
Dino Morell (1 month ago)
+Lance Vance Beats Sure.Still looks stupid as fuck though!
Lance Vance Beats (1 month ago)
Every race do it not just blacks..
BionicSammich (2 months ago)
I just don't understand this. I really don't.
*ROCK3T (2 months ago)
+BionicSammich true classic cars should not have big rims , imo i think 22s and 24s look really clean on cars like crown Victorias etc.
BionicSammich (2 months ago)
+*ROCK3T Basically every car in this video looks like the wheels are too big for them. Most of them shouldn't have anything bigger than a 20 on them, and lots should be sticking to 17s or 18s in my opinion.
*ROCK3T (2 months ago)
+BionicSammich i agree with part of that, the car at 7:22 with 32s is oversized and stupid, but how is having 24s or 22s oversized and ugly?
BionicSammich (2 months ago)
+*ROCK3T My car doesn't have stock 'rims' on it, but at least it doesn't have stupidly oversized ugly wheels that ruin the way it drives.
poopymayonnaise (2 months ago)
probably the greatest rice themed comedy video out there
Deon Jones (4 months ago)
I like cars
Ron Dingo (5 months ago)
That is sooooooooo ratchet.
greato80 (5 months ago)
Matchbox tires i dont like. Aint nothing like the sound of a rumbling engine though.
HYDRA DYNAMIC (6 months ago)
Nice whips coming from a jealous white guy....keep it 1500
Andrae f (6 months ago)
Corina Land (7 months ago)
Looking ridiculous is the new cool
crooked ace (9 months ago)
this disgusting shit must be in the south no doubt
Chad Mack (11 months ago)
Why? Lmao. Such a shame to ruin classic cars
Abyssal Red (11 months ago)
7:33 lmao pink guy
Edwin Marroquin (11 months ago)
Nice cars
78 (11 months ago)
How to destroy nice cars.... smh 🤦‍♂️
El Loco (1 year ago)
Nice from JPN
Alejandro Acuna (1 year ago)
disrespectful birb (1 year ago)
Ice ice baby
Captain America (1 year ago)
I likes my rims like I likes my shoes, flashy and fuckin useless lol
Captain America (1 year ago)
Fuckin strange. ..
Captain America (1 year ago)
can't outrun da cops in dat sheeeeeiiiittt lol. . Are those Tsar tanks? lmfao
Dodge Charger (1 year ago)
My Brother, Fantastic Out Of This World Car! Those Rims Are Just Outstanding And The Blue Paint Is Perfect! You Got Skills Brother!
Little Big Brother (1 year ago)
Rode in a Lamborghini 😎✌🏻
Little Big Brother (1 year ago)
I've seen better 😎
brim (1 year ago)
The biggest I'd go are 18' wheels.
ludie banks (1 year ago)
Marvin Douglas (1 year ago)
Shout out to these guys making one of a kind whips. Some of u need to learn who be original and stop copying.
Fl Fun (1 year ago)
purple Chevelle chromed out is definitely my taste!
Chaos Albieri (1 year ago)
poor camaro...
internetzwemmer (1 year ago)
i dont like spinners 👎
young juice (18 days ago)
Spikes$Nathan (1 year ago)
Most of them are ricers
Spikes$Nathan nah because rice is race inspired cosmetic enhancements. these cars aren't race inspired or are drag cars
Jason Ramirez (1 year ago)
No legit car show would EVER let a Cutlass in. Nothing funnier than people dropping racks into those absolutely worthless pieces of junk. It's pretty much the equivalent of trying to pass off a Dodge Neon or an early Kia Rio off as a show car. They're not worth their weight in scrap.
young juice (18 days ago)
+Yunis Zujur I think he talking to you
Yunis Zujur (8 months ago)
Who's talking to you sweetcakes?
Lilsheepy Yt (8 months ago)
Yunis Zujur actually I’m 13 so technically I can’t drive smart one
Yunis Zujur (8 months ago)
Youngxpavi curin or he's right. Bet you got an impala
Lilsheepy Yt (8 months ago)
Jason Ramirez it’s there car they can do what they want ya fucking hatter
marshall riddle (2 years ago)
where are they
spunkflunk (2 years ago)
this should be called when blascks and mexicans get together to show off their cars
Xx Big Easy 141 xX (1 year ago)
It’s a different type of car culture I definitely don’t like.
naz williams (1 year ago)
It true that he said with blacks and Mexicans even though I'm black
brim (1 year ago)
spunkflunk Not all of us are like that, I would only go 18' at most.
EZ_Man (1 year ago)
spunkflunk Wow, that's messed up.
Janavia Perkins (2 years ago)
this is good for the new one
Takisha Martin (1 year ago)
Janavia Perkins gZb
anthony huery (2 years ago)
this is some of the dumbest shit i have ever seen
Magnus Fullauto (2 years ago)
yo, deez mufuckus be tight
Ghost Boogie Baby (2 years ago)
Well damn, I gotta UPGRADE my truck up- these cars alone make my poor truck look bad.
Ofelia Chavrz (9 months ago)
th what's up
Clorox Bleach (2 years ago)
that camero at 7:22 got some big ass wheels
TyrannosaurusWrecks (2 years ago)
5:10 best car there
Geffro Bodeen (2 years ago)
dude was GETTING IT on that atv no? bad ass.
OrionFactster (2 years ago)
Big wheels and drum brakes in the rear...hahahaha
anthony huery (2 years ago)
this is some stupid shit here WTF sounds like he should have invested some of that money in to an engine repair
C H (2 years ago)
i swear black people have bad taste ! & ruining classics :(
C H (2 years ago)
the most i'd go would be 19' - 21' inch rims but they go all out lmao
Eren Jaeger (2 years ago)
+Cali4nia95076 hell no ill admit them big ass wheels look stupid but if they were regular size 👌
C H (2 years ago)
its true tho aint it?
Eren Jaeger (2 years ago)
Mikey B (2 years ago)
No. (2 years ago)
hand me the bleach
Moshe Jerasi (2 years ago)
The most fresh car is at 8:30
Moshe Jerasi (2 years ago)
i dont know sorry
Milry Fleurisa (2 years ago)
Scrappy what is the name of the rims 8:39 on the camaro..Plss answer me asap
Trevon Moore (2 years ago)
HoldShiftt2Run (2 years ago)
I would have turned that Bentley into a track car instead.
ridebmx99 ! (2 years ago)
Mrs. Richards (2 years ago)
haters!!! they are lovely
Zhu Caan (2 years ago)
Donks are ugly!
HoldShiftt2Run (2 years ago)
There is so much rice. I need some curry to watch this.
11 Charlie (4 months ago)
why would ricers put big rims on their car if all they care about is horse power, it's not rice dumbass
スバルA.S. Cinematics (9 months ago)
adssadasd sdadasda You're a fucking ricer if you like this shit smh.
HoldShiftt2Run (2 years ago)
s d (2 years ago)
Rice? Learn yo shit boi
HoldShiftt2Run (2 years ago)
I've gone blind. I am leaving this comment on a braille keyboard.
EXXP1234 (2 years ago)
For everyone hating on these cars everyone is his own style but I have to admit some of this is wack but no different than paying millions for a painting
HoldShiftt2Run (2 years ago)
+EXXP1234 oh, I wouldn't make my car into a work of art. I want my car to just be a good build. I like clean paint jobs like mettalic black, charcoal gray, or white.
EXXP1234 (2 years ago)
I was talking about paintings you know that they sell at auctions and shit
HoldShiftt2Run (2 years ago)
+EXXP1234 Who the hell pays millions for painting? You must be talking about Sex Spec cars. With their ricer paint jobs.
Michael Joel (2 years ago)
1:45 - :09... is the car farting?
s d (2 years ago)
Retro2Modern (2 years ago)
these guys should deliver weed in these shits cuz ya know drugs paid for some of them
Retro2Modern (2 years ago)
+J Smith my car has 17" it makes it drive like shit i cant imagine 24" or bigger
J Smith (2 years ago)
+Retro2Modern yea those oversized wheels never looked good to me 22s on a car and 24s on a truck looks damn good. I sure do hope that big rims shit dies sooner than later.
Retro2Modern (2 years ago)
ive seen a couple for sale near nowhere near as nice but the big stupid wheels is a fad it will die out like pimp my ride
Retro2Modern (2 years ago)
+J Smith lol yeah
J Smith (2 years ago)
+Retro2Modern it would be nice to have one of those but not at the expense of prison time. I happen to like my safety my freedom and most of all my asshole lol
Alex Jarvis (2 years ago)
this is more disturbing than 2 girls 1 cup
Yunis Zujur (8 months ago)
adssadasd sdadasda shitty taste factually
Xx Big Easy 141 xX (1 year ago)
This scars me
s d (2 years ago)
+Cali4nia95076 I got blessed taste, what you know about it?
C H (2 years ago)
yo adssadasd, ur saying you actually like these cars colors and rims? man u got bad taste
s d (2 years ago)
Alex yo bitch ass riding on stock 13s cause you ain no shit
drewbadboi (2 years ago)
can even even see the tire on sum of them rims
omgutubeismylife (2 years ago)
I love this shit, and I can't explain why
BasedGod Strugglin' (1 year ago)
omgutubeismylife exactly. These cars are dumb af but they're clean af
Katlyn Holden (2 years ago)
let my mom by 2 camaros
Megan King (2 years ago)
My dad has a Green and black donk with a 383 stroker in it
Lastofthe Realmen (2 years ago)
What a pukefest!
BigDutchKingTut (2 years ago)
that blue camaro killed em! damn!
BigDutchKingTut (2 years ago)
damn..which one! ha
Nelson Arenos (3 years ago)
where can I order those 30" rims ? :|
hoketero (3 years ago)
12:58 > the rest
John Tarango (3 years ago)
Can some one explain why the huge ass rims
Kennard Williams (3 years ago)
are the rims down south cheap
steve rodriguez (3 years ago)
Where can I get 40 inch wheels? I wanna step it up
dj gray (3 years ago)
Kevin Gravatt (3 years ago)
The Camaro at 5:37 was probably the most tasteful paint/rim scheme.
herambe G (3 years ago)
you couldn't pay me enough money to put those ugly ass rims on my car!
MrGod1973 (10 months ago)
I don't like those circus wheels also ... Original or nothing !! They make beautiful cars look ridiculous !!
Antoliv Diaz (1 year ago)
herambe G FOR REAL
demario anderson jr (1 year ago)
herambe G they to small
Boss (1 year ago)
herambe G on your Toyota
John Doe (3 years ago)
That 442 @ 12:15 What a beauty :)
HoldShiftt2Run (2 years ago)
+John Doe The wing is on backwards.
Aaron Sanchez (3 years ago)
sippinantokin (3 years ago)
i would like to know more about the white Bentley at 6:41 . i mean what goes into the fitment? what kind of lift and cuts? i imagine it takes some serious commitment to do that to a car that costs that much. thats some serious shit.
WhipAddict (3 years ago)
It's the same as any car u lift and cut for big rims. Bentley GTs have been out since 06' so they aren't that expensive any more and this owner has multiple cars. Check out my WhipAddict Playlist for a solo video of it.
joe Vulcan (3 years ago)
Gregory Roberts (3 years ago)
i don't wanna take it man! I love your videos..But this clip is one the best of his car..I got dudes number I hit him up..thanks for the response!
Gregory Roberts (3 years ago)
can you just take from 1:13 to 2:58 an make it it's own video!?!
WhipAddict (3 years ago)
yes...I could. not gonna tho lol. that's about all I got of it from this show. it has its own inside and out video from the Queen City show and more of it in the D.R.O.D. Show
Gregory Roberts (3 years ago)
massacre customs does it right! listen to that 454 [email protected]:14....
MrEpicscoots (3 years ago)
Ricer fest 2015
Richard Walker (3 years ago)
You gotta appreciate that Impala engine sound at the 1:14 mark though!
LA PRODUCTIONZ (3 years ago)
wtf did I just watch !
Roddy Jones (3 years ago)
good a s fuck
Curi0u50ne (3 years ago)
My life be like...oooheee, oooheee!
Andrew U (3 years ago)
Dumbasslive (3 years ago)
I'd love to see one of these cars with some serious camber, it'd be hilariously wide with them rims on.
T J (3 years ago)
The F is going on here?
Andrew U (3 years ago)
smit patel (3 years ago)
whatt are dooooooooooossssssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeee
nande559 (3 years ago)
nothing but mayates
nande559 (3 years ago)
nothing but mayates
WTF comments (3 years ago)
you here to check out the guys or the cars?
Str8 Shot (3 years ago)
what city is that in
Levi Mollohan (3 years ago)
Heath Mcclain (3 years ago)
VERY, VERY, VERY GOOD VIDEO!!! Keep up the good work...
4kgangstaloc (3 years ago)
I need it that right on
mrDSGPs (3 years ago)
I like this video. Keep up the good work.
KCB Films (3 years ago)
Song at 6:53?!
Abyssal Red (11 months ago)
White Iverson by Post Malone
Chaos Albieri (1 year ago)
Post Malone. White Iversion. LOL a year soon.
Raunchy (3 years ago)
Huh ? So ...there was another car show in the speedway ?
Raunchy (3 years ago)
Well damn ....I gotta leave my cave more often
WhipAddict (3 years ago)
+Ishmale Tack Yes
veltboy314 (3 years ago)
Nice video
Love Yourself (9 months ago)

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