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Don't Freak Out During Magical Rituals (Magic uses the Scientific Method) by Stephen Skinner

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This talk is about the earliest complete records of real magical techniques in existence – the Graeco-Egyptian papyri from the 1st-5th century. It is from these that the later grimoires and other manuals of practical magic descended. These papyri contain literally hundreds of spells with detailed description of rites recorded by the magicians who actually used them. Do you need a spell to compel a lover to return, to evoke shadowy presences, to bind a spirit, to secure victory in a race or a negotiation, to see a god face to face, to deflect a courtroom judgement, or simply to send friends or enemies specific dreams or your own designing? All of these techniques will be discussed. Dr Stephen Skinner will describe these and more and show how mediaeval sorcerers used similar techniques, later handed on via the Key of Solomon, and similar grimoires, in a diluted form to the adept of the Golden Dawn, or modern practitioners of witchcraft. Many of these spells have lost a lot of details in this long transmission, but the Graeco-Egyptian papyri still retain most of the details, if you know how to read them. These papyri are the actual working manuals not just theories about magic.
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BigWater59 (4 days ago)
Yeah after a few mushrooms and a few hits of acid. Bullshit
Frosty Alaska (7 days ago)
I hope he sees this or someone with a deeper knowledge does ive been going down a path researching spirits ever since my mom told me her great grandmother was a midwife and would summon "demons" she called them helper spirits to help birth children As you can guess when christians came after russia sold alaska they didnt like it and she was forced to move away from nome because of social pressure and had to continue her practice in secret in shismaraf it pains me to think that those incantations died with her because she was unable to teach her daughter due to boarding schools turning all natives into christians. I would love to know in depth who or what she was calling to help with the births to me this proves occultism because it was extremely rare to die in childbirth pre white man and they would have like 10 kids or more each you may think thats impossible but there was alot of darwinism why we respected our elders so much anyways if anyone knows anything about birth magic or what demon helps with births I would really appreciate it really bothers that my family lost that part of our tradition due to white man stigma and fear
Luke • (2 days ago)
Be careful.
Luke • (2 days ago)
Ibbur. Start there.
Frosty Alaska (7 days ago)
the same techniques were apparently the same in every tradition but he said he wont publish unless he can prove it works himself id imagine hed have a rough time practicing that incantation haha. Fascinating stuff though the occult is very much real demons are very much real its no coincidence that the world practices the same esoteric rituals despite cultural differences it cant be explained away its a shame we lost those tradations but according to the tablets religion was necessary but with time possibly were meant to reverse to satanism idk shouldnt be messing around with this stuff I have the ring of solomon on my passive index finger wish they were still schools to learn more about this stuff
PickedMedal (28 days ago)
Walter white looking 😂
PickedMedal (22 days ago)
+Dj Snackstax talking about oranges that speak, most likely the effect of that blue meth he makes!
PickedMedal (22 days ago)
+Dj Snackstax haha I know!
Dj Snackstax (22 days ago)
Lmaoo at first I thought I was watching a deleted scene from Breaking Bad
Zoroaster (2 months ago)
"Don't freak out during magical rituals." Freak out? Yes and no, for chaos magick. Yes, just do dirt-free chaos magick without any aftermath. Such magic uses "the scientific method." It's 100% scientific-based where you simply add more negativity to capitulate negativity, which in science means attempting to violate the law of balance which creates an exchange in energy. I call it EEE - equivalent energy exchange as a more descriptive term. You can do magick without costs, but I include stepping on my left little toe, the chi input channel for faster more efficient results. Works every time and I use it about 1X a week. One time I had to do it twice. Another time, the manifestation was so successful that before I got through the 18-second ritual, I was in a different timeline. This is all magick is, quantum jumping timelines. All is about time travel, namely timeline shifting and leaping, just like in any other dream, but just not as leapy, abrupt, and vastly different. Occam's Razor agrees too: the simplest spells, 18-seconds worth or less, the more efficient the results. My three biggest spells in the last couple years was taking a bank account from $100k to $400k in less than a week as I needed funding to open several ashrams around the world, and two rainmaker spells in California yielding the greatest amount of rainfall in 150 years with the epicenter happening right outside my door ... seen on TV. The Coyote Creek flooded its banks less than a mile away for the first time in recorded history of weather records in California dating back into the 1800s. No, belief isn't important at all for CM. In fact, if you distrust the spell, the added negativity in the distrust alone further exacerbates the spell into action all the more. The more negativity, the better, but you don't have to wring a chicken's neck like you see Jews doing on youtube for "atonement" purposes. So no, freaking out will only help achieve your intent.
lilly ray (2 months ago)
This is satanic magic. It goes back to alister crawleys teachings.
Franci Lucero (2 months ago)
This is witchcraft and they are summoning up demons. Once you have opened up a doorway all hell can break loose. I have helped people get out ot the occult. The only hope for them is to call on the name of Jesus, accept him as your Savior and this is your only protection. God sent his only son to die on the cross for the forgiveness of your sins. Our God is an awesome God. Stay away from witchcraft, wicca, crystal gazing, new age, fortune telling, tarot cards. It is all the same spirits they are demons and they have names and can get in your body and make you do terrible things and then they can even kill you if they want to. Just so you know if you try to put a spell on a real Christian it comes back on you 10 fold. Jesus is the only answer. Read Mathew , Mark, Luke and John in the Bible (New Testament) Even Jesus had to cast out spirits. I have cast them out in Jesus name also. Please trust me this is nothing to mess with horrible things happen!
Jack Mc (2 months ago)
Jesus is the light of the Pineal gland, it is a thing, not a person or an entity. You Christians have no idea what the Bible is talking about. Jesus saving you means, traveling to the underworld and seeing the light there, the Lamb of God, which you and all your church going friends have never done. You wouldn't need religion if you had done. I know as I have done it. You are not saved by uttering a few words. It is an utterly ridiculous belief and false. You must come out of the Great Tribulation or the Great Work. Tell me how does one wash their robes white in blood when blood is red and stains? Do you know? No you don't, you have no idea. What is even worse is that Christians judge and condemn any who have spiritual beliefs other than yours. If you read the Epistles and interpreted the Bible correctly, you would realize the stories are all parables, Jesus even says that 21 times. He tells you to meditate over and over. Have you ever meditated? So for the average Christian, Jesus saves you yet you ignore his very specific instructions... The Bible is talking about the descent to underworld over and over and no Christian has the wisdom to realize it. The Bible is not literal, it is a story teaching in parables. The literal layer is designed to device those in ego consciousness so they miss the wisdom and can't misuse the knowledge. Where do you even pull this belief from that if one casts a spell on a Christian it comes back 10 fold? As if you have any idea of occult matters. Qabala is the instruction manual to read the Old Testament, yet Christian scholars, believe Qabala to be evil and occult, therefore their interpretation of the Bible is null and void! Also the verses in Deuteronomy 18:10-12 about the occult, the original Greek translation is pharmakea, which means drugs. The church changed it to what it reads now, so they could have a monopoly on the magic. As if Christians priests don't perform occult rituals. LOL! They do all the time, they put spells on the sermon. Christianity is a much greater evil in this world than the occult and the church has murdered more people in the last 1600 years than the occult ever has. I love the BIble, it is the greatest book ever. If you really want to be saved, stop listening to your priest and start meditating properly. You can not have spiritual union with God unless you match the stillness of God in meditation. God is indeed your true self, but you won't get to God or heaven by making yourself and enemy of other spiritual belief systems. Even though I have actually been saved, literally, and raptured into the heavens in an OBE, just like in the book of Revelation and seen the scroll of heaven, you will still probably ignore my words. Like John I am not the light, but can testify to the light. Christians on the whole hate me when I explain the actual mechanics of ascension to heaven, in the same manner the Romans crucified Jesus for telling them the truth of God. You will never be saved until you understand Qabala in all it's glorious depth. You need to trust me, because I know what I am talking about, and your priest doesn't.
Nerella Vanvitelli (3 months ago)
mysterychemistry (4 months ago)
I suppose Western societies that have been betrayed by their false Christian churches need to relearn the spiritual laws of life and repeat the ordeal of engaging in demonic activities so as to be reminded why God is celebrated. I pity this man's sacrifice because he knows not what he is doing. He is full of ego, but is clearly not a happy human.
Dj Snackstax (22 days ago)
Sounds like history is repeating itself. I've recently read an article by the msm which states that millennials in the u.s. are giving up their Xtian faith and going back to spiritual systems of antiquity. At this point, if you've dealt with spirits and know their existence then it would be foolish to deny God. I have a theory that some people in high positions of "power" in govt, entertainment and finance have dabbled in magicks and have used it to their benefit to reach those places in society. Unfortunately, there is a price to pay...
Buffy Buffy (4 months ago)
the fucking sound isn't working!!!
WIllThaWoke (4 months ago)
may the mercury is the recording light when its on and blinking, sulfur is like the voice, and salt is everything keeping this existence to a tangible degree when you lick it up in the words it becomes explored and exploded off and on the weed and smoke the ebb and flow id never get a haircut or maybe my name isnt set
WIllThaWoke (4 months ago)
ghosts from destiny, they are real, or im lying about this,
WIllThaWoke (4 months ago)
imagine your dimension of imagination a kaleidiscope picking only one of 6 frames of depth to choose from and staying on that is a feat of its own but i think you grasp that i have in my paw or hands whichever one i cant tell anymore some sort of ravens prophesy which goes well with pantheism and the narna in the cube of saturn and the unified higgs boson field is gravel around the flint circling what my words say is a magnetic force just like any one else and i am sharing my awareness to you when i know you are only one walking zombie who may be dead to the romance of shared harmony or sex teachings i orbit the tesseract and come through the torroidal field for no reason other than to choose the path of least worry and grabbing what i would consider to be loot, i would call loot the end of my work in delving deep into my subconscious, my flight pattern is resembling of a beetle from thelema who may actually be a falcon tripping on a substance far too ugly to bear so that it causes the inhaler to view life through banshee and echo
Joyce Koch (5 months ago)
I am a bit confused about the term demon being used in Graeco-Egyptian magick- given that Crowley and other magicians rejected Christianity as true but accepted the reality of demons, than what is the orgin of demons outside theses traditions?
BigHenFor (4 months ago)
Go back to the Greek language to find your answer.
Eratosthenes (5 months ago)
Many people here will probably disagree with me on this one, but I'm absolutely convinced that you can find lots of answers in the book of Enoch. Outside of Christianity, I don't think anyone claims to know exactly how spirits came into being. I agree that accepting the reality of spirits but believing the concept of God to be ridiculous - is truly ridiculous.
adam romines (4 months ago)
As a Professional Researcher, Rosicrucian, & Practicing Magus for 7+ Years , I Must say that Dr.Stephen Skinner & John Michael Greer , & Donald Tyson I Do believe to be absolutely thee Best Authors of this Generation ( Last 70 YEARS i.e. ) in the General Sense of Presenting & Instructing MAGICK & Meta-Physical Practices...
JaB Wolf (5 months ago)
what could u have asked it to do
Nathan Burton (5 months ago)
John Bela whoop
Nathan Burton (5 months ago)
John Bela to scoop di poop
Joyce Koch (6 months ago)
The problem with coercing spirits and forcing spirits to do ones bidding one makes enemies of being waiting for one. After building up a large list of spirits who have it in for the magician the magician faces the end of their own life with a virtual army of enities waiting for them on the other side. The magician is then left with little more than thought forms of their ritual tools to imagine they have a wand or a lamen which is a very poor replacement for ritual tools charged and operating on home ground where such beings are the intruders or being drawn into this realm. It is one thing to control a shark on land with the proper tools but swimming naked in a ocean of hungry sharks is the fate of a magician who has spent a lifetime ordering vindictive enities about.
Rachel Fourie (15 days ago)
Zak Jansen sounds a bit creepy
Mark Allen (3 months ago)
You don’t force them. That’s your mistake.
Duan Torruellas (2 months ago)
Hahahaha , just give them something in return , theyre just like people , dont make enemies and then when you get to hell , it will be like , hey its my man otis lol.
Zak Jansen (4 months ago)
I abandoned my occult studies because there was no point in conjuring up malicious entities I had no hope of controlling. By the time I was middle aged I was more or less comfortable with my life. I wasn't that desperate for money,arcane knowledge etc! In the late 90s there was at least one coven of occultists in my neighbourhood. Some of the stories I heard about ritual magic gone wrong were terrifying. It wasn't worth losing my soul over.
Peter Thorne (7 months ago)
"Christianity, for what it's worth as a religion, completely devastated magic."That's an understatement. And it's not worth much, at least as the sheep practice it.
mysterychemistry (4 months ago)
Peter Thorne wow, your ego...Only in the West has Christianity failed. Because it is a broken Christianity.
Chris Oakes (7 months ago)
O hell no! I practice Magic but do not call on entities. That's like going to a loanshark, that money isn't free. An most Magicians probably disagree with me but I say there's no need for special learning or procedures. Basic Knowledge of Laws of Universe and Belief is all you need.
Rachel Fourie (12 days ago)
Zoroaster oh definitely, but at the same time I haven’t been “physically harmed” by any. But I do have distressing nightmares where I’m either a murderer or I’m the one who’s getting murdered ( that or disaster dreams) and I used to have sleep paralysis too. I came to the conclusion that I was dealing with a spirit(s) when I saw an eight foot shadow figure go up my the stairs and into my parents’ study. My sister saw a shadowy spirit in her room too once, but refuses to talk about it because it scares her. I’m not sure if they’re demons, earthbound spirits or something else. The most physical thing I’ve experienced was when I got an invisible push by something, but that was a looong time ago. I stopped having these issues once I saw an apparition of my cat, who died two weeks prior to me seeing her. It could have been her letting me know she’s fine and that she’s moving onto the next realm or something, but idk. I feel like her presence is with me still but I’m confused. (I don’t know if you believe in what I’ve told you, but I do find it very bizarre. The only entity I felt comfortable around was what I believe to be that of my cat. Everything else gives me anxiety lol).
Zoroaster (15 days ago)
Precisely. Stay clear or demons.
Rachel Fourie (15 days ago)
Zoroaster I’m kind of wary to step foot in magick, especially “spirit magick.” I used to deal with them from time to time. Don’t need to attract any more to me
Zoroaster (15 days ago)
"Calling on entities is a huge part of witchcraft." Not huge, but just a branch. It is a potentially harmful method. Crowley found that out the hard way. I shy away from it like the plague. I prefer simple 18-second chaos magick for my spell work and it's never failed me to date, and there's no sour aftermath.
Rachel Fourie (15 days ago)
Chris Oakes I thought calling on entities is a huge part of witchcraft
Swan Station Terminal (8 months ago)
No sound
Arthur drinis (8 months ago)
Problem is the filter which the formula produces the effect aggravates so called demons once ancient gods. Thats the problem with RHP magick heavily judeo-christianized. Its fears therefore provokes fear.
nadine singh (9 months ago)
Chinese is not a language...the Chinese mostly speak mandarin or cantonese , and Africa is not a country it is a continent...and just because you want to be a witch doesn't mean that you are one or can become one
Zoroaster (2 months ago)
"If you can breathe, you can do magic." I take it a step further. We all do magick. Think a thought and you already alter your path a tiny bit. Say a word and you've evoked energy, albeit very subtle chi energy, but add to it and it picks up power. Everyone does magick every second of their lives - albeit aimlessly and thus get nowhere ... at least nowhere good. As Sturgeon's Law says, 90% of life is bad which outpowers the remaining 10% of good. So to learn and apply skilled sorcery aka "Quantum Jumping" techniques in life as powerful biohack tools is vital-levels of importance and value in terms of health, wellness and ascension to commandeer life ... instead of the other way around which is basically the deathstyle of everyone today. And when people intentionally shy away from it via ignorance or church-fear then that's their own bad luck and it becomes the most criminal height of shameful negligence and stupidity imaginable.
BigHenFor (4 months ago)
Really? If you can breathe, you can do magic. All is one; the energy is within us all. Whether one should practice magic is something else though. Some people aren't suited to it. It's demanding and not glamorous. It's like becoming a world-concert pianist: self-discipline and hard work are required to excel.
The25Sister (10 months ago)
No shit, if you use incomplete grimoires filled with errors and lies, no wonder that it goes wrong often.
Lilly 7411 (10 months ago)
The funny thing about your magic Scientific Method is; If you are conjuring an entity to grant you something why would you call them inside of the circle of protection? It seems like you are forcing them to do something against their will, in a very unpolite way. I want to see you call them without the circle of protection like many of us others do without "freaking out". Do you do the business meeting  inside of the circle as well?  You guy take money from these people and left them in bad situation for do it in wrong way. The Circle is offensive, keep it in mind or figure out later after get punished by whom you acted in such disrespectful way.
Sheldon Scott (8 months ago)
Lilly Souza Their invoked outside of the circle in a triangle.
Chuckie Winterz (11 months ago)
He said Christianity basically tried to do away with these spellbooks. Well of course ! Practicing magic in any way is satan's workshop, and don't think that this man is not fully aware of this. These 'spirits' are NOT his friends and he does NOT have the "circle of protection" that he thinks he has. LoL Very foolish indeed.
We Are Legion (2 days ago)
practicing magic is the devils workshop * eats the flesh and drinks the blood of christ *
satan means accuser, daimon (demon) is greek. What does that have to do with what was stated? These spirits are not humanities friends.
Peter Thorne (7 months ago)
And Chuckie, naturally, has experience in these matters.
MysteryMachine 444 (9 months ago)
Tracker Buckmann something and Saturn
Tracker Buckmann (10 months ago)
I bet you don't even know the origin of the word "demon" --or "satan" for that matter.
L M (11 months ago)
Not good using other spirits...
MinorThreat82 (1 year ago)
Why is it that people who learn this "system", their ego goes through the roof. They act humble, but just ask a few questions and watch it kick in.
La Red (22 days ago)
We can’t love others, unless we have authentic self love. It’s true. It’s like when others put people down all the time. If you love yourself and have authentic self esteem, you don’t have to bring others down, in order to lift yourself up. I hate to say this - But one ☝️ examplemoff the top of my head is how when bigger women put down “the skinny bitches”, when praising the beauty of full-figured women. You almost never see anybody giving praise to beautiful full figured women, without knocking smaller women. Absolutely unnecessary. A definite projection there. Pride and ego is really just fears and insecurities. Hope everybody has a good last day of 2018.
Dj Snackstax (22 days ago)
+La Red Aye, self-love is the best love.
La Red your hot
La Red (11 months ago)
... maybe you don't like it and when spmeone else has authentic self-love? I don't know, just asking.
La Red (11 months ago)
Or maybe you're just projecting and feeling insecure 😟??
CARL YUNG (1 year ago)
had a head gnawing and chewing at him outside the circle and he wants to teach you how to call it up my suggestion devise ways to block these demons
Duan Torruellas (2 months ago)
April Ewell (1 year ago)
Xoxo thank u
along with Mr. Joseph H. Peterson, the modern Western Mystery Tradition owes Dr. Stephen Skinner a GREAT debt of gratitude! Pretty much any book by these two men is a 'MUST BUY'!
Kyle Gerrie (1 year ago)
sounds like you summoned a jinn
Zoroaster (22 days ago)
Nope. Vegetarian going on 30 years with rare exceptions, not a fanatic.
Dj Snackstax (22 days ago)
+Zoroaster are you vegan my good sir?
Zoroaster (2 months ago)
Remember, these mind parasite rulers are incredibly tiny meaning "quantum" and "quantum" also means carrying metaphysical abilities to traverse into the aether. Note mini in ministries. They run all religions ... or "reptilian-legions."
Zoroaster (2 months ago)
The Christian God, Yahweh = 6 = bacteria ~ Archon = 7. BTW, g6d = 666, the irony. All "god"-formations are from formations of a hybrid quantum bacteria = 6 in the air and aether. All bacteria start out all-loving but being so omniscient, they are at the same time very weak and weakness is game for attack. That's why Yahweh turned into a prick, but it's not out of will but attack from others. But it's all bacteria. Clean up your die-ET, in the colon and you are 10% on the road to ass-cension. The road to bliss starts with health, moving in the Ibis bird/fish and elephant animal - Jesus direction of power. Power is better than wisdom because when you're powerful enough, very few mistakes will harm you.
Duan Torruellas (3 months ago)
More like drank some jin lol.
Alan Doyle (1 year ago)
The sound isn't working
Samyo (5 months ago)
Turn up the volume. Hope that helps.
tomcharlton (10 months ago)
The audio is just bad at the beginning, nothing special required but waiting a few moments and the tracks focus changes to foreground
Vic LTD (10 months ago)
i';m a little late, but copy the URL on VLC media player, then audio> stereo mode,>left
Alan Doyle (1 year ago)
Maybe I wasn't meant to hear it until now? Thanks, it brought it back to me.
freshisfocused (1 year ago)
Alan Doyle remove yr headphones
gp365y (1 year ago)
Can't wait for him to write a practical manual. It'll be a instant classic.
Lyder Horn (2 years ago)
how could coercing a spirit possibly have a positive outcome?
Samyo (5 months ago)
La Red In particular the part concerning Dr. Johannes Faustus and his experiences with black magick
Samyo (5 months ago)
La Red This excerpt will answer all your questions and more: https://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/bb/book_eight06.htm
C3rb3rus (6 months ago)
Why not?!
Rahnoren Thule (6 months ago)
Exactly. Never coerce. Work with them.
Grizza Leng (9 months ago)
Spirts with their own agenda's to.
Jonas Kgomo (2 years ago)
Interesting he mentioned Constantinople,i am in Istanbul .I dont see any hint of interest in magick.Where did all this vault of knowledge disappear?
Sinan Oklemer (8 months ago)
Joel Alexander Do some research mofo,Turkey is secular country.And Jonas you cant reach practitioners easily in Turkey.
Joel Alexander (1 year ago)
if Islam is the religion in Istanbul, practicing or discussing magic would likely get you beheaded.
nathen morris (2 years ago)
the burning of the library of Alexandria housed many magical books which was burned by if i remember correctly the roman catholic church who may have the only book for actually summoning the devil hidden somewhere in the vatican
Jonas Kgomo (2 years ago)
you might get killed to even sprout words like 'magick' in your path
Black Witch Coven (2 years ago)
with modern religions - its a sin in your area isnt it?

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