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How to Make Money on YouTube - How to Write to a Sponsor | Mitchel Dumlao (Strife.tv)

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Learn how to make money on YouTube by turning your YouTube channel into a business from Mitchel Dumlao, the creator of the YouTube Network - Strife.tv. In this mini-lesson, Mitchel explains how to write to a sponsor - a fundamental step towards making money on YouTube. View his full course here: http://creatorup.com/youtube-biz "Hello everybody, it's Mitchel again - and I'm going to teach you how to write to a sponsor. Sponsors are basically businesses or companies or brands that could eventually either promote their product in your videos - or even fund your videos. And to approach these sponsors you have to be very professional - don't be spamming them with an email every day that says hey, watch my video, check out my channel. You want to be able to think about them like yourself - you don't have time to read every single email every day. Be professional and make sure when you contact them, you have a very professional email. When you contact them, you can either email them or call them - I usually like to call them, and then email them, and then email them three days later. It's kind of like if you meet a girl - be respectful. Also, when you do contact them, introduce yourself. Introduce your channel - introduce your capabilities, as a video production provider, as well as a channel. Do I have thousands of subscribers, do I have millions of views, do I have a loyal fanbase, am I a niche channel that only people go to for certain products. You have to be able to sell your channel. So when you talk to these sponsors, make sure that you have your selling points. The best thing to do is to look at your Google Analytics or your YouTube analytics - look at your numbers. Your views, your subscribers, your average views per month, as well as the amount of people that are liking and disliking your videos. Know your numbers so that you can pitch to people. And when you pitch to these sponsors, always keep in mind that you have a low budget, if you have a low budget. So always consider doing things for free at first, and then eventually you can ask for money as the relationship goes on. Don't ask for millions of dollars at first if you only have a hundred views. It's jut not going to work out - unless of course you're backed by Ryan Gosling who's going to be in every single one of your videos. So think about that when you approach sponsors - be professional, know your numbers, and tell them why you're so important for their product. The full outline for Mitchel's course is here: CHAPTER 1 Ep 1-1: Who is Your Community? Ep 1-2: How to Build the Appearance of Your Channel Ep 1-3: How Do You Get Your Viewers to Come Back For More? CHAPTER 2 Ep 2-1: How Do You Become a Tastemaker and Influencer on Youtube? Ep 2-2: How to Collaborate and Engage with a Partner Ep 2-3: How Do I Collaborate With Partners CHAPTER 3 Ep 3-1: How Can I Interact With My Audience So I can Get More "Likes" Ep 3-2: Ways To Expand Your Viewership Ep 3-3: How Do you Promote Your Brand Outside of Youtube? Ep 3-4: What Are Ways I can Have Sponsors Involved With My Channel? CHAPTER 4 Ep 4-1: How You Can Get Sponsors to Pay You Ep 4-2: How You Can Make Money Off Your Viewers and Your Audience Ep 4-3: Other Ways You Can Make Money Off of a Successful Channel BONUS: Working with Brands Outside of Your Own Channel Find out more at https://creatorup.com/ Want more AMAZING CreatorUp content? Follow us on social media! Twitter - https://twitter.com/creatorup Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/CreatorUp Instagram - https://instagram.com/creatorup/ Blog - https://creatorup.com/blog/
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ABC Ms Roo 小如 (4 years ago)
What are the terms I should list in my email?  I'm getting a few company's approaching me with products.. They are asking me what are my terms..?
Matthijs (4 years ago)
A short, but very clear video, maybe a "see you guys next time" or "I please subscribe and like" or other ending, but still a very helpful video :P
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