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I Got "The Talk" in School

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By Sydney | Ready to "wear it out loud?” Merch store open, SHOP NOW: http://bit.ly/storybooth-merch | Subscribe: http://bit.ly/sub2storybooth | Record your story @ https://storybooth.com or our iPhone app for a chance to get animated. Comment, like, share this story. Sydney was in her fifth grade class having the usual amazing time when the teacher suddenly announced that "today, we are going to talk about periods, the parts of the body and the reproductive system." Can you imagine? A pop up Sex Ed class? She was like , "Uhm, WHAAAT?!?!?, eewwww...gross!" Talk about instant anxiety and panic attack!. The boys from her class went into another classroom across the hall and thank goodness for that because it would be so embarrassing to talk about girl and boy private parts and stuff right in front of each other. She just wanted to die! It was a talk about the reproductive system, human anatomy and physiology. This was "The Talk", the birds and the bees talk gone wrong!. This was't a private awkward talk with parents, Mom or Dad, this was in front of everyone! All the girls in the 5th grade were crammed inside her classroom while all the boys in the 5th grade were crammed in the classroom across the hall. It was so tight in there that she could barely breathe. And it got worse... The teacher pointed to parts of a picture saying, "this is a girl's vagina.....everybody say 'VAGINA'"! Guess who was the loudest person in the packed classroom? Sydney was yelling "VAGINA!" as loud as she could and everybody looked at her like she was crazy, the weirdest person in the world. Then the unthinkable happened, the teacher made the students say "penis" out loud but this time Sydney kept her mouth shut. This was anatomy that she wanted nothing to do with...And she will never be able to "unsee" those visuals - pictures are worth a thousand words. OMG! The teacher passed around pads to all the girls letting them know she had a stock of pads should they ever have their period and need one. Meanwhile Sydney could hear the boys across the hall laughing and screaming and to her, that was just so uncool! "So immature!", she said. At the end, all the girls got samples of pads and panty liners. The boys got deodorant and gum. She just couldn't believe it! It turned out that the first sex education class talking about puberty, a vag and a penis wasn't so bad after all. Embarrassing? TOTALLY! But everyone share that embarrassment. It's one storytime, she will never forget. It turned out to be a really funny story...Hilarious! Probably the first "embarrassing period story of her life."
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storybooth (1 year ago)
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poptart cat (28 days ago)
why would we throw this DAPHNE person on our backs?
flying potato chip (1 month ago)
Nagz Productions (1 month ago)
That never happened to me
Farene Yeo (1 month ago)
Nocturnal Sunshine (2 months ago)
Im FUCKING tired of Daphne REMOVE HER
Sinä *OMG* (1 hour ago)
So what? Idiots
Shera Niyoyakunze (5 hours ago)
My sister got "the talk" to when she was in fifth grade
Un Known (7 hours ago)
I did too
Talor sis (22 hours ago)
dude its fine we all went through this lol
Hannah Lilley (1 day ago)
Im getting my talk on friday and the boys have to stay in the class for the girl and im in p4 oh god wtf
Holly Cascone (1 day ago)
This is how many times they say __________ ⬇️
Tara Hussain (1 day ago)
We learned the same thing 😖
Adam Pauliukas (1 day ago)
She says the boys are imature even tho she got embarrassed saying vagine
• Icelii • (1 day ago)
When we had it the boys were there 😔
NicNic 321 (1 day ago)
I'm in a 5th grade too and our teacher teach that lesson too but she didn't tell the boys to go to the other room😂😂😅😅
*I learned it in 4th grade* I remember THAT day...
Vannah broscky (2 days ago)
Omg lol!!
unicaty gamez (2 days ago)
had this talk on friday tha 14th of june but my 5th grade teacher when he taught his other 5th graders from the years only one group had boys and girls seperated and my class was all boys amd girls
Dania Delaila (2 days ago)
Same girl... I'm grade 5 and got the 'talk'
kid lat (2 days ago)
Why were they grossed out? It is a part of us
Tuyet Ho (2 days ago)
I had my “talk”,..... One of the boys in my class almost saw through the window😭
Faye Mendiola (3 days ago)
So cool 😎
EDO MUSTAFOSKI (3 days ago)
We learned that too
Ray Holl (3 days ago)
So sorry
Kaya Monj (3 days ago)
Immatureness isn't a word. It's Immaturity
Cup head (3 days ago)
Her: “ It’ll been so weird that boys are learning about girls private parts or whatever” Me: “ *Theres probs some boys watching this right now* ”
cyka blyat (3 days ago)
Yesterday,They WE Learn What Jappens After 13 Years Old.And...When She Say P****,İ Am VERY Frozed And Terrified...And Others There Laughing.(I am A boy)
Gianna Renee (4 days ago)
Lol this reminds me of my 5th grade talk. That was a while back lmfao
Oh no I'm going to 5th grade.. no oooo
kiara msp (5 days ago)
same lmao
Is it burton elementary school?
MrMccool007 (5 days ago)
Why does everyone laugh at stuff like this it's how ur made
Cuphead Mugan (5 days ago)
Fult Fult (5 days ago)
The boys probably watched try not to laugh
Sans The Skeleton (5 days ago)
My class where all in the same rooms, both the boys and the girls, but i guess it’s good to be educated about everythin, BUT IT WAS SO AWKARD JEEZ
Jammyrap (5 days ago)
Jammyrap (5 days ago)
Wait boys can’t see this
_ vinigerr (5 days ago)
Ohhhhhh wow
Halo Star (6 days ago)
My dad's side of the family mentally prepared me for my period, and I knew about it about a year before it started. But I never had 'The Talk' in school yet.
Kaileb Thurman (6 days ago)
You don’t learn that in Fifth grade you learn about it in six grade
Moon Moon (6 days ago)
This school is showing the private parts? That is sooooooo nasty and saying or well you know
Sylvia Santos (6 days ago)
EWW you said vagina your gay
I have to learn it tomorrow but the boys stay in the classroom 😭
Umm this happened to me in 4th grade
deogra lumingu (6 days ago)
We Got It Together...
Dita Zaļkalne (6 days ago)
Leafy Chan (7 days ago)
This I can relate to because I have to learn about this tomorrow...!
vlogs 4u (7 days ago)
Why are they teaching this stuff in 5th grade?!?!?!
cool Nolan 443 (7 days ago)
I’m rewatching this since today I also got “the talk” at school Edit: but the boy version
storybooth (7 days ago)
And? Similar?
I got the talk in 4th grade
White Pelt Cat (7 days ago)
I had a project on volcanoes, and when I said the name of my volcano, everybody laughed. It’s name was Mount Pinatubo.
Olivia Jones (7 days ago)
My school did not teach me that?!?! (My mum told me)
hi caleb oof (8 days ago)
We had that talk today 😐
Natalie Hernandez (8 days ago)
And people in my class where dying
Natalie Hernandez (8 days ago)
Its not even that bad
Natalie Hernandez (8 days ago)
I did two weeks ago
Raptor Entertainment (8 days ago)
Teacher-Today class we learning about the reproductive system The weird one-where mii baby's
RobloxMoon 19 (8 days ago)
After these summer holidays I'm gonna go on 5th grade...I don't wanna learn body parts <:<
celso magpile (8 days ago)
celso magpile (8 days ago)
My son is already in 5th grade noe
Kev Gaming (8 days ago)
Kinda funny
C3N1 3R1J0N (8 days ago)
How the actually [email protected]*k is this weird everybody needs to learn this and its VERY childish if you laugh or say ew Kids these days
Dakota Thrasher (9 days ago)
yotubeyotube11 gaming (9 days ago)
one i know about the body and im 13 i Learned it in 3rd grade from a dirty mined friend
*Rastel _plays* (9 days ago)
*Rastel _plays* (6 days ago)
;x; one my my friends in 3rd grade got hers :p
Risi Roo (9 days ago)
Some of my homies got theirs in 3rd grade soooo idk
Senpai Pastry (9 days ago)
The boys DO learn about the girl parts, it's just that they're in a different room, also *_PEEEEENIIIIIS_*
Kat Space (9 days ago)
We just watched a video which in my opinion was way better
Mr. Egg (9 days ago)
Most funniest story I ever seen hahahahaa
Royal tyrant Cuteness (10 days ago)
Me: ewww My brain: my childhood has been ruined
Ummm is it bad if wen my class had "the talk" the boys were still in the room 😂😂😂
Isabelle Bui (10 days ago)
OMG this is exactly what happened to me but with a nurse instead and I was in 4th grade. The worst moment of 4th grade though LOL
The Malcah TwinZ (10 days ago)
lucky, we had to learn about the girls body parts too
Hello I am Paul (10 days ago)
Her: immatureness Also Her: screams the the word VAGINA at the top of her lungs
Annie Rose fan (10 days ago)
I had that with boys
emobread 2.0 (10 days ago)
2017-WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY TALKING ABOUT!!!!! 2019-i hate "the talk", i got it and it sucks!
Gabriel Vargas (10 days ago)
William Hilson (10 days ago)
That ones happened to me in grade 1
Viet Cong Boi (10 days ago)
When my class got the talk all the boys were laughing and me and my friends were the only ones who took this seriously
HeyIt’sMe Kitty (10 days ago)
I got the talk like a month ago
LANDmax 25 (10 days ago)
Know. One is that innocent anymore legit because of a annoying kid in second. Grade I already knew what it was when I was seven so yeah 😑
LANDmax 25 (10 days ago)
Girls use dedorant to plus why gum
Kitten Mitten (10 days ago)
zoomz music (10 days ago)
why did the boys need to go to another room? isn't it good that they also learn about the female body
5th graders do it all the time so it’s not a big of a deal she didn’t have to make a story out of it .
Phoenix Studios (10 days ago)
im going to 5th grade! wish me luck...
Juarez Juarez (10 days ago)
Your thw one ho yeld out vajj
LPS girlcool Land (10 days ago)
I feel like this girl is trying to get attention
Little Emma (10 days ago)
I got this in 4th class T^T all the boys went to the other room and talked about them while i was in the classroom XD
Maria and Marisa (10 days ago)
In my school we do boys and girls together
xXTwingybroXx (11 days ago)
In my class the boys stayed in the class When this happend
张Jen (11 days ago)
_Smarshy - gacha_ (11 days ago)
Doesn’t everyone have to do that? Like I had to do that in 5th grade. It’s part of sex Ed.
Kokomi Seida (11 days ago)
If the teacher ever talked about periods in our school with the boys hearing, they will say "Woah" in a weird way XD
Anti Justin.Y (11 days ago)
The fuck do we need to know about your experience
Snowee Paws (12 days ago)
I have to do that tomorrow, with the boys. Oof.
Doug Gibson (12 days ago)
Well the "talk" is more like a VIP pass to club Moscow for me XD
Abi's Awesomeness (12 days ago)
It's not funny, weird or disturbing. It's natural. You'll know when you get your 👖🔴
Nora Grace (12 days ago)
When we got the talk the girls and the boys were in the same room
Deshawn S. (12 days ago)
Omg that happen to me TODAY!!
cassandra the fox/cat (13 days ago)
Im learning that and next week we need to learn where baby came from Help me plz
Gacha _Positive (13 days ago)
Who else is watching this on there period
Euphoria_Jess (13 days ago)
*Heh, don’t girls need deodorant too? (Women’s deodorant actually)*
My school made our parents to sign a contract before we did that
Filippo Agostini (13 days ago)
(Im a boy) When I did all it in y 5 all the boys were just making a joke off it 🤣👌🏻

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