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Adrian Belew performs Drive (guitar solo) - Pt 1/3

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Adrian Belew performs Drive, one of his innovative guitar compositions in part 1 of this 3 part series on the history and future of guitar sound. A variety of technology and playing techniques are demonstrated here including midi instrumentation, layering and combining effects such as echo lengths with pitch shifts, loop pedals, compound rhythm structures, time signatures as well as cutting edge guitar design. Adrian's professional career as a musician spans from the 70s to present day and includes collaboration with the Talking Heads, King Crimson, David Bowie, Frank Zappa and Nine Inch Nails among a plethora of solo work. Throughout that time he has been known as an prodigious creator and imaginative innovator with a unique style. Other Parts of this Series: Part 2--Adrian Belew: History and Future of Guitar Noise http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UWfxQ4QFM4M Part 3--Adrian Belew performs an Untitled Song for Solo Guitar http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Cr_cB8-NVU
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Text Comments (177)
Naqoyqatsi L.A.W (10 days ago)
A musical Wizard entrancing all around
Bee Kay (1 month ago)
That was incredible. I am so grateful to even know that such music exists, and grateful to have seen Adrian play at least five times. One of the world's greatest guitarists.
Steve Ballard (4 months ago)
Adrian, you can waay turn down your PC metronome .... or make it more interesting ... the drone distracts from your artistry
progagainstpirates (5 months ago)
Adrian is starting to look like James Howard Kunstler's good natured body double.
legitfreek (5 months ago)
Absolute rubbish.This dude has been hacking it for years.
Farzad Faradjizadeh (5 months ago)
He is unique. It seems god loves us sending these prophets to us!
Jan Van Biljon (8 months ago)
Really fucking cool. I like how he approaches guitar music. Almost like a synthesizer of sorts.
Michael T (11 months ago)
Not the best dressed player. The red suits of long ago no longer fit.
James D (11 months ago)
Anyone know what scale he is using
Tony Mirabal (2 months ago)
It's the synth harmonies, it's set up to a particular mode, sounds like dorian he's playing a major scale on top of that polytonal bliss,
Xam271 (1 year ago)
3:06 I am in heaven.
Steve Gates (1 year ago)
I am so happy I will see him live in Atlanta on Sunday...
Mondo Enterprises (1 year ago)
Surprised Belew has not been tapped for more soundtrack work. Just amazing sounds. I love when he hits the heavy traffic!
Mondo Enterprises (1 year ago)
This is the go to guy you put on your record if you have good material and want it multi-layered to stand the test of time. Listen to Boys Keep Swinging from Lodger. Still holds up beautifully.
Luisito6119 (1 year ago)
Adrian Belew, John Frusciante, Jimmy Page, Graig Ross are such great guitar players, I really love Adrian Belew when he was playing with Talking Heads in the Remain in light tour, absolutely amazing.
Tom Hunscher (1 year ago)
He's about as close as we have to a 21st Century Les Paul in terms of sheer genius and inventiveness.
Lumby1 (1 year ago)
Beautiful, just beautiful. Critics? They better be incredible musicians.
Richard Strout (1 year ago)
So if you are making negative comments the I expect to see n hear your guitar wizardry to prove your better... we musicians are all family and should praise the works of others... Got it?
Very cool. Excellent post.
eddthrasher (2 years ago)
The violin esque sound around min 4 is insane.
Eric (2 years ago)
To the critics here, I looked on your page, don't see any videos of you playing the Chicago Humanities Festival, please forward the link in the reply section below.
Snooze00 (2 years ago)
zzz what a dull peformance. Sorry engaging a looper and noodling with different tones a peformance it does not make.
Alexander (2 years ago)
noodling around your laptop and crazy bursts of loops.... simply don't cut it man..
zepp floyd (2 years ago)
the magic of a fifth of jack and a bottle of prozac
SEBASTION HAWK (3 years ago)
he was in tom-tom club, too!
I hear Calexico - Pepita... :)
İlker Gülal (3 years ago)
Those microtones,dude.
Jeff Baker (2 years ago)
bra dude love connection
Scott Dunn (3 years ago)
Wow. He's sitting on a Swopper. I have one of those.
dharlow5810 (3 years ago)
Pure genius
MechanicalAnimal (3 years ago)
Anyone know what brand the stool he is sitting on is? I have to have that! It moves slightly as he pulses with his playing which must be fantastic.
MechanicalAnimal (2 years ago)
+DjinnGSXR Thanks!
Roger Leece (3 years ago)
what a top chap Adrian is!
Mac Crary (3 years ago)
Brian Broughten (3 years ago)
You know to play with Frank he had to learn every song letter perfect before he was allowed in, every song no paper all by ear.
Brian Broughten (3 years ago)
I doubt very much there is other guitar player on the planet that could layer anything even remotely as cool this, under rated at every level, Ive been a fan since 1978.
Steven Mearek (3 years ago)
Adrian Belew is a poetic genuise; a picasso on guitar.
Valerie Ann (1 year ago)
Steven Mearek, perfect description!
Steven Mearek (3 years ago)
Steven Reents (3 years ago)
He used to live in Springfield, IL on MaCarthur Blvd years ago and was even listed in the phone book. There used to be a studio called Cwazy Wabbit in town and I think he spent some time there recording as well.
Erik Bataka (4 years ago)
honestly i´ve heard belew live couple of times and even i am big fan of king crimson and knowing he is a talented guy, let´s be real without kc and robbert fripp on his side, he is just boring.
Mad Mike (11 months ago)
He has a pop band called The Bears that's pretty great. They never hit it big but they kinda deserved to.
Emmanuel Istace (2 years ago)
+Chris Parker Sorry to say you were wrong but... in part 2 he said 85% and AxeFx around 4:00... Also, technique, effects... I thought music was mainly a question of feelings, moods, ambiance... think I was wrong :(
Casey Van (3 years ago)
+IcyBluesOfDeath I agree, that is definitely an exaggeration. You can't be playing with Robert Fripp and be 90 percent effects, and 10 percent technique. Adrian Belew is a master of the whammy bar, just amazing dives and stuff. He plays every style, not just one style too. Very talented, I recommend downloading his Flux app/album from the app store. 
Chromaesthesia (3 years ago)
There has to be something behind the pedals lol do you guys play? Taste is taste but saying he is all effects and no technique is stupid...
Ken Nickels (3 years ago)
+Erik Campos Whaddya mean let's be real? I saw him with his own band and they rocked.
Hubs88 (4 years ago)
Belew can play a mean guitar but I think he's a Fripp wannabe.
Turdsplosion (3 years ago)
Do you have ears attached to your head? They both have quite distinct and different styles. Fripp certainly influenced Belew, you can hear it on tracks like Walk around the World, but to say he is a Fripp wannabe just reveals your ignorance. And IMHO, Belew is responsible for the best era of KC, hands down. Double Trio, Three of a Perfect Pair, Discipline, Beat... ooooh yeah.
Robert Horton (4 years ago)
From a lover of both, I really don't see it that way. Fripp = Discipline Adrian = Indiscipline It's magic when the two come together but I don't believe that either aspires to be the other.
Raul Duke (4 years ago)
Think how archaic MIDI was back in the day
AGNOSSI (4 years ago)
THE greatest distortion guitar Artist since Jimi Hendrix....truth.
Omar Rodriguez Lopes, too)
Jay John (4 years ago)
Belew and Kraftwerk what a wonderful combo.
jean-pierre Duchemin (4 years ago)
c' est toujours bon, thank's Adrian.
WillHerndon (4 years ago)
This is the greatest use of a whammy bar I've ever heard in a guitar solo.
D Uder Clown (3 years ago)
He used to be called the Twang Bar King. He has an lp from the 80's by that name that kick butt.
Terry Hesticles (4 years ago)
I wish you could hear me snoring right now......
shitmandood (4 years ago)
Does anybody know what kind of chair that is that Adrian is sitting in???
shitmandood (2 years ago)
+Emmanuel Istace Not I.
Emmanuel Istace (2 years ago)
+wink abbink I'm wondering if by chance you also know the kind of rug ?
wink abbink (4 years ago)
It's a Swopper.
Matt Brien (4 years ago)
Reminds me of NEU!
Mad Mike (11 months ago)
I can see that.
Brian Topolinski (4 years ago)
such a genius
enriquepb42 (4 years ago)
Love his excitement face when the heavy sound start in whatever he's playing. Awesome
CJ De Leo (4 years ago)
anyone know when the new king crimson album comes out?
Darrylizer1 (4 years ago)
Adrian is such a fantastic guitarist. I was sorely disappointed to hear that Adrian won't be joining the new King Crimson this September 2014. They've replaced him a drummer! (kidding). The final lineup tally is 3 drummers (Pat Mastelloto, Bill Rieflin, Gavin Harrison), 2 guitarists (Bob and Jacko Jakszyk), 1 reed (Mel Collins) and the redoubtable Mr. Levin on the low end.
Wadsmitter (10 months ago)
Jakko fits the 70's stuff more than Belew, in my opinion.
Alex Rosco Pakalov (1 year ago)
Darrylizer1 the new KC lineup's pretty boring... considering some stuff I saw
Darrylizer1 (4 years ago)
+Hubs88 After seeing the new line up in San Francisco I gotta say that Belew wasn't missed. The new band is pretty amazing.
Hubs88 (4 years ago)
+Darrylizer1 I'm glad Belew wasn't is the new KC line-up. I thought he stole the show when Fripp was the main attraction.
Darrylizer1 (4 years ago)
+manco82 No I called him Bob. Though I'm sure he hasn't gone by that name in 30+ years;-)
Big T (5 years ago)
Very cool however, the guy needs to accept reality and just shave that head.
ianandy1234 (11 days ago)
Ken Patterson I agree! Favourite guitar player ever, I’ve met him too, lovely guy
Ken Patterson (11 days ago)
Judging a guitar great by his hair?
ianandy1234 (3 months ago)
He could have a Hitler moustache and a pink mohawk for all I care
René Moncayo (5 months ago)
Rick Sanchez on Guitar
SvalkT (6 months ago)
shitmandood there are far more important things than looks, i think his gut instincts tell him to focus on those kind of things... looks are for people without talent.
GCKelloch (5 years ago)
Always liked Belew.  The older I get, the less interested I am in electronic guitar sounds.  Belew keeps it organic sounding.  Those Parker Flys are really special guitars -- so springy and richly resonant.  Belew and Fly's are an ideal match.  Ken Parker makes some of the best arch top guitars in the world now.
S L Baltimore (5 years ago)
trippiest shit ever? I'm sorry, did we mysteriously get whisked away to a Pink Floyd concert without my realizing ?
Jay Sharp (5 years ago)
wizard makes it look so easy
John Serrano (5 years ago)
Thanks mate.
S L Baltimore (5 years ago)
i'll bow to that one. Well done sir!
John Serrano (5 years ago)
your mother is pretentious
S L Baltimore (5 years ago)
the statement "the word pretentious is pretentious" is pretentious.
Victor Oblivion (5 years ago)
it would've been so fucking cool to see him perform with nine inch nails
Dooality (5 years ago)
CenyddRos (5 years ago)
Les Paul, Al di Meola, Robert Fripp, Jeff Beck, Adrian Belew - the best players of all time.
S L Baltimore (5 years ago)
kaweichan (5 years ago)
merces47letifer (5 years ago)
This man is incredible. Fuck.
Chef Patrick Rand (5 years ago)
Can you believe this man helped bring back N I N ? Bowie, Zappa, David Byrne, Robert Fripp can't ALL be wrong?
Cody Smith (5 years ago)
I love that look on his face, like, "Holy shit guys did you hear what I just did there? That was fuckin' awesome, right?"
bigrigJim (5 years ago)
that repetitive rhythm track drives me crazy after a while , no matter what is laid over top of it .
thephan1113 (5 years ago)
then don't play one
eyevocal (5 years ago)
He strummed the strings behind the nut of the guitar.
Mikko Skousen (5 years ago)
What was the little high pitched thing that he did at 1:40?
broomsterm (5 years ago)
BORING! Self-indulgent.
Kevin Beth (5 years ago)
What is it about Parker guitars that you dislike?
Search (5 years ago)
I've just watched a Zappa solo and a Fripp's frippertronic and then this video, It's 7:39 am and I didnt go to bed yet.and I'm gonna pick mi guitar.
CleverDjembe (5 years ago)
That was an incoherent performance/solo. I was all over the place. It was scattered. It lacked focus and direction.
EPurpl3 (5 years ago)
what about Robert Fripp?
pabelelgato (5 years ago)
you suck again
Mutt1961 (5 years ago)
Agreed, Christopher. Although, I usually just ignore mutton-heads like this because anyone who would dare bag on the great Adrian Belew is just an attention-seeker anyway...
Christopher O'Brien (5 years ago)
so, post a link so we can see and hear your innovative playing and groundbreaking technical prowess. Put up or shut up.
devolve42 (5 years ago)
yeah, nowhere near as awesome as you and yours.
BangZ (5 years ago)
All hail NIN new guitarist!
sebastian cristi (5 years ago)
me gusto mas la parte 3 =)
sebastian cristi (5 years ago)
muy bueno!!!
Imanol Corredoira (5 years ago)
BeardyAirways (5 years ago)
Ditto, and Adrian's got a Sustainiac® sustainer system installed on it - the neck humbucker (technically Sustainiac® driver) gives it away ))
KenzieM (5 years ago)
Thank You Henry Rollins for introducing me to this wonderful man.
lightlyone (5 years ago)
very nice except that he overdresses; why not a wife-beater? wahoo!
Landotter1 (5 years ago)
way past time for this type of music not to be in mainstream... Tired of all the heavy metal and power chords... just gets old. Love his innovative spirit and attitude. Thank you Adrian!!!
jamie thomson (5 years ago)
I think it's an Adrian Belew signature model Parker Fly (DF842)
Mike Stand (5 years ago)
Its a Parker Fly.
Juan Ainbinder (5 years ago)
midi guitar ;)
Zurc Orama (5 years ago)
Can somebody help me please! I've been seeing this this guitar in some vids and still don't know who makes them?!? I can't make out the fabricator of this type of guitar, so anyone!!! Thxs.
William Carreño Nieto (5 years ago)
Guy Man (5 years ago)
the loop in the bk round was boring after a minute lol : )
proteusu9 (5 years ago)
Happy Birthday Adrian!
TheGrinProject (5 years ago)
I think some of the playing, ideas and soundscapes here are really cool but seeing guys like him and McLaughlin lose the amps and go all midi doesn't really do it for me. There's something missing.
AGNOSSI (5 years ago)
How would whales react to some of these sounds?
the ScreamS (5 years ago)
The question we should all ask is "Is he happy?" Hahaha Himself & Fripp are dynamite.
Mark Maxson (6 years ago)
I watched parts 2, 3, and now part 1. Mr. Belew is as original as it gets. Bravo!
slimturnpike (6 years ago)
boy adrian sure has picked up on frippery
MRNYCRISPY (6 years ago)
The force is strong with this one. Cheers!
lisanders11 (6 years ago)
This guy radiates pure joy when playing! A duo I would like to hear - Bill Frisell & Adrian Belew...

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