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Jingle Bell Rock - Orchestral Musical Theatre Version

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(PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING, AND THEN SPREAD WITH A PASSION, IT'S FOR A GOOD CAUSE!) Aside from the obvious spreading of joy and craziness, which is what this arrangement is all about, the reason I went all epic with this one, is to make sure it reaches far and wide as I have set up a fundraising challenge page for the amazing "Hand In Hand In Syria" Charity. Following the past the events of the last couple of days (and past couple of years....) in Allepo, I just had this immense feeling that I have to do something, whatever it is, a feeling I'm sure you all share. And as I was looking through the internet to find out about different ways of giving, I realised there were so many different ways of helping, and that people are getting more and more creative with it, and I decided to do my own thing, and set up a destination of £3000 for the next week leading up to Christmas, which is the time for giving, or so I've heard. In all honesty, I don't know if that will actually happen, but whilst every little bit helps, and anything would be great, please join in trying to make this happen, and donate, and share this video (with the link to my fundraising page) as much as you can! This charity is one of very few actually working within Syria since the conflict started, and any donation will be translated into very physical rewards such as medical care, food, tents etc.... Link to my Fundraising page - https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/Noam-Galperin And when sharing, feel free to post how many Musical Theatre references you've discovered, hidden in the song! :) (Hint: There's quite a few of them...) And lastly, I cannot thank all the WONDERFUL and talented people that have given up their time to help me out and be really silly in this video, you are all amazing and I sincerely appreciate it from the bottom of my heart!! Lead Vocals (in order of singing): Gina Beck, Sabrina Aloueche, Rebecca Trehearn, Fra Fee, Daniel Boys and Sandra Marvin. The Choir: Christina Bennington, Ellie Smith, Sarah Mossman, Sarah-Kate Howarth, Jess Millward, Lara De Belder, Susanna Marie, Jonathan David Dudley, Luka Antony, Josh Taylor, Alex Wingfield. The Orchestra: Violin I - Violeta Barrena Violin II - John Garner Viola - Stephanie Edmundson Cello - Patrick Tapio Johnson Flutes / Piccolos - Lindsay Bryden Clarinets - Jonny Ford Trumpets - Rosanne Duckworth Trombones - Jane Salmon Tuba - George Ellis Guitars - Felix Stickland Upright Bass - Theo Dorges Drums - Steve Gilbertson Arrangement / Keys / Mix - Me Video Edit - Moti Vidan Big thanks to everyone at Resident Studios as well, and to my genius cousin for making all this random footage into a lovely video! THANK YOU ALL! Right, there's a week until this song becomes taboo again, let's make this happen! N.G
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Adam Bechtol (1 year ago)
How cool is this? What a little gem to find tucked away on the internet. Who knew. Nice
Noam Galperin (1 year ago)
Hey, thanks so much! Hope it put you in the festive spirit, and as it's that time of year again, feel free to spread the word! ;)
its amazing!
Eran Kats Music (2 years ago)

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