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Mother of missing FL teen: They are strong young men

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CNN's Anderson Cooper speaks with the mothers of the Florida teens who were last seen buying gas for their boat.
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Jack Saltzberg (1 year ago)
I would ring autins moms beck if i were perrys mom
Marc Green (2 years ago)
Shark bait
E W (3 years ago)
I personally don't think I'd let my 14 year old child go out on the boat with out an adult. I'm curious to why the mothers let them go when they knew a bad storm was coming. Even if the moms didn't know a storm was coming, I wander why the boys didn't come back in when they saw the storm approaching. I think the boys knew they were going further then they were supposed to, that explains why they bought so much gas. And they even said in a Snap Chat message they were going to the Bahamas. I don't know, maybe I'm wrong. Just my thoughts.
Sophie Yates (3 years ago)
Why are they not freaking out? If this were my children? I would be a mess. A complete mess.
Adam Baum (3 years ago)
Who the Hell would give their 14 year old children 100 dollars worth of gasoline in a tiny boat to go out into the open sea?  Colossal parenting FAIL!
Monica Anderson (2 years ago)
i don't know. how many people leave loaded weapons around kids everyday
Deighton S (3 years ago)
If this were Daquan & Tyrell from the hood search would have been called off after 2 days.. Seriously though these Moms need to get a grip.. These boys have ZERO experience in making it through an experience like this.. Just hope others will learn from this..
Jane Doe (3 years ago)
I have faith that they're alive but at times I don't there's so many things that are in the water they could of drowned or even gotten taken by pirates or something or they could be somewhere just waiting to be spotted.
patt brown (3 years ago)
Why aren't these mothers a couple of "basket cases". If one of my kids were missing & possibly shark food, I would be a miserable mess & unable to speak without crying. what's up with this ? Is this their version of "being strong" ???????
Bug Smasher (3 years ago)
CNN is not news, it's a psychological warfare operation. These women do not behave like mothers whose children went missing at sea (presumed dead). This is a load of steaming BS. Another distraction story - I betcha they are going to stretch this story for at least another week.
N DC (3 years ago)
Traveling offshore, they should have had an EPIRB, or at least a couple of PLB's (Personal Locator Beacons. They all transmit to a satellite based rescue system, position info, ID info, emergency notification devices). An ounce of prevention is worth way more than a pound of cure. Always practice minimizing risk, and practice "safety first." As a preacher's son who has spent the vast majority of my life in Baptist churches, I understand why people go through the ritual of praying to their invisible, undetectable, undocumented character(s) that they were taught about by their particular culture's religion -  especially when they are helpless to do anything else and yet want to feel like they are doing something. I have never, however, witnessed prayer change reality (the natural course of events).  I have witnessed prayer scams, staged healings, and have even seen some who believed they had been miraculously healed, but these cases were either explainable by normal, non-supernatural processes, or the individual turned out to have not been healed at all. If there is a single, documented case of someone being physically restored in a way unexplainable by natural processes - such as an amputee having their limb(s) restored - provide the evidence and I'll admit I'm wrong. Alternatively, if these children have been inside a whale all this time and then are coughed up, still alive, I will likewise acknowledge it as a miracle. Otherwise, please do not be intolerant of the views of a realist. You have a right to your beliefs, and so do I.  The odds against finding them alive at this point are, unfortunately, very long, and just another sad, non-interventionary (by any deity) outcome will likely transpire after this tragic boating accident (I feel for their families, who will predictably second-guess themselves for not ensuring the life-saving electronic safety devices were on them at all times, if even the possibility of their going offshore existed). At least they seem to have been loved very much, lived privileged lives, and will have died doing what they loved and enjoyed the most.
Justin L (3 years ago)
Where the HELL are the life raft, dinghy, GPS/beacon, knowledge of the limits of their boat??????  Basic safety precautions that should've been followed even for coastal fishing trips.
Husker Fox (3 years ago)
Have these kids been found yet? It's been 17 hours since the last update. What's the nearest island? Or does the land border in a place where communication would be difficult? They may have landed somewhere and the phone may not be available.
filipino gamer (3 years ago)
i think parent did and they might go jail
filipino gamer (3 years ago)
next time teen stay on top boat rescue comeing
Timothy Lee (3 years ago)
I hope there found I think I'd be a little more upset if my boy was missing but there is no way I'd let my 14 year old go out in the ocean without me with him.
Hou Tex (3 years ago)
So you go to jail for leaving a kid in a car but not in the ocean ????? Hypocrisy
N DC (3 years ago)
+anthony gutierrez gutierrez If a 14 yr old refused to open the door and get out, it would be a suicide - NOT a homicide.
Hou Tex (3 years ago)
White ppl think they own the water too
Zagzig Presley (3 years ago)
For your info these white people invented everything including your smart phone PC your car your washing machine your boat was designed by a white person and your microwave oven and your TV set . everywhere you go you will go there in a white male invention even your ride back to Puerto Rico will be in a plane invented by a white male. Show me one contribution made by your people and you can bad mouth white people. Even worse you are spreading and promoting the language of your conquerors the conquistadors. You are nothing but a parasite. Go and take your white male invention SUV with the handicapped sticker to the presidents and
N DC (3 years ago)
+anthony gutierrez gutierrez The rich, white folk are actually working on privitizing ALL the water sources, so they actually will own it. They will then have one more way to bleed the peons' money in order to gobble up all their wealth.
Hou Tex (3 years ago)
Well since you let them go by themselves and they know what there doing and you knew the dangers . Ocean has to be first nature not second . Ocean always wins .lets move on
Debbie Wake (3 years ago)
Pray for perry and austin to be safe and sound
N DC (3 years ago)
+Debbie Wake No, if you live between Savannah & Jupiter beaches, do something that can actually make a difference, instead. Comb the beaches for clues. At least there's a chance to locate the bodies that way.
Anne* 411 (3 years ago)
This is child endangerment. If they find the boys, they should be taken out of the custody of these useless women acting like mothers
Fatal Shroom (3 years ago)
They went without permission dumbass
Anne* 411 (3 years ago)
They shouldnt be on the open seas unsupervised
rmsolympic1 (3 years ago)
Knowledgable or not, they're still boys.
rmsolympic1 (3 years ago)
+Fatal Shroom No. Obviously, they're boys, so I said...BOYS. It's not so much the gender as the age. 
Fatal Shroom (3 years ago)
So if it was girls it would be different?
Edrick Vazquez (3 years ago)
You should not have let your 14-year-old children be alone on the boat really!!! When I have a 14-year-old I will never let them be alone in boat
Did they have life vests on?
autorog1234 (3 years ago)
charges need to be hammered down on these parents for knowingly letting them go in the ocean, with 100+ dollars of fuel. It's not a small lake or pond. Negligence either way! Horrible.
N DC (3 years ago)
+autorog1234 These parents are rather affluent, so that's not going to happen. Meanwhile, when two poor kids go missing, you never see it in the national news cycle.
Jordon Rains (3 years ago)
Great job... these crisis actors didn't crack a smile once.
Danny Larkin (3 years ago)
Ha because those women look nothing like those two kids. Fucking idiot.
gringots (3 years ago)
Christ, they're not mermaids.
Marc Green (2 years ago)
Lmao W
N DC (3 years ago)
+gringots What's Jeebus got to do with Mermaids? (There were numerous Jesus's, BTW, making the same, insane claims (according to Judaism, every other religion on earth, and every non-religion on earth)), with no evidence that any of them were a Gawd (for which there is also no evidence for).
chingon711 (3 years ago)
lets just say if these women were non white, CPS would have been involved and they would be sitting in jail right now.
Grasshole (3 years ago)
+gringots shut the fuck up ya buttfucked honky caveman.
Adam Baum (3 years ago)
+DVG Reviewer Casey Anthony for one.
gringots (3 years ago)
+DVGReviewer Channel These moms didn't kill their boys, you fucking idiot.
Phil Collins (3 years ago)
Bull crap, the a lot of non-black women who've killed their kids are still walking around to this day.
chingon711 (3 years ago)
+gringots shut your pie hole bubba!
Kyte Loust (3 years ago)
Cooper should grow some chops
Brandon Fisher (3 years ago)

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