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Farm Girl Friday #13 Fused Ankles & Muck Boots!

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How do I work in the snow and mud w/o Muck Boots? Bilateral fused ankles means NO Muck Boots, I had to look for alternatives.
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Gary Younker (11 months ago)
You are very beautiful and I would consider it an honor to lick your boots clean, keep up the great videos :)
Wendy McBryde (1 year ago)
Carey....thank you so much for sharing your story! I was also in a head on collision (7-4-15) and had both of my ankles broken in the crash. My right ankle is fused, the left one is not...anyway, I had been looking for information about how anyone was able to wear boots with an ankle fusion and found your videos. I knew I wasn't the only one with this problem but there is little information to be found on the internet so I am happy to have found your videos. I applaud your strength in your recovery because I truly know what you have been through..I hope that you see this because I have a question. How long was it before you were walking without any aid?? I was allowed to finally put weight on my fused ankle in April 2016 and as of today, February 2017, I am still using a walker when I walk. I have been fitted with a leg brace for my right leg because I have an issue with my knee giving way which also hinders my walking but I feel like maybe I should be able to go without the walker by now....also, how long before you felt *almost* normal again?? I am sure you understand what I mean by that. I feel that I am getting stronger everyday but when walking I just get frustrated. Thanks for your help and thanks for posting the videos! :)
Carey Portell (1 year ago)
that is good news then, just muscle build up! Yes, I was terrified of falling also and with bilateral fusions, I do fall/stumble more than I ever have, but I was hurt terribly and I tell myself , if I survived that a little tumble should be nothing.
Wendy McBryde (1 year ago)
Thanks Carey....a year will be in April from when all my external hardware was removed. I just saw my ortho dr today and he released me from his care...I have to buildup the quadricep in my thigh to get the knee back to working correctly so I can walk without it buckling on me. (The right fused ankle really isn't the problem, at least not yet anyway!) He is more than pleased with my progress and I am working with the cane at home, just don't like to use it when I go out because of all the uneven places. I have to get over the fear of falling because I know that is what is holding me back...but I have come a long way from where I was! Just nice to know there is someone else that is going through this...thanks for responding!
Carey Portell (1 year ago)
Hello Wendy! That is the exact reason I posted this bc I searched and couldn't find anything also. I feel you should be done with the walker by now. I have a molded custom brace for each ankle that keeps me steady enough to walk slowly. Since both of mine are fused, there is no fast, quick movements and a slow walk is all I can do, no running, jumping, etc. I know it was a full year before I felt back to my "new normal" which is what my surgeon said would be the normal recovery time for a fusion. If you are still having so much trouble, maybe it hasn't fused completely/correctly or if you may have a new injury. Sometimes hairline fractures will appear with a small mis step or fall etc. If you haven't had a recent CT scan that may be an option. I would speak with your surgeon and I would love for you to keep me updated!
Matt LaBo (2 years ago)
Beautiful how do the ankles feel
Carey Portell (2 years ago)
+Matt LaBo They feel much better since the fusions, but bc of the amount of trauma they received, I have significant pain every day. I cannot complain though, my pain prior to the fusions was nearly unbearable.
Carey Portell (2 years ago)
+Anita Vorsteveld I'm not sure if you will need to know about this shoe choice, but I wanted to share.

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