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TUT | Some random color settings by graffix

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*Feel free to post a video response =)* I've thought it would be really helpfull for some new editors,so I made this tutorial :) Enjoy. Result @ 2:05 Magic Bullet Looks : http://www.file-upload.net/download-2539251/mbl_win_full.rar.html Check the image inside for the key :)
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Text Comments (46)
huskyride (7 years ago)
how to make lighting effect like at 2:11 to 2:13 D:????
Артем Х_ (7 years ago)
@TeAxTr read description...
Артем Х_ (7 years ago)
@SynC1997 hey i got some colors from maXsa33 i think he's named he did a giveaway because he hit 2k subs so he give out fraa demos (old) and some colours and other stuff too :P
zEE Kh (7 years ago)
hear it when I finish editing on my screen I get a red X?
kaizerboy (7 years ago)
Result song?
Mark 'Bukku' Caguioa (7 years ago)
save the settings please then give the DL link. I am an MBL newbie ^^
holyg4merr (7 years ago)
Nice Colours^^
PuzonPan (7 years ago)
result song ?
xMRcss (7 years ago)
to light but good job! ;)
sn0wy2k10 (7 years ago)
Sick colors, nice edit :D Im subbing :D
rerundadog (8 years ago)
I cant run the program. It says my computer sucks too much :(
ichi1082 (8 years ago)
name song?
ysebyy (8 years ago)
@Graffix790 know what? I FKING LOVE YOU. Tried reinst. it. Installed. And i got the same as you. I FKING LOVE YOU. <3333333333333 SUB SUB SUB LIKE.
ysebyy (8 years ago)
@Graffix790 i actually did it 5mins ago. When installed, got with key, that fitted, but when loading it said that you need to reins. it.~ :/
ysebyy (8 years ago)
When i press MB, i don't get what you get. I get the tab with gamma and ect. Anything to do? :/
Samuel Weber (8 years ago)
how to make ur fu*cking nice quality videos? :/
ou... nice man... you´re good editor
OrateX (8 years ago)
how to copy ur settings man we need a zoom or somethin
sNip (8 years ago)
can u plz upload the colours? i cant do it like u do xDDD i dont know why
BloodEyeV (8 years ago)
I can't get the bloom to work. Alwell
Sean Domingos (8 years ago)
@Graffix790 oh sry, i see ty (:
Sean Domingos (8 years ago)
where do i get the serial number?(:
Chuck Norris (8 years ago)
@Graffix790 aha sorry uz klaida =]
Gmudi (8 years ago)
Sick tut graffix, :)
György LIpták (8 years ago)
i rly liked this tut nice one;)
Chuck Norris (8 years ago)
@Bigbro133 Uttahs - feelin good [High Contrast remix] man atrodo :D
Liam Sullivan (8 years ago)
@Graffix790 I use MB but you can use gradient mapping, soft contrast by velvetmatter, levels etc
Liam Sullivan (8 years ago)
@Graffix790 I get that.. just they look exactly the same as loads of others.. magic bullet takes away the originality from making colours imo. Just my 2cents tho.
namelesscss (8 years ago)
+1000 subscribers
Liam Sullivan (8 years ago)
nice original colours... oh wait xD
Paulo Maia (8 years ago)
can u up the .ls3?
VSIX Mike (8 years ago)
song name in the tutorial ? pls
1337BR3AK (8 years ago)
@Graffix790 Thanks! :D
Marcus A (8 years ago)
Result song please :)?
MistaPinguin (8 years ago)
hey nice vid but i have a problem always if i want to do this i get this error and then it closes can you help me? link is in the PN it is an error with open-gl
1337BR3AK (8 years ago)
SICK! btw whats the result song?
sLighT1337 (8 years ago)
awesome colours sick tut <3
Doktor Milch (8 years ago)
@Graffix790 xD no time^^
Doktor Milch (8 years ago)
can u upload the ls3 file for me`? <3
sage (8 years ago)
@Graffix790 Who's awsome? Your awsome ;P
Manuel Unbekannt (8 years ago)
NICE .d maybe upload the look file :P ? its more easyler .^^
Bananahustla (8 years ago)
u got your magic bullet looks to work awsome <3
Sickman Steve (8 years ago)
Sexy mate, well done 5/5
Cosmo (8 years ago)
nice ;)
Ready1806 (8 years ago)
nice tut :) thank you!
Patrik Sz (8 years ago)
amazing colors :)

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