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CSSconf EU 2018 | Dag-Inge Aas & Ida Aalen: Generating Colors with JS and CSS Custom Properties

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Accessible by Law! Generating Colors with JS and CSS Custom Properties In Norway, all websites are required by law to be accessible. That has inspired us rather than constrained us when building our video consultation service. How could we make it easy for users to pick their own brand color, and still make sure they had sufficient contrast? Combining CSS Custom Properties with a sprinkle of JavaScript we were able to create a color palette and components that also meet the WCAG criteria (and learned a lot on the way). CSSconf EU will be back on May 31st 2019: https://2019.cssconf.eu/
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Confrere (8 months ago)
Btw, slides and resources for this talk can be found: here https://confrere.com/about/how-we-work/accessibility/
Björn Hjorth (8 months ago)
To be fair getting a secondary color that is 60degree in the color wheel is just guessing and not really giving them there real brand colors, there are plenty of complementary colors that are 180~ degrees from the primary color. But nice talk and it’s always great to hear when companies take accessibility to heart. 👍🏻
Confrere (8 months ago)
You're completely right, we're just guessing :) But it's a guess that will usually fit well with the primary brand color! Also, the secondary color is mostly used for elements users (hopefully) rarely see, e.g. warnings.

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